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A ray of sunlight poured into the room through the window, a breeze sneaked in through the half-closed window, and the off-white curtain slightly trembled. With a soft breathing heard, everything was quiet and beautiful.

The white quilt was soft and warm. The breeze brushed past her shoulders with a tinge of coolness. Xu Wei turned over and casually pulled the quilt.

A sliver of light squeezed into Xu Wei's tightly closed eyes. She took a deep breath and then exhaled, her jade-like fingers gently moved, as if she touched something. The corners of her mouth curved up slightly, and her slightly dry lips were licked. After a night's dream, the touch of the quilt still felt so real.

It felt solid yet resilient, warm and soft. Her hand involuntarily drifted along its texture while contemplating the still so real feeling from last night to now. Her brows wrinkled in confusion, this dream was too long, wasn't it? Why hadn't she woke up yet?

She slightly opened one eye, blurry from sleep. An exhausted and handsome face came into view, with bold eyebrows and deep eye sockets. He was extremely attractive. Her eyelids heavily dropped again, she must still be dreaming.

There's no way a handsome guy would appear in her bed out of nowhere.

She lightly bit her lip, slightly applying force and felt a sting, then again slowly opened one eye. The face was still handsome, and the touch on her hand was too real. Her brain cells started to alarm, highly alert. She opened both eyes, shook her head and closed her eyes to try and awaken herself, finally left agape in shock, unbelieving at the stranger sleeping beside her.

A sweet dream turned into a nightmare in minutes!


Xu Wei sat up abruptly, pulling the quilt with her. She quickly sneak a peek at herself, and indeed she was stark naked.

"Wh-wh-what happened?" A lazy and blurred, slightly alarmed voice rang out.

"You, you, you... Who are you? How did you get in my room?" Xu Wei bit her lip, unbelievingly stared at the man who was also stark naked, her expression shifted from shock to despair. Her innocence, gone in a blink.

"I...," Gu Yuan was still in a state of confusion. Startled by the sudden shout, his soul was nearly knocked out of him. Once he understood the situation, he was also shocked and rushed to explain, "Miss, I should be the one asking who you are. How could you just enter someone else's room? Don't pull... " As he spoke, Gu Yuan pulled the quilt to cover his lower body. Was this considered as cheating? What would Jiajia do if she found out? He was going to propose to Jiajia in a few days, and she must never know about this.

"Sick pervert! This is my room, my room! Do you understand the situation? I can accuse you of rape." Xu Wei, seeing him scared of being caught, quickly conjured a plan in her mind, pretending to be calm while tightly clutching the quilt to her chest.

As soon as he heard the word rape, his voice became stammered, "No... no... it's not possible. I remember that the hotel staff sent me back yesterday. If you don't believe me, we can verify our identities with the hotel front desk." Gu Yuan clutched the corner of the quilt, not letting go. He was discussing business with a few high-ranking members of the Tangs last night, and it was inevitable to drink till passed out. He came back late at night.

"I'll check into it, but not now. For now...you, close your eyes immediately. Don't dare to open them or I'll gouge them out." Xu Wei threatened fiercely. Ji Rou and Shen Shang were holding a wedding in this hotel and many old friends were attending. She had just returned to the country and if this incident was exposed and spread, where would her dignity end up?

She was here in Sanya to attend a wedding. If it was twisted in such a way, it would seem as if she were indirectly pursuing excitement and hunting for lust instead. It was a joke at last night's banquet, and today seemed she was putting it into practice. Would not her old classmates all get colored glasses and stare at her?

Gu Yuan tightly closed his eyes, quickly sorting out his thoughts. He heard rapid footsteps exiting the bed and then the door closing. He opened his eyes, looking in the direction of the bathroom, and exhaled a sigh of relief.

However, his relief quickly turned into panic and unease. Will she cling on, demanding that he takes responsibility? What about Jia Jia? No, he cannot betray Jia Jia, but he will not disappoint her either. They had been together for seven years, and had finally decided to propose.

He made up his mind, refusing to give in but open to negotiation about money. After all, he wasn't a limitless fortune.

On the other hand, Xu Wei was quickly washing up, her brain cells burning rapidly. She had always been level-headed. A room couldn't have two masters. Could the hotel staff randomly cram him into a room? Had she really mistaken the room?

She shook her head to clear her memory. There seemed to be a little hiccup when getting the room yesterday, but she didn't pay it much attention. She remembered going to room 2603 first, but the key card didn't work, so she checked and found it was for room 2903. She assumed she'd misremembered at the front desk.

But before handling the card, she recalled speaking to Ji Rou on the phone after completing the check-in procedures. She seemed to bump into a waiter then and two cards had fallen to the floor. Had she mixed up the room cards then?

At that time, the waiter picked up the room card and handed it to her. Could she have made a mistake?

Wrapped in a towel, Xu Wei stood at the bathroom door and called out, "Hey, pervert, close your eyes, I'm coming out now."

"Closed them."

Gu Yuan had almost finished dressing. Hearing her voice, he promptly closed his eyes and stood by the window.

Xu Wei quickly exited the bathroom, took a few clothes from her suitcase and went back into the changing room, closing the door with a "bang."

Gu Yuan opened his eyes. His mind felt like it was about to break from all the thinking - Who was this woman? Why was she in his room? And how should he deal with her next?

The door opened again. Gu Yuan watched the bustling figure packing her things and coughed, "Um, Miss, I think there's been a misunderstanding between us. This room is surely mine. When they gave me the room card yesterday, they specifically sent a text message to remind me. My room number is 2903. I have the message on my phone. So, I really didn't walk into the wrong room."

There was silence on the other end, a busy silence. His frantic packing revealed his nervousness. He felt this situation could only be resolved privately. If it were to escalate and reach the ears of his gossiping colleagues, the truth and hence Jiajia, would be that much closer. "Miss, I think we should..."

"Shut up — sit down!" Her aura was overpowering, the aura of a dominant figure. This was not something that could be accumulated overnight, nor could it be feigned.

Knowing his place, Gu Yuan quickly sat down on the bed. He felt as if a lump was blocking his chest, making it incredibly difficult to breath.

Xu Wei finished packing her bags, let out a breath, turned to Gu Yuan and said, "You, wait here. I am going to the front desk to question them now. No matter what the result is, you are to wait here for me. If you don't, I will strangle you."

Gu Yuan licked his parched lips. The feeling of not being able to breathe was becoming more intense. So, she hadn't made a judgement on their substantial relationship yet.

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