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I turned around the bed tiredly and stand you yawning, I look beside me and saw Annabel and my mind went to the clock and I jerked when I saw what time it is.

"What 8:22,Annabel that little trick tramp she switched off the alarm I set" I said staring wide eyed at the clock.

"God am late for work and Annabel has to go to school"

"Anna stand up you late for school already" I said hitting her but she just mumur.

"Sis its late already and again I didn't pay for the test that is going on so let me stay for today" she said still sleeping

I looked sadly as I remembered how things have been hard eversince mother died.

"Okay just get up and go take your bathe it's late already"

"Haaa oh God sis you are interrupting my sweet dreams" she pouted her eyes still closed

"Okay fine let me go take my bathe am late already and you switched off the alarm you little trickster" I said and made it seems like am goona hit her and she stood up hurriedly and I laughed and stood up.

After bathing I put on s ripped Jean and a white long sleeve .

I got to the room and saw Annabel still asleep,I tapped her.

"Hey sleepy head am off to work behave decently and don't cause trouble okay" I said to her cause I know my sis is tricky and troublesome.

"OK now go enough of the lectures you late already" she said and slumped back down.

"Naught pumpkin" I said before walking out.

I waited for a cab for minutes now but none was coming I decided to trek maybe there might be in the other way,I ran but stop when I saw a lot of people gathered shouting

"He is dead,oh God what a loss" people shouted

I ran to the scene and I gasped shocked at the sight right in front of me.

A young boy dressed richly is covered in a pool of blood his white shirt is now red,I quickly ran to him and check his breathing he still seems to be breathing.

"Pls call a cab,he is still breathing" I shouted but nobody bulge.

Suddenly I saw a cab and ran to the front.

"Pls sir save him,he is in a critical condition" I cried but the man rode away and people kept snapping and shouting, I stooped almost five cabs but there were not ready to help.

When I no more cab came I ran to him to check his breathing and he is short of breath.

"Oh God please help" I prayed and suddenly a red Camry came to the scene and I ran to him.

"Pls Sir he is dieing save him" I said in tears and finally he agreed.


"Doctor how is he??" I asked as the doctor came out if the operating room.

"He is not stable but still unconscious thank God you brought him early" the doctor said.

"Thank God,thank You God" I murmured

"Yeah,who are you to the patient" he asked

"Well I was just passing by when I saw him,I was going to wor....Oh my God am dimmed my boss is goona be pissed" I shouted and ran without listening to what the doctor said.

"Miss,miss, miss" the doctor shouted but I only waved at him.

I got down from the cab and paid the cab man,before adjusting my shirt slightly covered with blood.

I muttered a short prayer before rushing in.

"What chole what happen where you in an accident??" Joke my co worker asked

"No,where is the boss"I asked looking around

" he is in his office"

"Okay thanks" I said and ran to the office,I knocked on the door and I heard a hard"come in"

"Ma,Good morning" I said nervously

"You again well take this" she said and hand me a letter not minding how my dress looked.

"I opened it and gasped,What!!!"

"Yeah chole you fired!!!!!

And tears gushed down my eyes.



Its been three week have been in the hospital and no sign of the lady the doctor said she saved me.

Have asked the doctor if she left any information, but all was no,I ask my guys to find out but there couldn't cause if they force out information the media might know I was in a accident which I don't want that to happen.

A knock came on my door and someone came in.

"Hey boo" Lynda one of my bitch ran to hug me.

"Who asked you to come in ??" I asked in a stern voice .

"God Bryan I need you to fuck me right now I miss your fucking" she said about to strip off her clothes.

"Out!!!" I shouted and she looked at me surprised

"Bryan its me Lynda " she said

"I said get out!!!" I shouted once again and she carried her bag angrily.

"Bryan you have changed and am still gonna come back" she said and banged the door closed and I huffed.

Yeah have changed I don't know why but I have to fond this unknown lady eversince I found out about her have not been in the mood for sex normally I would have fucked Lynda cause she was a sex machine and she knows different styles and she is the best among my fuck buddies.

God I really want to see that lady.


Goddamn it have been in this scrotching sun since morning looking everywhere if I could find a vacancy but none was forth coming, some other place I went they wants to see my certificate but am a drop out.

"OH God where are things so hard and I have to pay Annabel's waec fees she missed it last year cause of the money and I don't want her to miss it this year also,I want her to be educated and not end up like me.

I was about giving up about to go home when a car honked at me,but I didn't answer cause some are pervert since it not the first time they will honk at me.

Chole!chole!chole!!,I was about to cross when I heard my name and looked back.

" Oh my God Clara "

"Chole babe long time" she hugged me

"Yeah Clara Long time, look how fat you are now looking fresh,meen you look good"

"Yeah babe all thanks to God,so where are you going and what with the boring face??"

"Clara I don't wanna talk about it"

"Why??,you can tell me"

"Well things have been really hard ever since mom died you know am a drop out so getting a job is quite hard for me every body wanna employ a graduate and I really need money Clara"

"Well as you can see I also didn't continue my education the moment I drop out"

"What!! How come you now rich"

"Well I secure a well paid job"

"A well paid job??"

Yeah babe it really paying well and if you did like to join I will be earger to take you there.

"Really!!!Clara I would be grateful, but sorry what kind of job pay so handsomely??"

"You wanna know??"

"Yeah am earger"

"Prostitution!!,you mean am goona strip??" I asked wide eyed

"No babe you not goona strip"

"No, no,no I can't do it am still a virgin,no I can't posiblly lose my virginity into prostitution"

"Well babe think about it,if you ready you can call me"

She said and started driving, and my full throught was on what Clara said.

"Nope I can't possibly lose my pride that have kept for so long into prostitution!!!!!.

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