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She was shaking the cell gates furiously, screaming and crying at the same time. Her face was red and puffy and her lips were stained with blood. She kept on screaming the words, 'No! Please stop!' until she lost her voice and surrendered to crying. She fell to the ground and shut her eyes, giving up on hitting the strong cell gates.

She could hear the vicious sounds of horror beyond the cage, cries of pain and terror rang continuously in her ears and she blamed herself for every single bit of it. The terrible cries of pain gradually transformed to screaming voices and finally to faces pointing accusing fingers at her, shouting in desperation. The voices became louder and louder and she just couldn't bear it anymore. She attempted shutting her eyes tighter but rather it only made the faces more vivid and the voices even louder.

Her fear gradually turned to anger and then to fury. Her breathing increased, her forehead folded and her mouth formed a stern frown. In a few seconds, she was growling vociferously.

Her clenched teeth grew sharp fangs and her nails sprouted long frightening claws. Her backbone shifted and bent making cracking sounds. She moaned in pain as her body transformed. This was her first change ever.

Finally, In the cage was a huge white wolf with shining yellow eyes. The voices weren't audible to her anymore but were more of a feeling in her heart. With wrath, she howled loudly. She went a little further into the cage and pounced on the gate. The gates fell off as soon as she landed on it.

The smell of blood increased as she ran through the building where she had been held hostage.

Her fury boiled as she walked pass the dead bodies of her pack, their bloods joining together to form minor pools. The few ones still fighting were outnumbered. As she headed out to aid the ones alive, she sighted two people in the distance.

It was The Beast and her father.

The eyes of the Beast were blood-stricken and red with fury.

She could see her father kneeling before him and with a loud howl she called him.

He raised his head and exposed his bloody and battered face. She had never seen him like that before. He looked exhausted, weak, and pitiful. In a low and shaky voice, he said;

She ran as quick as possible to him, but before she got there, a long shining sword had pierced through his heart. She made a whimpering sound as she watched her ever dignified father fall down in the mud, his blood mixing with the mud on the ground.

The Beast kicked him over with his boot , and watched as she ran to her father, she attempted pressing her legs on his chest to try to revive him but he was already dead.

She watched her dead father on the floor for a while, and then she looked up at his killer.

Their eyes met immediately, her yellow eyes versus his red eyes. The clouds turned and the sounds of the battle died down and only the clapping thunder could be heard. Their eyes were still fixed on each other till it started raining BLOOD.

As the blood fell on her, her eyes gradually turned red and so did her heart. She wasn't the same little princess wolf anymore, she was someone else, SOMETHING ELSE.

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