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The last time I recall, it was me and my best friend having fun on our bet about making dean Maximillan fall for me and break his heart afterward, how did I end up courting him for real? I am supposed to make him fall for me, but why am I the one falling?

What kind of stupidity did I eat?

- Merliah Faunteen


Merliah's Point of View.


I am here in the garden, chillin like a villain while waiting for my bestfriend, Lorelei. Today, we have nothing planned particularly, maybe we will just waste time talking shit and kinds of stuff. Of course, there is a spice of insults that talks about annoying people around us.

I turned on the laptop, then I searched for dean Maximillan's account. I thought he wouldn't have social media account, he looked like an old school with a nasty high standard and hate shoulder towards our generation. on top of all, he is too nitpicky and anti-social! How dare he lock his profile? How am I supposed to see his wall and shared shits?!

“Heyyy, did my eyes fooled me?! What the heck? I didn't know you are into stalking accounts nowadays," says the woman with a big mouth. She really is a loud person. “Oh my god! So, was it all your front? You keep on denying yet the truth has been revealed! You have a crush on our college dean."

“Crush my foot! God damn it, don't even mention that ugly foe. He is not my type!"

“Oh really? Then, why are you stalking him? I don't see the logic of stalking a person if you aren't interested, you wouldn't waste your time and wifi data, right?"

I couldn't stop from making face, this stupid girl is spreading non-sense things again. No one warned me that checking on someone's' profile means you like that person. What kind of gibberish non-sense theory is that?! Who the hell invented such talk, they even made it a trend?

“Excuse me. I was just checking his profile to investigate what kind of person he is. You know, I am looking for something to win against him. Haven't you heard of the saying 'keep your enemy closer,” I replied.

“You really don't have a crush on him? Sissy, are you sure?” says Lore while smiling like a Cheshire cat, and she even sways her eyebrows.

'She's obviously making fun of me.' She rolled her eyes and raised her brow at her best friend.

“Don't make me count! I told you already, I don't like him. In fact, I hate his guts. I also hate that footwork. The nerve of him to humiliate me in front of everyone? I can't let that pass, even though he is the new dean, he should know my record. He should have known who to avoid."

It all started when I met my snobbish professor, our new dean. Maximillan Suarez Dereux. He was the transferred dean in Elysian. He doesn't look old, despite him existing for 33 years, he can still make a teenager fall for him. He is handsome, indeed. But I don't care about his face. Damn him, he is so snobbish and cold.

I hate him because he was the first person to humiliate me in front of my classmates. At that time, I wanted to strangle everyone's neck, I know that look in their eyes.

So, let me tell you what happened that day...

I went straight to my respective chair. Since I have spent my daycare until college here, the professors were accustomed to my rare late appearance in class. Also, they fear my influence because my family is well-known in this university.

“Where do you think you’re going… Ms.?”

“Ms. Faunteen,” I replied without hesitation. I pulled my chair and was about to sit when he stopped me by saying...

“Get a promissory note first, write your reason for coming 45 minutes late to my 3 hours class. I’m quite sensitive to latecomers, late submissions, and irresponsible students.” He looked at me with warring eyes, judging my personality.

“Excuse me?” Did I hear him right? He demanded a what..? he even goes against the goddess Merliah Faunteen?

“I don’t like repeating myself. You are late, much worse, you are not even listening."

Say what?! Can someone hold my tail and horn because I might throw this chair on his face. Instead of making a fuss, I simply clutch my fist and leave. That was the first time I experienced being kicked out in my class, and it's all because of that meticulous old instructor. Mind you, he is our prof in the Philippine Constitution.

I can't forget those eyes that belittled me just because I was kicked out. I bet they are making a big scoop of gossip about it. Gosh! How shameful. After acting almighty for all these years, the new dean had me experience such a thing, those flat-earthers must be laughing by now.

Darn it! I can't tell my parents because they will scold me for making a fuss and being late. They will probably cut off my allowance again.

I hate that damn Dean! He is annoying and arrogant. I also hate those stupid girls, why are they so into that old mogul? Their admiration for that uncultured corn hair. It literally makes me want to pull out all his golden hair. It's satisfying to dump his handso —darn, Ugly face in the mud. He is not attractive at all, everything about him is ugly!

“Hey, sup, sissy? You suddenly turned into an empty body, where did your soul travel? I bet it went to the dean again. You are probably thinking of him again."

“Shut the f*ck up. Aren't you going to stop blabbering hideous things? Shut up or else I'll hit you with my laptop." Hearing her talking about that dean, I can’t help but boil m blood on it’s critical level.

“Admit it already, there is no point in denying. Dean is handsome, tall and he smells good. If you have a crush on him, let me say it... you are already a bad shot,” says Lore while staring at the cloud. Her eyes are flashing with imagination, an image of their dean is running on her mind.

“You know what. I can sense it, don't deny it. It's you who have a crush on our dean. Eww, you are passing your weird taste on me. How dare you pass me your itch? You are too much, my dear bestfriend. I can assure you that even if we make a bet, I will never like that guy. Tss, I might even make him cry, you know how capable I am when it comes to breaking boys' hearts. I’m sure the dean will be bewitched., if I make a move on him. Who knows? He might beg for me to stay," says I.

I laughed my ass out, I am even holding my breath because of too much laughing.

“Interesting. Let's see how far your confidence will fly. Bestfriend. I will give you 30k, shocks, it's my one-month allowance. ” She placed her hands around her waist and looked at me with confidence.

“Sure thing. You'll see, I’ll make him wrap around my finger. Then, I will leave him devastated and broken-hearted. It will be sweet revenge for the humiliation I received. Who does he think he is?”

So, that is how our game started. I was so confident that within a month I would win his heart and earn his trust. However, that guy, he must be a saint or a gay... he didn't even bat his eye on me. Unconsciously, I was so agitated and became obsessed to seduce him. Maybe because I have towering pride, I will never let myself lose in the game I started.


Maybe... I really want his attention?

Arrrgghhhh this is so frustrating… If Lore had not provoked me back then I wouldn’t be distracted as I am right now.

My stupid feet had moved on their own. After one month of anger, disappointment, and mixed emotion, I became so impatient.

I committed a crazy stunt…

I went to his office, then there he was busy dealing with school papers. I came like a hurricane, obviously to tilt his world upside down. I snatched his tie and pulled him closer. Then, without warning, my lips conquered him.

'hmmm... sweet lips.'

I caught him off-guard. He was dumbfounded, then I started counting until I reached five seconds. Suddenly the reaction I expected had come...

“What do you think you’re doing, Ms. Faunteen?! Get out of my office!”

“Marking my special toy, Mr. Dereux.” I winked at him, which made the dean erupt like a volcano.

He stood up and threw Merliah outside of his office. At the back of my mind, "Weird, I am supposed to make him fall for me, but why am I the one falling?! How dare he ignore and blatantly reject my near Aphrodite beauty?! What an imbecile! He simply stamped on my pride!" But of course, I cannot voice out my frustration.

No, I won’t give up. I make you beg for my love. Mark my word, Dean, Maximillan Dereux.

"I shall return, obviously to steal your heart," I whispered through the air.

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