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She was beautiful, I seen her sitting there across from me all I could do was bite my lip and breathe I had to make sure that the bulge that was forming in my pants making it extremely uncomfortable for me to move to walk over and talk to her. I shifted my pants and made sure that my hard on wasn’t noticeable, I walked over to her and introduced myself.

“Hello, I am Cameron Wallace, and you must be Summer Thomas?”

“Hi, Yes I am Summer Thomas, and it is nice to meet you Mr. Wallace.”

Her voice sounds so angelic and damn she is even prettier up close she has these big blue eyes and her lips are so perfectly plumb and her body damn her body is perfectly shaped, up close you can see her breast how nice and full they are with the dress she has on and her ass is nice and round, I wonder how her nipples and her pussy look if her ass and breast look like that.

‘Damn I am looking and Mr. Wallace, he is biting his lip and I look down and it looks like his pants are bulging out. He is got some gorgeous bright green eyes; he’s body shape is gorgeous to I want to see his body naked; I want to feel those big strong hands around my ass. I wonder what it will take to get him to bend me over and fuck me right now. As we are standing there another gentleman walks over and introduces himself as well and he is just a hot as Mr. Wallace.”

“Hi, I am Ace Wallace, nice to meet you Ms. Thomas, Cameron how are you doing today?”

“Ace, I am good, thanks for asking, Ms. Thomas call me Cameron, if we are very casual here. “

“Okay and what can I call you Mr. Ace Wallace?”

“Ace, you fine. Are you the two of you ready?”

“I am” she says, and we walk towards the back, when we get there, I had the chairs and the backgrounds ready for her photo shoot. I planned to fuck her with Ace before we even started taking pictures her wardrobe was hanging up and when we got there I said.

“ So Summer, all the outfits that you will be wearing are hanging up and we have the different backgrounds ready to go, I will be the one taking the pictures and Ace will be the one with the lighting and putting you the position for the pictures, there is a little dressing room right for you to change we will wait here for you, she is biting her lips and walking towards the rack with her outfits on it and then she says.

“What would you like to start with its up to you?” as she starts pulling her dress up and tosses it on the floor. Both mine and Ace’s eyes haven’t left her naked body and our jaws drop she walks towards us shifting her hips her body is so flawless, she comes over and puts her hand to my face and speaks

“Do you like what you see, I see that bulge forming again.” As she grabs my cock and squeezes it only thing, I could do was shake my head yes. She then looks at Ace and asks the same thing

“What about you Ace, do you like what you see?”

“Mmmm, I sure do” he said as she grabs his cock as well. She then takes her hands off Ace and moves to me and unbuttons my pants and slides them down leaving my boxers on and then turns to Ace and does the same thing to him and when we are both left in just our boxers she says

“Take your shoes and pants all the off and slowly take your boxers off. “She is looking at us as we take our pants off her beautiful body her rounded breast has the most perky nipples nice an even and her pussy shape is nice and thick, I can’t wait to taste it, you can smell that she is aroused, she looks at the sizes of our cock and goes.

“Mmhmhmhmmmm, god was the two of you blessed or what? Do you mind.” She asked

Licking her lips, she drops down and starts rubbing on my cock with her hands and doing the same thing to Ace, and the I feel something warm wrap around the head of my cock she had started sucking on my cock going in inch by inch she stops while still rubbing me and asks.

“How big are either of you?”

“I am 13.5 inches long and 8.5 in around.” I answered and Ace said

“I am 13 inches long and 7.5 around, is that a problem my dirty little slut.” He said she look licking her lips and said in a very seductive dirty way, I knew that the two of us were about to fuck this girl good and she will become our little sex slave. Because I will not give her up to anyone, she will only be fucking me and Ace for how ever long I want her.


While she was answering she was caressing my cock with her hands then she comes back over putting my cock in her mouth not as slow as the last time sucking my cock while stroking Ace’s making me moan, she got my whole length and width in with out gagging she was going faster down my shaft making me moan louder, I grabbed her head and slammed it down my cock making her gag, holding it down. Tell her

“Now my dirty little princess, I want you to hike your ass up and suck on Ace’s cock while I got and taste you and play in your ass do you understand and if you don’t do what I say you know what is going to happen don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy, I play in my ass and pussy and do what you want to me and if you want to punish me go ahead.”

She hiked her ass up and she started sucking on Ace’s cock I smacked her ass making her moan I looked down between her legs and you could see the glistening of pussy juices dripping down her legs I wipe I finger across it and smelled it and spoke

“Mmmm, do you smell good or what.” Once I got her hiked up the way I wanted, and she was swallowing Ace’s cock. I placed my fingers and my face down between her legs I start licking her from ass to pussy I can feel she leaking I stop and slap her pussy and tell her.

“Now, princess do you know why I just punished you?”

“No, Daddy why?” because you’re leaking, and I definitely didn’t give you permission to do that.”

“Yes, Daddy, I am sorry.”

So, I got back to the to licking and flicking her clit and pussy with my tongue making her moan, I dug my face deeper into her pussy sliding my fingers inside with the motion of my tongue I had my hand inside her pussy I started to slam me fist into her telling her to make as much noise she wanted and I went to licking her ass with my tongue she was moaning and screaming my name,


Ace said “NOW, YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT YOU BETTER GET BACK TO SUCKING MY BIG COCK OR I WILL PUNISH YOU!” He said has he slammed his cock down her throat, I keep fist fucking her and then I stop and started to play with her ass with my hands, I placed my face at her ass and started to lick and open her ass hole open with my fingers and mouth. She wasn’t loud enough for me, so I gripped her hair yanked her head back and told her

“I want to hear you moan louder; I don’t care what Ace says I want my dirty little girl screaming.”

“Yes, Daddy, play in my ass I really want you to fuck me in my ass while your brother fucks me in my pussy.”

“In, due time my little dirty slut, you want to be my bad girl, don’t you?”

“YES, BIG DADDY.” She answers I smack her ass; I have four fingers in her ass I wiggle her, so I have her in a perfect position to slide my throbbing cock inside her ass hole, I whisper in her ear.

“I not going to be gentle you understand.” She nods and I wet my cock with her pussy juices, and I grab her hair and slam in her ass making her jerk a little as I enter her tight little ass, then Ace positions himself to enter her dripping wet pussy, I wait for him and then he slams into her and then we both start picking up the pace while she is moving her hip to our motions she moan and getting wetter and wetter Ace tells her

“Damn babe your so fucking tight.”

We both pick up the pace going faster and harder making her moan and scream louder and louder, I feel her ass pulsating on my cock making me twitch I want to be in her pussy I tell Ace.

“Let’s switch.”

So, we do and when I enter her wet pussy, she is still so tight even after my brother’s cock was inside her.

“Damn babe, your so fucking tight.” As I say that she grips my cock with her pussy making me twitch again and my cock pulsate, we start to fuck her fixed making her scream our names “ACE, CAMERON DAMN IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. I GOING TO COME”

She was cumming all over our cocks from both holes I knew I would not be able to stand much more of it I thrusted in her a few more times when she gripped my cock with her pussy milking it, I knew that I was going to explode all in her, I grabbed her hair and yanked it back and spoke

“I am cumming babe.” I Exploded both her and Ace did too we all rode out the climax she came so hard that she was twitching as she was coming, I laid back on the floor she collapsed on top of me and Ace on her for a few minutes when he got up he walked in the bathroom and grabbed a rag and cleaned her off and brought me a fresh one I cleaned myself off and he lifted her up and carried her to the couch she was done she looked wore out. I slipped a t-shirt on her and sat next to her and put her head in my lap.

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