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Harper's POV

"What is your biggest regret and why?" He looks up from the file in his hand. I feel a sudden tingle run from my spine to the small of my back as his eyes meet mine.

You Dylan Hendrix,you are my biggest regret, I thought.

"There are quite a number of things I regret, should I begin listing them?" I say with humor, regretting it immediately as a smile curves on his incredibly sexy looking lips, I feel my cheeks heat up in embarrassment as he bores his gaze into mine.

"No,just tell me the biggest of them all" His voice is cold and menacing,all traces of a smile has left his face as his features turn to that of seriousness.

"M..my past" I say thinking.

Why did I say that! I mentally facepalm myself, wishing the ground would just open up and swallow me six feets under.

A smile curls on his lip as he stares at me in amusement, "Do you mind telling me about it?"

What a jerk!

"I.. I don't think so" I stutter, trying to keep up a straight face as I stare… practically glare at him.

"Okay" He chuckles softly, turning his head back to his file and then after a few seconds,back to me.

"What are your reasons for coming to work here?" Says Dylan as he scans me from my face down to my shirt. My eyes shift to where his gaze is focused. I almost squeal as I notice my exposed cleavage. My breasts were in full display at his mercy. I immediately adjusted my shirt, pushing up the shirt to cover my exposed cleavage. He lets out a chuckle underneath his breath as his gaze moves back to my face. Meanwhile I let out a nervous cough in an attempt to ease myself of the awkwardness.

"Why do you think we should hire you?" He asks as his eyes leave mine,he picks up a pen from his desk as he writes down something on a plain white paper before staring back at me.

Honestly, I'm short of words. It's not everyday you apply for an interview and then find out that the CEO is your cheating ex boyfriend.

"Mrs…" His eyes darted to my finger,in search of a ring I suppose. I do the same, though it's lame because not every married person wears a ring on their finger shouting 'I'm married!'

What if he's married? What if he has kids?

"Ms…" He corrects himself, "Paxton. I don't think I can hire you if you're so absent minded" His voice is impassive, drawing me back from my subconscious state.

I don't think I want this job anymore.

"Okay…" I don't bother apologizing, knowing fully well that I wouldn't get the job anyway.

"Why did you leave your former Job?" His tone is cold and void of emotion.

"I never had a Job before" Of course he knew that,he just wanted to frustrate me by going through the formalities.

"Why? Because rich daddy doesn't want his spoiled princess to work?" He says in a teasing manner.

"Excuse me" I rise to my feet, glaring at him in irritation, I have had enough of his nonsense.

"You know what? Screw this interview, I'm done here!" I grab my handbag,ready to leave. I stretch forth my arm, trying to reach my CV which is still in his possession but he pulls his hand backwards instead.


"Don't you dare call me! Give me back my CV" I yell,my tone a bit higher than I had intended.

"Wow" He smiles as he stands up, pulling his chair backwards a bit. He tugs at his tie, loosening it as he walks around his desk, heading to where I'm standing with my arms folded against my chest.

A scowl forms on my face as I watch him walk towards me. He comes to a halt right in front of me, pushing my chair slightly as he stands just a few inches away from me.

"I see you're still the same, nothing changed" His breath fans my face as he takes a step forward,he brushes off loose strands of hair from my face which he pulls back behind my ear.

"W...what are you trying to do,t..this is... improper" I ask breathlessly, trying to push him away but instead he pushes me further against the desk I've been leaning on, trapping me in between his arms as he closes the space between us. He tilts my chin upwards with his finger, staring at me. Meanwhile I put my full weight on the desk, leaning on it for support as he lowered his head to match mine,his lips just a few inches apart from mine.

"Don't be scared Harper, I won't touch you without your consent" His eyes are full of unreadable emotions as he circles his arms around my waist.

"L..let go of me,d…don't you dare t…" I try to pull his arms away from me but his grip is tight around my waist. Too tight.

"When will you ever let go of your hatred towards me?" He whispers, ignoring the warning glare on my face. I try to push him away again but he doesn't bulge as he pulls me into his arms.

"Let go of me Dylan or else I'll…." My words are cut short as his lips crash against mine. The sensation of his lips against mine overshadows the hatred I have against him for a moment as I push myself further into him. My hand seems to have a mind of its own as it moves up his neck and encircles it. His grip on my waist tightens as my hands move to the back of his hair,combing through it violently as I let out a moan. I part my mouth giving him full entrance into my mouth as his tongue darts in hungrily. My hand works its way magically to the back of his silky soft hair. It's still the same. The same hair I missed all these years.

This feeling is something I've dreaded all these years. The feeling I've abstained from. The feeling I hide away from. His hands travel to my shirt,pulling at it. All common sense had already left me as I responded positively to his touch. I can feel the hardness in his pants pressed against me. My fingers grasp his suit as I begin to pull it off, leaving only his plain white shirt. I tug at his shirt as the intense feeling bubbles inside me. One of his hands tightens around my waist while the other moves to my button as he begins to unclasp it. His hand flies to the thin strap of my bra as he pulls it down.

"Dy" I moan against his touch as his hand strides down my back. I can feel his other arm grab my buttocks as we are both lost in the intensity of the kiss. His hand travels back up, leaving my back as it makes its way to my right breast. His big palm cups my swollen breast that is being covered by my thin lace bra. There is only little to be hidden as his fingers trace my nipple which is already standing erect.

He claims my lips again "Oh Harper" He whispers breathlessly into my mouth as his lips leave mine. He traces hot kisses from my neck down to my chest. I can feel the hairs on my body stand erect as his mouth devours my soft flesh.

He's about to cup one of my breasts when the door pulls open and my senses come rushing back like a thousand volts of electricity and I immediately push him away, buttoning and adjusting my shirt as we both stare at the lady standing by the door.

"Um…sorry sir, I…"

"What is it Eunice?" He growls angrily.

"I.. I just came to inform you about your meeting with Mr Frank by 10,he just called to reschedule" Her eyes meet mine for a second,a smirk forms on her lips as she looks between Dylan and I.

"Why didn't you call me instead and why did you have to barge in here without knocking?" He huffs in irritation.

"I'm sorry sir,there wasn't any signal so I came…I knocked three times but you didn't answer so…."

"Whatever,just go" He groans. Her eyes meet mine again and she smiles before turning to walk away. She slams the door gently on her way out.

My anger immediately rekindles as my gaze meets Dylan's.

"You bastard!" I growl as I reach for my handbag which is now resting on his desk, I'm about to walk past him when he pulls me back to face him. I shoot him a warning stare and slap his arms away.

"Harper please.. just listen to me", He begs as he tries to grab me again.

"Don't you dare lay your finger on me again!" I yell amidst tears. I didn't know I was even crying until the tears strolled down my cheek.

"What's wrong with you Harper?" His tone is hard and menacing as he stares at me with equal venom.

"What's wrong with me, really? After six years of separation I came here to find my ex boyfriend who happens to be the Ceo of this company and you dare lay your filthy hands on me?" I yell on top of my voice, raising my hand up dramatically as I speak.

"I touched you with your permission Harper, I didn't force you now did I?" He yells back,his eyes blazed with fury.

"Of course you did, you scoundrel!" My voice comes out as more of a squeal.

"Look Harper, I would not have you come here to insult me in my very own office,no I won't!" He yells on top of his voice.

"Well you don't need to any longer, I quit!" I scoff, gripping my handbag tightly

"You quit what? Don't be silly Harper,you can't quit a job that hasn't yet been offered to you. Let me remind you that this is just an interview, I'll only give you this job if you comply" He laughs mockingly, making me feel stupid as I shoot him a glare.

"You disgust me Dylan! You're really insane. So this is how you conduct interviews in this place, absolutely disgusting" I yell and grab my CV from the desk "You don't have to worry about not hiring me because I cancel the fucking application"I spit as I turn on my heels to leave but I'm stopped by his hands around my wrist.


"Let go of me you dimwit!" I yell as my palm connects with his cheek.

"Don't you dare touch me again!" I shout,my voice at a higher volume than I had intended. "Good bye Dylan" are my last words as I stare at him one last time before walking out of the door.

He doesn't stop me this time.

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