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I was a mateless werewolf who was cursed by the Moon Goddess.

But life was damn well going great for me again. Yeah you heard that right


Yes, I may have been locked up, mistreated, and banish from someplace because of something that it never happens but it did.

I was the only one who was banished, but my parents who know the truth resign from the pack and we move to my dad's good old friend pack. The Alcaders lead by Alpha Lincoln Cruz back then now it's lead by Josh Hamilton and he's the Alpha's nephew.

He was made Alpha simply cause the Alpha's daughter Aberdeen now my best friend obliges to her parents. She didn't want the title instead she became one of the pack warriors.

Desirably, her mate, the current Beta didn't want to take over the pack as an Alpha. He really loves his position as being the Beta.

It's funny when we moved here I was not allowed to go anywhere else except to stay indoors. I was home school never allowed to meet anybody else except Aberdeen and Josh.

So after a year of seeing me being a good girl not causing any more trouble my parents finally decided to let me join the pack training and everything else associated with the pack.

Six months later on and I saw the proud look on my parents' faces when I graduated as one of the top warriors in the pack. It was like I have given both the world, still remembering their reaction and how they go all out to express their happiness for what I have achieved so far.

But that was back then, the last time I ever saw my parents smiling back at me. Now they are smiling at me from heaven above and I intend to keep it that way.

The smile fade when someone swings at me, I deflect his punches and kick him right where the sun doesn't shine.

"Next time don't do that" I warn him earning whistles from the standbys'.

I continue to walk again passing by Aberdeen who was training the young pups and the teenagers. She waves at me and all kids look with disdain before they turn away from me without smiling.

If anyone wanna know why kids never smile or like me it's because I despise them, simple as that.

All their whiny, their wailing, and their pouty behavior which everyone thinks it's cute I find it annoying.

Believe it, their tricks work only on Aberdeen but not me, 'the devil in Prada,' my wolf Eliz always repeat that in my head whenever I came across the young pups.

So yes I'm like an old hag to them, who only gives a cold glare and a warning look that screams don't you mess with me, pup. I know I may have sound crazy and scary but that just me, not a people's person rather I love being alone most of the time.

"Elle I need you and Aberdeen here in my office," Josh's mind links us.

In the next 40 seconds, I was at his door—knocking 'come in' I open the door and went inside

'Sit' he ordered

"I'm not a dog" I complain in a whisper

"Did you wanna say something Elle" I nodded my head no.

After a minute our beta Leto came in with Aberdeen trailing behind him. Her face all blushing in red, those two are of course mates as I mentioned before and they both look good together. 'The moon goddess really knows how to match up people' I thought and Eliz chuckles responding "of course she is, don't you forget that she's our existence.'

Bluffing through our links 'yeah and she happens to curse with not having a mate' Eliz never spoke again.

All of our pack members are mated, hardly you find anyone without a Mate.

Except for me, if we are all in a gathering or meeting or even a battle people can easily point me out as the unmated she—wolf since no one stood with a possessive grip around my waist.

Yet the feeling is mutual as there are some of us specifically me who came late in the race, and only to experience or feel pain when your mate died.

"Oh my, oh my, my, I've waited all my life"

I kept on swinging my hips and tries to cope with some BTS move which I fail badly in doing it.

'The reality of struggling' my wolf Eliz teases

"Shut up" I hissed back at her.

"What? You've been practicing the same move for a month now" she counterpart.

I glare back at her in my head, while she keeps on teasing me on how bad I did the BTS moves of Boy with Luv.

Eliz and I have good connections we hardly disagree with one another but we only tend to annoy each other by teasing.

"Elle" that was Aberdeen


"Are you ready yet?" she shouted from outside of our room's door.


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