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The magnificent carriage came from the end of the road, the blowing music made the atmosphere more festive, the street was lined with gorgeous decorations, bright balloons rose into the sky, and countless ribbons fell on the heads of the people.

Today was a very important day for the people of the wolf tribe, and they cheered and flocked around the gorgeous carriage to the palace at the other end of the road, looking at the beautiful and noble woman on the carriage with admiration and devotion.

That was their future queen.

Today was the coronation day of the Queen of the Werewolf.

"This is a big misunderstanding!"

With a stiff smile on her face, Sophia broke down to her wolf in her heart and looked at the wolf clan's people clustered around her, not knowing how to respond to their enthusiasm for a while.

The enthusiasm was simply going to burn her.

"You calm down." The wolf soothed her a little helplessly, "Look on the bright side, being a queen is not a bad thing, you will have an honorable status, supreme power, and a closet bigger than a room."

"I don't give a damn! How can I be his queen when it's clearly agreed to pretend it never happened and I don't even like him!" Sophia said in annoyance.

'But you can't refuse.'

Sophia instantly quieted down, in this short month, she had endured all kinds of heartbreaking blows, and now she was sitting on the carriage leading to the royal palace, about to become the queen of the wolf royal family.

The carriage came to a slow stop, and she hurried to empty her mind of thoughts. After the carriage stopped, she put on a false elegant smile, and gave a perfect fake smile to King Aaron as he extended his hand to her.

After that came all sorts of complicated and laborious ceremonies, and Sophia followed Aaron all the time cooperatively, winning the goodwill of many of her subjects with her elegant and dignified manners.

They thought, "This elegant and noble lady will be a good queen!

After a series of ceremonies, it was time for the last part, when the king himself crowned the queen.

Sophia looked at the gorgeous and handsome man in front of her, dressed in the king's costume with a dazzling crown, and was a bit lost in thought for a while.

She thought she would never be associated with such a man in her life - before they met and concluded a mate relationship.

One month ago.

Sophia is the daughter of Beta of the Meta Moon Wolf Pack, and once she thought she would be happy because she had a very loving sister, Susan, and a fiancé, Carl, who had been betrothed since childhood.

Carl was the son of Alpha of the wolf pack, and they were once the model couple that everyone in the pack envied. Everyone thought they would go on like this, get married and have children, and become a happy couple.

But just a month before their wedding, her sister and fiancé told her that they were together.

"I'm sorry, I also just found out that Susan is my MATE and I can't marry you."

In that moment, she felt like her sky was falling.

"I'm sorry sister, I can't give Carl to you, we are MATE, we are destined to love each other." Susan nestled delicately next to Carl and looked at her pleadingly, "Sister, you can understand us, can't you?"

Sophia said nothing, and there was nothing she could say.

I don't know when the wolves were abandoned by the moon goddess, most of the wolves lost the ability to find the MATE, and the MATE relationship thus became almost legendary.

Except for the royal family, the possibility of ordinary people being able to find a MATE was one in ten thousand.

Such a slim possibility happened to them, happened to the Meta Moon Wolf Pack, and the whole pack was rejoicing over this matter, except Sophia.

No one cared how she felt, she had lost everything for a while, and no one felt sorry for her. She didn't even have the right to oppose, because the wolf pack had a rule long ago that all mate relationships could not be dissolved because of the scarcity of mate relationships.

Sophia had also gone to Carl with a small hope, talking with him about their past, their feelings, and even their future.

Carl felt guilty, but did not waver, because for him, for the only one in the pack to find a mate, it was something to be very proud of, and would never let this honor drift away with the wind because of their feelings.

He chose Susan and abandoned her without a moment's hesitation, and she, except for her sadness, could do nothing.

It was at this time that the great turn of events in her life took place.

At Susan and Carl's wedding.

Everyone was partying, no one noticed Sophia hiding in the corner, probably even if they did, they wouldn't care.

Sophia suddenly felt very lonely, she silently withdrew from the wedding scene, not to disturb, but also can not do blessing.

She can only hide in the corner and lick her wounds.

The night was so beautiful and gentle that Sophia thought it was the moon goddess's comfort to her.

She suddenly longed to run in the forest and turned into a wolf.

The wind gently surrounded her, and the moonlight waved on her fur, turning it into a shining silver color. Her thick paws stepped on the fine branches and leaves on the ground, and leaped up quickly, her athletic form turning into a silver arc in the forest.

Praise the goddess.

It really was a very beautiful sight.

Sophia seemed to find happiness in running, and she ran fast, and in a short while she reached the Moon Lake next to the territory, where the moon projected a huge figure in the lake, a place where the Moon Goddess was worshipped in the past, and until now, the wolves often prayed by the lake.

Sophia suddenly stopped running, she saw a stranger by the moon lake, Sophia had never seen him among the wolves.

The man turned to look at her, and Sophia swore that she had never seen a more handsome man than him, just a glance that made people fall unconsciously.

The man's eyes were as sharp as a falcon's, and Sophia was sure that this was a very powerful man, but she was still unconsciously attracted to him, and she changed back into her human form uncontrollably, and walked towards him hesitantly and firmly.

The man looked at her, his beautiful blond hair looked like a majestic angel in the night, and he looked at her with such a gentle look that she couldn't help but fall.

"Who are you?" She asked unconsciously.

The man seemed to laugh a little, low magnetic voice from the throat slowly out: "My name is Aaron."

"Aaron?" Sophia seemed a little slow, as if all her attention had been drawn away from him, fascinated by him, and could only dully repeat his words.

The man was amused, his hot palm caressing her cheek with an unexpectedly gentle motion.

"I'm just here for you, my mate."

Sophia didn't know what she was thinking, but she held his hand and unconsciously kissed it with her hand, and the atmosphere became wrong after the kiss.

Aaron's breath became rough, and almost the next second, Sophia's soft lips were bitten.

Aaron's hands went around her waist, his breathing became heavy, his palms stroked her waist, his movements were a bit eagerly rough.

Sophia's body went soft and fell into his arms, Aaron's strong scent enveloped her and made her suffocate a little, unconsciously opening her mouth slightly but forgetting that her lips were still being kissed by him, Sophia was caught unprepared by him and Aaron's tongue dug in and deepened the kiss.

Sophia's lips were released, Sophia opened her mouth wide and breathed in sharply, suddenly smelling a nice smell on Aaron's body, she subconsciously hugged Aaron's neck and came up to his neck to sniff hard, her face unconsciously showed an intoxicated expression.

''mate?'' Wolf, who was also affected by the smell of mate, sounded intoxicated, although he knew that there would be a unique connection between the mate relationship, this connection was too comfortable for Wolf.

The wolf ignored Sophia who had been completely affected and yawned.

Comfortable ...... comfortable and want to sleep ......

''Something so comfortable, Sophia will definitely not blame me for not waking her up.'' The wolf soothed himself, hypnotized by this particular smell, and fell asleep.

Sophia, who still didn't know anything, still buried her face between Aaron's neck with an engrossed face. She was a little too tormented by the scent and couldn't help but stick out her tongue and lick Aaron's throat knot, and Aaron's body immediately became stiff.

He looked down at Sophia, and a light smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"You're the one who seduced first, so you can't blame me for that."

Aaron took off his jacket and laid it on the floor, moving gently to place Sophia on top.

Sophia was so captivated that the only thing left in her eyes and brain was Aaron in front of her, and she was undressed by Aaron without any precautions.

His kisses fell on her forehead, her eyebrows, her nose, her lips, and then slowly down her neck, her collarbone, her chest and stomach, and finally on her waist.

Sophia's body was tingling and she couldn't stop moaning out.

Aaron was tormented by lust, he no longer hesitated, set Sophia's legs on his shoulders, and with a strong thrust of his waist, he entered her body roughly.

"Ah!" Sophia cried out in shock, before she could react, she was knocked out of her mind by Aaron's ferocious thrusts.

Sophia sank into a tidal wave of emotion, her body and mind opening up to him in a way she had never experienced before, an extraordinary fit between the two, as if they were a split whole, mingled together.


Is this the fit of MATE?

She seemed to understand Carl a bit, if it were her, she would probably choose the destined mate as well.


Because sex with her mate was so damn good!

Sophia was held in Aaron's arms, forced to tears, and whispered to Aaron to stop, she didn't want to.

Aaron just pretended he didn't hear her, and held her waist and just wouldn't let her go.

After everything was over, Aaron thoughtfully helped Sophia get dressed. Sophia's eyes were still unfocused and her gaze drifted around laxly for a while before she was able to break out of that feverish state.

Sophia sat with a grim face on Aaron's jacket, feeling as if her whole body had been run over by a car.

She looked down and saw two additional green handprints on her waist, which stood out on her white skin.

What is this Mate, this is drugged!

"Are you okay?" Aaron stared at her intently.

Feeling the dull pain beneath her, Sophia's throat felt like it was stuffed with something, she couldn't speak and didn't really want to speak, she could only shake her head gently.

"I'm sorry, I got a little out of control, did I hurt you?" Aaron reached out his hand to her, and Sophia subconsciously ducked.

Aaron frowned unhappily and scooped her up and placed her on his lap.

"What are you hiding for, I'm your MATE and I'm going to hurt you?"

"I think I need you to let go of me first." Sophia's face wasn't very nice.

Sophia actually hated mate relationship so much, she once thought that this kind of relationship should not exist, if it wasn't because of this damn mate relationship, how could she and her love who had been in love for so many years be separated?

Why did she have to go against her heart to wish them to find true love after losing her lover?

Aaron didn't know what she was thinking, he just hugged her tightly, the expression on that face buried in the middle of her neck was vaguely with a bit of relief and delight, which was soon buried again and returned to high spirits.

"Come back with me, we'll get married right away."

The sweat hairs on Sophia's body exploded, and she broke away from his embrace with force, firmly rejecting him.

"I won't be your MATE!"

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