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"Hey, Andrei, what happened? I guess you're so quiet now? " I commented to my boyfriend. I have noticed his silence since I arrived.

We are in a restaurant. I was at home earlier when he invited me to dinner. I wouldn't have gone but he said he had something important to say. So here I was, I was immediately rushed to our meeting place.


"Hey! What's wrong with you? " I smiled as I looked at him.

"U—Uhm, babe…" He can't look straight into my eyes.

"You made me hurry to come here, Andrei. So, what do you want to say? " I was surprised because he just stared slightly into my eyes. "Come on, Andrei, spill it, babe." I was forced to smile again.

"U—Uhm, babe…" He still seemed to doubt what he wanted to say.

"Andrei, speak up. Tell me. What's wrong with you?" I said calmly. I even held his hand resting on the table.

"Babe…" he said softly and then looked straight into my eyes. "I—I'm sorry…"

My forehead is suddenly wrinkled. I was also suddenly nervous so I looked at him confused. "Sorry? For what? " I managed to stay calm. "Oh, my! Come, let's just eat, babe. " Then I winked.

I still try to calm my feelings even though I'm a little nervous about what kind of "sorry" he was saying. I knew there was something wrong with it. And he was not yet ready to spill it tonight.

I started to eat my food, while Andrei seemed hesitant to eat. I've been noticing him these past few days. He was always busy and seemed to be losing time with me. Even texting or calling he forgets. If I hadn't taken the initiative, no message would have come from him. And as I noticed he is already very cold in our relationship. Like what was happening now. He was so close yet so far.

"Babe!" he called my attention. "Kathy is pregnant."

I was stunned. I automatically looked at him and dropped the spoon I was using. "W—what did you say?"

"K—Kathy is pregnant."

Suddenly my breathing quickened. Maybe… Shit! "R—really? But she didn't inform me yet." I smiled but honestly, I was more nervous.

Kathy was my friend. Not just a friend but my best—of—the—best friend. She was like a sister to me because we were so close to each other. But these past few weeks it seems like she has become different like Andrei. I first noticed that when I came from vacation in the US. Kathy didn't pick me up at the airport the first time it happened. And she always picked me when Andrei is away. But right now, I felt like she was moving away and avoiding me for reasons I don't know.

But if Kathy was indeed pregnant, why didn't she tell me? I was her best friend but she hid it from me even more.

"B—because it's— m—mine."

I suddenly choked on the food I was chewing. "W—what are you saying, Andrei? This is not a joke. T—that's a bad joke. It's not funny!" I said after drinking the water and trying to calm my voice.

"I know you'll never believe this mess, but it's true. I—I got her pregnant… " he said as he lowers down his head.

I feel so nervous. "Can you please stop it, Andrei!" I sighed as other people who were also eating there turned to us.

"B—but it's true, Charm." He was still bent over.

I was suddenly stunned and it was as if the rotation of the world had stopped. It was as if I was struck by the fact that he was saying that I was trying to deny myself.

What the hell is happening ?! Oh, God.

That's why Kathy was different from me, she betrayed me. I treated her like my own sister!

So, is it true? That your best friend would be one of your best enemies. They would turn into a snake, beat you anytime just for their own happiness!

Damn it! damn her!

When my feelings subsided and I understood everything Andrei was saying I suddenly move. I grabbed my shoulder bag and walked out of the restaurant.

As I walked I felt the tiny teardrop down my cheeks. I didn't notice it! all I could feel was the pain inside my heart.

Of all people, why Kathy? Lots of others out there. Oh, God, the pain of what they did to me is really hard to bear. Both of them were special to me.

I was close to my car when someone suddenly grabbed my arm and forced me to stop walking. When I turned around, I immediately saw Andrei's sad eyes.

A slap full of anger immediately slipped out of my hand. I was still not satisfied and I slapped on his other cheek again.

"Don't touch me!" I said and immediately wiped away the uncontrollable tears.

"I deserved it," Andrei said while caressing his reddened cheek.

"Yes, you deserve that! More than that! " I almost shout at his face.

"I—I'm sorry. We don't both intentionally— "

"Do you hear what you are saying? Huh? That you didn't want it? Oh, come on! You like it, you like it! And You both fooled me! "

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