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** Pierre Sonon **



: Pierre Pierre wake up.



: Oh mum, morning happiness like that and you start by screaming?

Mom: Wake up quickly I want to talk to you.



: But there is something else this time mom.


tone dry

: Aren't you ashamed to sleep until 8 o'clock?



: I'm tired, please let me get some sleep.



: Get up, I have something important to tell you here and now. If you keep going, I'm going to spill hot water on you.

When I heard the hot water, sleep quickly fled and I woke up with a start to listen to it. Ah yes I know she is capable of pouring hot water on me.



: Mom, I'm listening to you then.



: Founnnn what a foul smell is that? Your mouth smells too much, Pierre, go brush your teeth.

Me: But mom I'm coming ....


cutting me off

: There is no corn that sticks. Go do what I tell you.

I got up with difficulty from the bed to go to the toilet. This old woman tires me too much. I finish and I join her in the room.




Me: What else?



Did you say hello to me today?

Me: Hello mom.

Mom: Well, I'm going to the market and I wanted to inform you before I left.


widening my eyes

: Huh, that's it?

Mom: Yes my son. See you soon.



: But mom, you're delirious too much there. I'm sick of all these masquerades. Enoughzzzzzzz I say enough.

She does not even answer me and leaves the room, shutting the door brutally. She just ruined my sleep like that. But poof, I can't help it. If he was a friend, god damn it, I'll beat him up. Today my beloved Solange will come to visit me. An hour later, she comes in a sexy dress showing her curves. Tchaï this girl turns me on very seriously. Solange has a medium height.

Knock Knock knock.



: Who is it?

Solange: It's me, Solange.

Me: Enter the door is open.

When she steps inside the bedroom, I open my mouth wide and watch her from head to toe. But damn I'm all excited. I was deep in my thoughts when she touched my shoulder.

Solange: Hey oooo is everything okay?


swallowing saliva

: Yes yes honey worry you're fine.

Solange: Hmm, I was talking to you from there but you didn't react.


opening my mouth

: But did you see a ghost or what? I...

She hadn't finished her sentence when I quickly grabbed her full lips in her mouth. She responds favorably to my kiss and we kissed for ten minutes. I lick her neck well, then her breasts and I descend languidly towards her kpêtou


. I passionately lick her pussy lips and she moans in a low voice, putting both hands on my head and cradling her feet around my hip. My left hand was on one of her breasts while kneading it while my right hand was tickling her clit with back and forth of my fingers. She all wet and after a few seconds, she comes profusely in my mouth.



: Ohh chéééééri I can't take it anymore, I now want to feel your cock in me.



: Oh no, I'm going to torture you for a few more minutes.



: Oh sorry baby I want you inside me. I want you in ...

She had not finished speaking when I introduced my bangala gently into her pussy. She screams of ah honey go harder. I start my back and forth while kissing her. I accelerate and we both enjoy. We stayed glued together for about 5 minutes. She gets up to go do her personal toilet. I haven't even had the urge to kiss for 10 minutes. I wanted to negotiate a second quickie but it didn't work.


low voice

: Honey, where are you?

Solange: Hahaha leave me alone eh. I'm in the bathroom no. Are we going to do it all the time? I want to come home please.


small voice

: Stay with me a little longer, my love, please.

Solange: Stop darling.

She took her small bag and left despite my multiple negotiations to gain access to the second shot. I am a man thirsty for sex and when she comes to my house I don't like her coming home anymore. Well yes we are in crony despite our age. I expected to finalize all things for both of us before the end of this year. My mother and my sisters are happy with my steps because I am the eldest son of our family and I am already getting old but until then, I have not yet married and on each occasion my mother reminded me of it. Speaking of her, here comes to me to sing me the same chorus as always.



: Hmm.



: Hmm what else?



: You know what I'm talking about. Don't even try to play with me Pierre.



: Mom but be a little clearer noh.

Mom: I saw him earlier.

Me: Who is that?

Mom: The one who just left here.

I stay there without answering anything. But how did she know that Solange had come to my house? Or is my mother watching me now? Really this lady is going to kill me what.


head down

: ...

Mom: You don't speak my son anymore.

Well, you've been seeing this young girl for a year now. I know that she is not from our village but from the neighboring village because I have already carried out all my investigations on her and I think that she is a good woman with whom you can start a good home because at your age you should have your own family. My son, I know I'm putting pressure on you, but think of me too. The children, girls and boys, of all my friends in the village of are already married, but mine still nothing. Think about it.



: Ok I understood mom. I'll do my best.

Mom: Tell me, what's your name?

Me: It's Solange Djissou her name.

Mom: Plus it's a pretty name. Said I want to see her here tomorrow night.

Me: Ayiiiii what's that again mom.

Mom: Shut up, eh. Since you don't want to do things the way they should, I'll do them for you. Don't worry at all I'll handle this my way. Well I'll leave you because I still have to go back to the market now. Have a nice day.

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