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It's over three years, what am I suppose to do? Jump out of nowhere and confess my feelings? I mean it doesn't make any sense. Why will I be the topic of the day? For the next three weeks? 

She confessed her feelings and got dumped,

she is such a dumbass,

why did she think he of all people would date a low-class girl like her? 

She is such a loser!

Ivalyn selected her books for the classes as she peeped out of her locker to see her long endless crush. His sweaty body totally reverted her attention. His shirt swirled around his sexy looking muscles exposing its curvy size. She looked up to his adam apple as a drop of sweat rolled down to his collar bone. she swallowed.

He wiped off his face with a white towel and carefully, he wiped his wet hair.

She was so lost in her gaze that she couldn't think of anything else than his sexy pink lips she wanted to swallow badly, she closed her locker as she was startled to see her best friend Logan smirking at her in a spooky manner, he rested against the locker next to her with his leg crossed across the other. He has a mod hairstyle and a charming face, he is of an average height and obviously, he is more of a rich and classical guy. 

          "What the f*****k!"

          " Enjoying the sexy view?" He arched his brow

           "Hell! I wasn't looking!" She retorted.

           "Always your response my lady," he replied as he bent to show his respect mockingly.

Abruptly, the speaker next to her sounded as an announcement began

      To the only guy I have ever loved, I am using this moment to express my long endless feelings......

Ivalyn froze in her steps as she was about to digest what was being said.

              "Wait isn't that your let....." Logan drawled as Ivalyn took off before he could finish.

Holla! It's nice to meet you. Thanks for checking out my story, I sincerely appreciate that. Though I don't know who you are or what you are interested in but I can assure you that I will make it up to your interest. So the point is my English may not be up to your standard because I am still learning and no one is perfect right so I hope you could bear with me to the very end, thank you.

To be continued........

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