Table of Contents

Chapter 1


The night shift finally over Mansi Chakravarthy changes her chef’s uniform and looks through the window at the rainy night and begins to walk as taxi is not available she can only walk to the bus stand .

From today her summer vacation starts but yet she did not get leave and her boss said she can take can take leave after 15 days and thought enjoying her vacation is little postponed she is little upset off course she successfully completed 2nd year in university and thought of only one year left for her to graduate is makes her feel happy and with a big sigh she is thinking of vacation were to spend as she walking she can feel little droplets are falling but suddenly aglare of bright light seeps from through “creak” a black colour rollce’s Royce car suddenly stops with a fierce posture,along with the sharp noise of brake ,mansi is blinded by the harsh light and is knocked onto the ground before she could take any reaction

With intense pain on her knees and arms mansi tries to stand up but only stumbles and falls onto the ground again

Aman rushes out of the car and swears at her

‘What’s your problem ,you bastard you want to die’ how can this driver be such unreasonable the traffic light is red and she was walking through the cross walk

‘how dare you said me as you are the one who rans at red light? I have got you license plate number do you believe the I am going prosecute you at the police station”the driver did not expect the little women to be such a difficulty to deal with he is just about to speak when the car window slowly slides down and a hoarse but attractive voice comes out “dismiss her with 1000dollars”

“yes, my master”the driver immediately puts on a respectful tone “bang” athick pile of money is thrown on to Mansi which makes her pain !the driver gives her a look as if it is a reward and turns to get in the car Mansi eyes are red with anger and tears picking up the banknotes the ground with two small stone ,she endures the pain on the knees and arms and with all her strength throws them to the driver’s arrogant back1

“shit” the driver does not see that coming money and one of the stone hit him accurately he turns around in furious .he turns around in furious and threatens to hurt but look she given to him intend him take a step back .

“ryan” the man sitting in car stops the driver from further step ,Mansi looks into the car the street light shining through the window on a man’s face it is such a handsome face just like what they say about ancient emperos in the legend stories .the aloof back eyes shine unfathomable light and right now he is looking at mansi in mockery

“come here ”he crooks his fingers to beckon mansi in a defiant tone with irrestible force the man is far handsome look in at his cheeks ,mansi is in a daze walking involuntarily to the window

“um…it hurts!”mansi tiny jaw is suddenly seized by the man’s palm “let me go or else I will sue you sexual harassment you idiotic creature,the man whose sitting in the car eye brow arched in,every women he had meted will fall over his knees but this little women whom he is touching her jaw is scolding him didn’t he look attractive he observed the little women infront of him, with tiny angelic and delicate face ,probably upto 155cm with slender waist but not not like other girls she has breast like pancake ,but figure is totally mesmerizing he came back to his sense when started struggling and scolding him

“you rich people think you can do anything “but his grace is still in the breast of the little women as Mansi noticed where his his sight she gave punch with her tiny hand with she holding a stone , he experienced pain his nose “ouch”

“how dare you idiot,pig”as she said the driver came towards her to catch she gave him nice kick using her unwounded leg and man in the car seeing her with amusement ,she gave devil smrick ran away eventhough its painful while but she is not ready caught by the scary mens,

“Sir can I call police,I will not leave “ before he could complete sentence the man in the car said “stop it take the car”

“but sir she” he gave him a ferocious look so the driver shut up his mouth turned to take the car

In car the man said” little devil I will catch you soon “

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