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Mari Kristine

Today’s a great day! I’ve gone shopping with my best friend, Fae Carmona Verrier and we are now heading our way out of the mall. I just bought two movie tickets tonight for me and my boyfriend, Alexander Harisson, to celebrate our anniversary in advance.

And of course, a black Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 watch–the biggest of the Oyster Perpetual series which I am planning to give as a surprise gift to him.

We have planned to go out for a date the next day. And, we will eventually dine in a luxury restaurant they own for our dinner later. I am optimistic that Alexander will like my present since he was a Rolex watch fan and had a good collection for Rolex items.

This is my first time buying him a gift so I am wishing that he will be happy with it. I just found out that he has no Oyster Perpetual series in his Rolex watch collection.

Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating our seventh anniversary. And with that, I am hoping that Alexander will be proposing to me sooner or later. He is already twenty-six years old, the same age as mine. We are not getting any younger anymore.

“Which do you think fits better to me, babe?” I heard a woman’s irritating small voice from a nearby distance.

“You should try them first, sweetheart.” A familiar man’s voice answered the lady’s question.

Mhm wait… that voice!

It just sounds so familiar. Who was it again?

Ah! It’s Alex’s. Alex… What? Uh no!

Hell, it is definitely not him. He said he’s gone hanging out with the boys. His friends even confirmed he was at the casino this morning.

Both of my feet have urged me to stop. I stopped and my heart skipped rapidly, nervous of something I don’t even know the reason for.

I just wanted to stay and look back to where the woman is. I can’t see them. It’s just, maybe this is just a shopping addiction thing. Uh… maybe I need to shop for a dress?

“Hey, Mari! What’s taking you so long to walk?” Fae asked then she began to frown then she rolled her eyes.

“Hey you! Mari! Why did you stop?” Fae asked me again, irritated before she walked near me.

Her face, confused of what’s going on. Then, she looked at the boutique near us. Fae nodded then laughed instantly.

“Oh right! I get it, you want to buy some dresses for tomorrow’s event? Let’s go!” She excitedly exclaimed.

Before I could even respond to her question, she smiled at me then held both of my hands before pulling me inside the clothes store.

We started picking dresses and trying them on. I saw a black dress adorned with sequins and pearls on its hem in the corner on the left side. It was just so beautiful and elegant, perfectly fine for my date!

I was extremely impressed with the design of the dress. I’ve seen numerous dresses and designs but this one is way too simple yet it shouts elegance.

I excitedly cheered out of amazement, “Fae! Come here! This is so pretty stunning. Wow! ”

My best friend brought the dress she just picked back to its place before she turned her gaze to me who is now smiling from ear to ear.

“What’s with that smile? Looks like you’ve already found one.” She asked while walking towards me.

I pulled her then we both walked near the dress I was talking about earlier. The sales assistant followed us.

I walked nearer the mannequin that was dressed with the dress I was captivated with and showed her the dress I am willing to buy.

“Here! This looks so good.” I said while praising the dress that is in front of us.

“Yeah, definitely.” Fae agreed and held the fabric to examine it better.

“The price will say it all.” I laughed at her.

She is a picky and practical one, I know. Above all, she can tell whether to buy or not just by looking at the price tag of anything she buys.

She smiled at me before she said, “The fabric is made out of the highest quality threads and the stitches looks like it is sewed by a machine but is actually made by hand. The tailor is definitely a professional in this field. In such a case, the one who created this might have paid great patience, labor and time in order for the dress to be done.”

I nodded at her as she explained to me the things she found out about the dress. But, I still doubt she will allow me to buy the dress. Not unless she sees the price tag and she will decide.

Chestel Fae is a great tailor too. She does it whenever she is bored. And, she can also knit and is also currently taking workshops for traditional fabric weaving.

“Yes, Ma’am. This is actually one of our best dresses here made by a famous tailor in Europe. I can guarantee you that the price is worth your money.” The lady assisting us butted in while smiling from ear to ear. At least she’s somewhat approachable.

“Oh look! There's embroidery at its hem too. This dress is so lovely, Mari. I won’t mind the price if I were to buy this. This is so pretty, I think I’m in love with the dress now. Go for it, girl!” Fae praised the dress dramatically.

Oh well, I won’t mind too. The dress according to her is really worth a luxurious price. I can see it by myself though and that’s enough actually.

“Oh, what a lovely dress!” Someone exclaimed from behind.

Looks like someone is planning to steal this dress away from me. Hell, no way!

“What an irritating small voice it is!” I blurted out.

Suddenly, Fae and the lady assistant were pushed and a lady came in front of me with her right eyebrow arched like a bent stencil.

“What did you say?” The lady asked me.

“Nothing. I just thought I heard a kid from behind. I hate kids.” I answered her, smiling sarcastically.

“What a rude woman you are!” Fae madly confronted her as she pulled the woman to face her.

It made a commotion and we caught the attention of the people buying from the same shop. What a big scandal it is!

“Don’t dare touch me like that!” The woman angrily reacted then she raised her hands.

Before she was able to slap Fae, my friend managed to grip her wrist tightly. Fae pushed her off. The woman however caught the hem of the dress tearing a bit of it off the stitches. The saleswoman and I were both shocked by what happened.

“What the hell did you just do to the dress!” I angrily shouted at the witch slammed on the floor.

“Ma’am, that dress is our only stock here and it cost a hundred bucks! The owner will ask me for ten thousand bucks to fix that. You should pay for the price of that dress!” The saleswoman yelled at the scandalous lady.

The saleswoman is fuming madly as she looks at the hem of the dress which is now torn. She took the dress off the mannequin and threw it at the woman sitting on the floor.

The woman looked at the crowd taking videos. She screamed, “Ah! Honey! They’re bullying me! Honey!”

She looks like a kid throwing tantrums. She even ripped the hem off totally before she threw the dress.

“I don’t have patience for customers like you! Pay for what you’ve damaged!” The saleswoman angrily said, shouting.

“Excuse me, let me walk over.” A man’s voice from the crowd said. Then he walked over.

I looked at the man with my body frozen. I can’t move my hands to slap him nor open my mouth to speak.

“Honey, are you alright?” He checked the woman to ensure her safety.

“Sir, this girl ruined a dress! You should pay for it or I will call the police!” The sales lady complained to him.

“Please, let me handle this. We will pay for the dress, please agree to settle this.” The man pleaded.

“Alex?” Fae blurted out shocked at the moment.

Alex’s eyes widened as he looked at us. “F-Fae… Mari, b-baby…” He stammered.

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