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Lara’s POV

"Okay niceee, now could you move a little bit to left? " I did as told and, moved my position to the left following the photographer 's instructions. I am doing a photoshoot for Prada, I cannot believe that this is my life. My schedule is full of photoshoot after photoshoot, I am continuously meeting clients, and many other stressful activities. Sometimes my job can be extremely stressful, but I still love it! Wow that probably sounds so weird. Suddenly I hear my phone ringing.

"wait a second " I raise my hand meaning I need a short break. The photographer just nodded and continued to check the pictures that we just took. I looked at the caller ID, I smile widely it's Winter!

" Hallooooooooo Win Win !!! " I squealed like a little girl, but I mean can you blame me, who's not happy talking to their childhood best friend after a long time with no contact at all. Last time we talked was when she told me she was engaged, I'm so happy for my Win Win. That guy better not breaks her golden heart, she told me she was engaged to the Alpha of Blood Pack I was so shocked, she is the mate to the most feared Alpha.

At first I was afraid that the Alpha would treat her badly but I felt relieved when she told me he was the complete opposite when it came to her.

"Heyyy Lara, girll I miss you Lara!! Did you get my wedding invitation?" Winter asked

"Yupp, Nice card by the way. " The wedding invitation is nicely decorated with gold lace by the sight of it made me wonder what I would want for my wedding invitations to look like? Hmm, urgh Lara cut the crap! You haven't even found your mate yet Lara. Get it together!

I sighed, "Thank you Lara, so do you have time to attend my wedding?"

she asked slowly, I know she is trying to hide sadness in her voice if I said I couldn't make it but who is she kidding? OF COURSE, I will attend my bestie's-cousin's wedding. Ever since we were small, we can't be separated but on my 16th birthday, my parents told me that we have to move to Spain because our grandparents needed us there, Winter cried at the night of my birthday it was sad to see her cry.

I only saw happiness in her life, never sadness in front of me.

"Are you kidding me Winter? Of course, I will. By the way, I will bring my parents too they missed your parents just like we miss each other", I heard Winter scream in happiness but then I heard a strong voice asking her what's wrong? My love but winter just laughed, I guess that is her fiancé.

"Okay okay!! that's awesome news!! Just 4 days left, I can't wait Lara !!!". Ouch she screamed a lot, jeez calm down woman.

"Winter stop freakin screaming, my ears hurt. I don't want to be deaf not before I met my mate Winter". She giggled "Sorry I can't control my happiness now, okay see ya in 4 Days Lara".

"yup! see ya, bye Winter" I giggled and hung up the call. I sighed, I walked to the place where my next place for photo shoot will be held. It's going to be a long day Lara.

After 4 hours of photo shooting, I finally got back to my parent’s house to meet them for dinner. My mom is a great cook, she loved to cook a lot while my dad on the other hand is the sweetest man on earth. He always loves to kiss my mom a lot. It's like their daily routine to do it , I never saw them arguing in my entire life. My dad is the Alpha of The White Knight Pack. The White Knight Pack is the second biggest pack in Spain. My dad used to be Winter parents’ beta pack. But since we moved here, and my grandparents died. My dad got the title as the Alpha.

" how was your day Sweetie?" My mom asked

"It's fine Ma, it’s just tiring as usual. Umm, dad we will have our flight tomorrow 7:00 a.m. I just want to surprise Winter that’s why I want us to come early"

"Oh that's a great idea sweetheart, tonight papa and ma will packed our clothes. I missed Joseph and Emma they were such a great Alpha and Luna when I was their Beta".

My dad and Uncle Joseph are really closed to each other. My dad did owed his life to Uncle Joseph when he saved my dad from a rogue attack when he was only 17 .

"Me too papa" I smiled at their excitement

After a long flight, we finally arrived. I put on my sunglasses to cover my identity a little. As I walked behind my parents but suddenly, I was stopped by a tall airport security guard, He had green eyes and perfect jawline with dirty blonde hair, he looked at me and smile genuinely. He looked quite handsome.

"Can I please have your autograph and take a picture with you?" he asked with his deep voice.


How can he still recognize me? urghh!

"s-sure " I said. He smiles widely and I signed at his small notebook. I learned his name is Antonio and well… he is so kind and a very polite person, we take pictures and talk a bit.

" Welcome to Canada Miss Lara, I'm your no.1 Fan" he told me. I just giggled at his excitement. It's kind of cute. I nodded and said thank you and continue my business, we got into my dad’s BMW heading off to Uncle Joseph’s Mansion.

After 1hr of driving we finally arrived at Uncle Joseph’s mansion.The house was still the same but only became more alive because Lisa is pregnant and her due date is in two months. I can't wait to meet the cutie. Jake still the same silly jake. Lisa is Jake's mate and wife , they are just like my brothers and sisters. It's sad because I don't have any siblings. Winter is lucky to have Jake as her brother.

"Lara's secret .. haven’t see ya in longggggggggggggggg time"

Hmm wondering why he called me Lara's Secret?

It's because I'm also one of the Victoria's Secret model but my contract ended last year. He saw Victoria's Secret advertisement and that time I was the model. Since that moment he started to call me Lara's Secret. Urghh, it's kind of annoying cause he love to randomly sang my nickname.

"Heyyyyyy Jake in the hat, nice to meet you too" I playfully rolled my eyes and looked at Lisa and her swollen tummy. She looked more beautiful and I’m sure it’s mother's glow I guess.

" Hi Lisaa " I went to her and hugged her slowly not wanting to hurt her and she giggled.

"Hey Lara, I missed you. You know when Winter left me, I have no one to talk to" she started to cry again. Oh no, Jake laughed but I gave him deadly glare. Why the heck is he laughing while his mate is crying now.

"It's pregnancy hormones. I've been through all her pregnancy emotions and the worst please don’t make her mad cause last time she was mad at me for eating her donut and you know what she did?"

I shake my head meaning No. “She threw a plastic pan at my head causing me to passed out for 2 days and since that day I vowed to myself never eat her donut" said Jake.

I laughed so hard and soon to be joined by Lisa. ‘Eh just now she was cry laughing. O-okay, pregnancy hormones, I guess’ I said to myself.

Uncle Joseph and My dad talked at the living room while my mom and Auntie Emma talked in the kitchen while me, Lisa and Jake are at the game room.

Jake and I are now playing Halo even though I'm a model but I'm also a Halo expert player. I can even beat Jake many times and he keeps whining that I cheated but I'm not. I play fairly cause I'm a good player.

" Lara why you didn't want to let Winter know that you're at here? " Lisa asked while rubbing her swollen tummy.

"I just want to surprise her at the wedding day" I told her My plan about surprising Winter but suddenly we heard the game room door flung opened. Revealing a very mad Winter.

Ouhh Mann….

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