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  Skylar POV

  "That was awesome guys" Jay yelled giving us all a high five.

  "Yeah that was great"

  "whoa la la!! you were 'freakin awesome` Dan yelled and I giggled in response

  "yeah sky, how did you learn to do that? damn I thought you were gonna break your waist"

  Chris added and the guys nodded in agreement causing me to giggle more.

  " Come on guys, you all know am the best I said flipping my hair back dramatically causing them to laugh as they all cheered in response.

  "I want Everyone to go home and act normal, we'll meet back here by seven" jay called and he nodded.

  "what about drew? Dan asked picking up his back pack.

  Andrew is boyfriend and the leader of our gang Jaydan is Andrew best friend and mine, he is the second in command and he is a college student that works in a cafe down town and also deals with bad shit.

  Chris, he's in my school a basketball player and a high school student he's also in the gang and he's the best break dancer.

  Daniel, doesn't go to school, he is also a Break dancer like Chris, he works with Jay down town.

  Gabby, my worst enemy but the gang needs her she's like the gang bullet, sometimes I wonder how she got into the group

  she's in her second year in high school and will be in her last after this summer ends just like me.

  Drew my perfect boy friend, although he is older than me with three years, we patch along perfectly. he is a college student just like Jay.

  he works, but not the decent type of job. he works in an underground boxing house, and sells drugs. I met him at the park where I always hid and dance.

  he saw me and said he wanted me to join the underground dance group and I agreed cause of the thrill.

  I learnt how to fight, and drink through him. he made me a bad ass and I love him for that.

  Skylar that's me, am in high school, well I'll be graduating next year.

  I live with my mom who works as a nurse.

  drew my boyfriend, first love, first everything, he's perfect, he had always been there for me when mum would be busy with work . When I got introduce to the gang, I felt alive, dancing had always been my passion but mom was against it. I enjoy my time in the warehouse, dancing and drinking or doing anyother crazy stuff.

  now you know about me being an underground battle dancer, and the killer.

  except the people in the underworld, no body knows about me being a dancer, and that is my biggest secret if it get out, I'll be doomed.


  "Jay see ya later, I gotta go to Drew's apartment" I said giving Jay a kiss on his cheek, and a hug.

  "okay doll, stay safe". Jay said waving me off, and I waved the guys before leaving the ware house with my hood over my head.


  Am your typical kind of teenage girl, if you minus my other bad character. Am 45 foot tall with long black midnight hair, that stops on my hip,and forest green eyes, with tick dark long lash, and cherry red lips. I got curves in all the right place, am what you say beautiful, sexy, the center of attraction too. That's one of the reasons I got drew.

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