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In a legendary seven-star hotel at the heart of the city, Glen Thomas lee had just finished dealing with a multi-billion dollar contract with one of the biggest companies in London, “The Prime.”

The Prime Company specialized in building hotels and towers. Glen, the President of Lee Group, wanted to build a big amusement park beside one of The Prime’s five-star hotels near the biggest museum in the city. Since the lot was President Thompson’s, The Prime leader, property; Glen needed to cooperate with him. Luckily, with lots of talks and agreement, he pulled it off.

“This cause for a celebration isn’t it, Representative?” President Thompson stood up and enthusiastically looked at Glen while holding a glass of red wine.

“Cheers!” Glen, as he replied, rose from his seat with a slight smile and authority shown on his face. He raised his glass in the air.

“Representative Young, we prepared a gift for you! We hope you like it!” Assistant Booke, President Thompson’s assistant uttered while reaching a room card to him.

Glen, who was already intoxicated, sternly stared at the card and sneered, “I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it!” He took the card and glanced at the men at the round table and nodded.

“President Thompson, we’re looking forward to working with you. To our success!” Glen announced and he gulped the remaining liquid in the glass. He then turned around with Nick Richards, his own assistant, and left.

President Thompson and his men including Booke were all glaring at each other. “Did you hire the most beautiful woman and a virgin?” he suddenly asked his assistant who was pouring a bottle of wine into his glass.

“Yes, President! I hired the best!” He won’t be disappointed!” he grinned.


Outside of the hotel, the whole city was raining hard. The night was buzzing with the mixed sound of cars and rainwaters pouring on the ground. Nearby the hotel, a woman was running hastily in the middle of the rain. Her brown curly hair was wet and was covering her delicate face, her white blouse that was soaked in rainwater was not only rather clingy but it's also gone see-through, revealing her flaming rich twins. She was barefooted. Her soles were covered with scratches and the blood left some prints on the road. She hugged herself while shivering.

“Just a little more, Michelle! Just a little more!” she murmured while her teeth were shattering with coldness. When she saw a light from the entrance of the hotel, she rushed inside.

Because it was already in the middle of the night, the receptionist wasn't that adamant to check who came in and out of the entrance. She saw Michelle but she just ignored it. Since it was also raining cats and dogs, her sympathy for the woman kicked her soft side.

Michelle swiftly went inside the open elevator. She pushed the button randomly. For the moment, what she needed was a place to hide. To hide from someone chasing her. When the elevator stopped on the ninth floor, she went out and tried to twist each of the doorknobs in the rooms. She was losing hope when she saw a suite that was slightly opened. She immediately set foot in.

“There’s no one inside,” she said with astonishment. She locked the door and continued observing the surroundings.

“Trousers. Well-tailored suit. Black leather shoes. Obviously, the owner of the room was a man,” she thought. And not just a man but probably a well-off man. Based on his suit, she could define the man’s status. “He must be a boss!” she added. Michelle was about to touch the suit lazily placed on the comfy sofa when she heard a rattling sound of water in the bathroom.

“The man must be taking a shower!” bewildered by her thoughts, she quickly ran and hid inside the closet when the man went out.

In his rented suite, as Glen walked out of the bathroom wet and only a towel covered his lower body parts, his closet was making an irk sound. With his sharp narrowed eyes and darkened face, ranging anger started to arouse in his veins, he forcibly opened and there he uttered with confusion, “A woman! There's a woman in my closet!” Her face was a mess and her body was shivering with rainwater.

“Who sent you?” a cold and domineering voice quivered her. He was holding her shoulder tight forcing her to stand. The woman's kissable lips twitched in pain.

“Please don't hurt me. I'm the only young mistress of Hansen Empire. Somebody's chasing me!” Michelle Hansen pleaded while looking at this gorgeous man in front of him.

Glen was stunned. He didn't realize that his rival's sister would come to him. Hence, he didn't need to look for his weakness anymore. She was right here being served on his plate. His eyes narrowed and his lips sneered.

“How did you get in?” he continued interrogating her.

Michelle’s lips were shattering. Her teeth were clenching. She was cold. Icy cold. Glen noticed her expressions and suddenly looked at her appearance from head to foot.

Wet curly brown hair. Most of the strands were covering her face and her eyes. But behind those strands, he could still see that this woman had big beautiful brown eyes. He went down to her bosom. He smirked with delight when he saw her soaked white blouse. He took a glance at her black sexy brassiere. “You are wearing a new collection of victoria’s secret underwear!” he whispered while raising his right eyebrow.

“What?!” Michelle was stupefied. She suddenly positioned her small arms over her chest to cover herself.

“How do you know? Are you... wearing the same thing?!” she asked with suspicion. He mustn’t be she thought. If he was, what a waste for the propagation of genes.

Glen’s eyebrows furrowed when she heard her accusation. Was this woman blind? How could she mistakenly have thought that he was gay? His face darkened upon thinking of it.

“For your information, I’m straight! I buy those stuff for my women!” he proudly said with his chin up and chest out.

“Ow! Are you then… a rich thug or a molester?” Suddenly, Michelle felt goosebumps all over her body. She had just escaped from a ‘so-called’ monster. But here she was in the room of an unknown stranger who just admitted he buys underwear for his women.

Glen's stern look changed into fury. He shoved Michelle out of the closet.

“Listen, young lady!----

“I’m not young, mister!” Michelle loudly uttered. She cut his words which made him even more irritated.

“I’m twenty-three and I’m a fashion designer. My brother’s name is Kevin Jones Hansen and he is the Director of Hansen Empire! Are you familiar with it?” she smugly stated which make him frown more.

“You! What is your name?” she then asked.

Glen's beautiful pair of eyebrows suddenly raised when he heard her haughtiness.

He was about to ignore her nonsense mumble when somebody knocked at his suite. He took a glance at Michelle who was still shivering and this time gasping for air because of anger.

“Hide!” he roared with authority and dominance.

Michelle was startled and remained rooted on her spot. Glen was annoyed that he shoved her back inside the closet. “Quiet!” he yelled.

When Glen opened the door, assistant Booke appeared in front of him.


“Hisss!” Glen interrupted him and put his index finger on his mouth signaling assistant Booke to shut up.

Assistant Booke understood and he asked in a whisper, “The gift we prepared for you is still waiting in another room. It seems that you are not sober, yet. You went to another suite!” he was smirking.

“Assistant Booke, I know where the gift is and I’m not that drunk. But if you keep on bugging me like this, I might be disappointed and won’t accept it!” he looked at him with fuming anger and annoyance. He shook the room card on his face with his eyes narrowed.

“My apologies, sir. Enjoy then!” he bowed and left hurriedly.

He slammed the door and dialed a number. “Get rid of everything! Find a way to satisfy that greedy slug!” he was furious.

“Yes, sir!” the person on the other line was stunned.

His boss was fuming. What had happened? They had just closed a billion-dollar deal. Should he not paint the town red tonight? Whatever the reason for his fury, he needed to follow his command. He must get rid of the woman in another room and find another man to satisfy her. Pay her double and teach her to lie to President Thompson.

Glen knew President Thompson’s purpose in bringing him a woman. He wanted to expose Glen in the media. That's why when he received the room card, he pretended to go to her room but he went to his rented suite instead.

He didn’t fathom that assistant Brooke was going to check on him.

When he threw his phone on the bed, he forgot about Michelle who was still inside the closet. He was shocked when the closet suddenly opened by itself and an unconscious woman fell on the floor. He rushed towards her and tapped her face. He placed his fingers on her philtrum and checked if she was still breathing.

“Whew!” he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Cold! Very cold!” Michelle murmured. "Hungry! It hurts!"

Glen narrowed his eyes and carried her to the bed. He was confused about how this woman had escaped. She looked fragile.

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