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  Dark and stormy was the sky, the night breeze howled with rustling leaves in the air. The floor shook with Camile's footstep, her hair dangled behind her as she ran through the desolated street.

  She prayed in her heart; ”Someone, anyone, please save me” Cried her heart. She looked back and the silhouette had gone.

  With a deep breath, she bent over to catch her breath which seemed to have been lost.

  ”Tired!” The voice suddenly shook her off her feet, she landed on her butt and crawled back slowly on the grazed street.

  Terror on her face as she finally saw him, it's him, it's the mysterious man again.

  The figure was dressed in an overall black, His jean, kneel length top and black boots are all in black

  He bent to her level with a stick of cigarette in his thin lips.

  ”Why did you leave the Z- Dragons?” He asked, grazing his reddened eyes on her tiny body.

  ”Please, don't kill me” She begged.

  ”Ha-Ha, how impossible is your request? You shouldn't have left them, too bad, no one enters Z dragon and leaves alive”

  ”You're too good for this. Love hasn't found you yet, it's something that can change your plans, make you do that which you never planned on doing. It found me and I left that dirty job, please let me live my life in peace!”

  ”Love..?” He clicked his tongue at the sound.

  ”I hope that love saves you now” He finalized and turned his back on her.

  Without moving an inch, Camille began to gasp for breath. She sucked unto her nose and hope to breathe but got none.

  Her thin body began to fade slowly, as a result of lacking oxygen, her body became stiffened and she slowly fell to the floor.

  The Mysterious Man walked out, completing his first mission successfully.


  »» ”Hey, knucklehead, are you done crying?” Celina Gomez's voice terrified Lesley ann ears.

  Lesley dumped her books in her locker and walked away only to be dragged back by Celina again...

  ”You dumb ass, you think I was going to let you go easily?!” She yelled and slapped her head.

  With a peal of mockery laughter from the school, she fell to the ground in shame and covered her face.

  ”Slut! Slut! Slut!” They chanted and threw garbage at her face.

  Ever since the video of her seducing Ethan Campbell in the school garden was released, her school life was ruined.

  She was drunk couldn't explain how it all happened either. If she had known, she wouldn't have drunk from the tequila bottle that day.

  She was sure Ethan didn't sleep with her but with the way her voice sounded, everyone has thought she slept with Ethan so cheaply.

  ”She's such a dirty pig!” They echoed and wouldn't stop maltreating her.

  However, Ethan watched her from his locker. He didn't laugh or do anything. After all, he exposed the video and even tagged her as his No 1 stalker but he was feeling remorseful all of a sudden. Removing the student's attention from Lesley is the sudden arrival of a guy. Damn, he was so hot that the lady gasp and held each other.

  His facial expression was mouth watery, his thin red lips looked ready to be kissed and his jaw was perfectly outlined.

  ”Wow!" The girls cooed, stretching their hands to touch his face.

  Overlooking the helpless girl on the floor, he walked past her to the principal's office, ready to get admitted.

  Lesley picked herself off the floor and looked for this guy, not only was he able to make the girl's stutter but he was also able to keep the school dumb.

  He was that hot and had an enchanting aura, she knew with this guy, she would be able to regain herself and these people would stop bullying her.

  However, she was so lost in thought that she didn't know when a hand dragged her. With a gasp she swallowed, he looked at the new guy, he was so hot that she started to sweat.

  Her breathing hitched and she could feel the guy's cologne over the little space between them.

  ”Looking for me?” He excluded her from her thought.

  A smirk was plastered on his face and he stared sternly at the beautiful girl in front of him.

  ”I need your help” She blurted and tried releasing herself from his grip but it was futile as the guy was stronger than her.

  The guy raised his brows and urged her to continue.

  ”I want you to be my boyfriend and I'll do anything you ask of me” She blurted, she couldn't control the urge to revenge what the bullies had done to her.

  Insecure about the awkward silence between them, she pressed further to convince the guy.

  ”Earlier, they were all dumbfounded by your presence and I'm...”

  She pauses as the man finished her sentence for her; Because you're being bullied, you think I'll be able to save them from you?” He raised his lips waiting for her insistence.

  She nodded. The man smiled and held her closer; ”Indeed, I can save you but, can you do anything? even the most despicable thing no man has ever asked you?”

  With determination, she looked back at the guy with courage and nodded; ”Yes, indeed. I'll do anything you ask, even the most despicable thing any guy has ever asked me”

  With a smile, he slammed her back to the wall. With trembling face, she watches the guy trap her between his hand, his face came neatly hers, and yes, indeed. He was going to kiss her!

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