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My dad kidnapped my mom to force me to marry his debtor.
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Miya Buenaventura POV

I saw my Dad as he carried my Mom in a bridal style, they were outside the house and they looked so happy. I could see the happiness in their eyes and the spark between them. They are like a couple who are in love with each other. I hope that what I am watching right now is true, I hope that this is not a dream. But if this is only a dream, I hope I would never wake up. I would rather stay in this dream than stay in the real world.

My Dad carefully put my Mom on the grassy ground. They laid on the ground like they were on a picnic, they didn’t know that kids were watching them. My Dad placed a kiss on my Mom’s forehead as he smiled at her.

‘Such a lovely couple,’ I said in my mind.

I intertwined my left hand with my right hand. And I felt so happy. “If this is just a dream, I hope I would never wake up,” I said. I looked at Stephen who was playing on the grassy ground. His face was full of dirt and his hands were full of soil. I wonder where did he take the soil that made him looked so dirty.

“Stephen, stop playing with the soil. Look at your face and hands, they are full of dirt,” I said but he didn’t answer me. What do I expect from a one-year kid? He knew nothing and he doesn’t understand me. I took Stephen’s hand and I tried to carry him but my small hands and body couldn’t do it. It was like I became smaller than I thought I was.

I carefully put Stephen back on the grassy ground.

“You are so heavy, Stephen!” I groaned and as he sat on the grassy ground. He cried, his cries echoed into the whole place. I didn’t mind as I still wanted to see my parents.

I looked at my parents and they were still busy staring at each other as if they didn’t know us. I shook my head and I focused on Stephen who was now laying on the ground. “Stop crying, Stephen!” I shouted as I couldn’t handle my anger anymore. I didn’t know how to stop a kid from crying. I felt so useless, I should have been helping my Mom because I am already an adult.

I tried to carry him again and this time I didn’t fail. It was like he became lightweight and not as heavy as before. I tapped Stephen’s back but he could not still stop crying.

I looked at my parents and my Dad stood up. My Mom was still laying on the grassy ground. My Mom extended his hand to my Dad but he eschewed it, it was like he got mad at my Mom for no reason. They were so happy kissing each other but now, everything has changed. My Dad was not smiling anymore and Mom was just laying on the ground.

“What is happening?” I said. I felt afraid from the thought that maybe something might happen to my Mom. I immediately run towards them but it looked like the more I run towards them, the more they get far from me. I started running again and I saw a gun in my Dad’s hand. He pointed the gun at my Mom. Tears started to fall from my eyes as I saw him killed her.

“No!” I said and my knees fell from the ground.

“Be careful in the world of men, they don’t deserve you!” I heard my Mom’s voice and I woke up from the dream.

“No!” I shouted and I kept on hitting my head with my left hand.

“Miya, stop doing that,” I heard a familiar face but it did not stop me. “Look at me, Miya!” he said and slowly looked at him. I saw Morgen’s face in front of me, the murderer’s face!

“Why am I seeing a murderer’s face? Am I in hell?” I said

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