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I was getting late for my farewell party arranged by my colleagues. Driving my car out of the parking lot, I started heading in the direction of the bar & restaurant where my colleagues were waiting. With a happy smile on my face, I took a turn from the corner of the street.

Yes! my year-long forced internship is going to end this week and I can't wait to go back home this year.

I had been waiting for today so long, cause at first I wasn't voluntary to take this internship. I said yes for this internship on only one condition that I get all the complete legal rights of my most precious thing back to me, which he forcefully took away from me. He agreed with me but only on one condition that for a whole year I won't come back home and do my internship with full dedication.

Reaching the parking lot of the restaurant I parked my car. I got out of the car not before opening my high bun and moving my fingers in my messy brown hair to make them look presentable. What! I was getting late and I didn't have time to do my hair. Before entering the bar I moved my hands on the dress to make it look presentable. I was wearing a simple white off-shoulder dress that ended above my knees.

As soon as I entered the restaurant I felt eyes following me. I shook the uneasy feeling and moved to the table with hurried steps that were reserved for us.

"Look finally the star of the party showed up" Arron yelled, making nearly ten people turn their heads in my direction. Smiling sheepishly I sat on the empty seat between Arron and Emily.

"What took you so long?" Emily asked while handing me a glass of water as I was panting a little because of a little running.

"I had to do some final paperwork before handing out my authority to the new CFO. I was not able to keep track of time. So when I realized I was running late, I ran to my apartment to change my clothes and came here as soon as possible. Sorry guys for showing up late" I said with an apologetic smile.

I heard people say it's ok and fine as they were enjoying their appetizers. I was happy they didn't mind me coming late as they were all very good people. This year of the internship was only bearable because of these people. They were so cooperative. They accepted me with open arms. I still had to bear some hard times though.

"Attention guys," Arron said while clicking his spoon on the class. "As you can see our CFO has arrived. Now, let us toss for this sparkling beauty sitting beside me," he said while tilting his glass in my direction, making me smile in return.

"Her wonderful journey as CFO and colleague of the handsome face like me might be ending here but I wish her further journey will be more beautiful than here. Though I doubt she'll get a handsome face colleague like me there for that good luck" everyone busted out laughing. "So cheers guys for her new beginning," he said with a big smile while looking at me, making everyone smile in return and yell "To the new beginning" while clicking the glasses with each other.

"You look so gorgeous today," Arron whispered in my ear, making me blush a little at that time. I again felt an intense gaze on me but I didn't lift my eyes to look in that direction. It was giving me a bad feeling so I tried to ignore it.

"Didn't I look gorgeous yesterday too?" I asked while looking at him with a little smile.

"Yes but the previous day you were looking stunning and the previous to that day you were looking beautiful" he answered me with a mischievous smile making me laugh out loud.

"Aren't you tired of complimenting me throughout the year?" I asked with curious eyes while biting my lower lip lightly.

"Nope, true beauty needs to be praised all the time. As you know I'm such a gentleman, it's my duty to do it as I feel pleasure in it" he replied with a smirk while taking my hand in his and kissing on its back.

"God, when will you stop flirting with me? Didn't I tell you that you have already impressed me?" I said while laughing at his actions.

"If I have impressed you then why don't you say yes for a single dinner date with me. You have never said yes to me throughout the year. The only diner you attend with me is a group dinner" he asked with a cute pout. Making me laugh at his cut face.

"Seriously Nina, how are you able to say no to that face," Emily asked me while stuffing her face with chicken nuggets, making me turn my face in her direction.

"Arron you know how hard it's for me to say no to you every time but you guys know my reasons," I said with a small smile.

"Yeah I know that's the only reason which is stopping me from lifting you on my shoulder like Tarzan and running to the jungle," he said mischievously making me and Emily smile at his stupid comment.

"But Nina let's at least go on a friendly dinner. It's my new year's resolution and I fulfill all the promises I made to myself. So tomorrow we are going to a friendly dinner and you are coming" he said as I made my point clear and its final voice. Before I could say something Emily said "I support him" making me shut and l nodded yes to him.

"Ok but I chose the place," I said, making him give me a hundred volts smile.

"Even if our friendly dinner is in hell I will follow you happily," he said with the same smile while air quoting friendly dinner with both hands fingers making Emily laugh at me. I narrowed my eyes at him which made him stop then I burst out laughing. They two joined me making all the people turn in our direction with an amused look.

I was still feeling that same intense gaze on me while I was laughing with them. I tried my best to ignore it but it was starting to bother me.

Why am I getting this familiar uneasy feeling?

"Nina, what would you like to order," Arron asked me, making me come out of a daze.

"I'm going to the washroom and you can order anything for me" saying that I stood up from my seat.

"Are you ok?" he asked, looking at the distress on my face.

"Y..yes I will be back soon," I said with a half-smile. He nodded at me. Saying that I headed in the direction of the washroom. In the washroom, I looked at my reflection and tried to breathe deeply to calm my wildly beating heart.

Once I was feeling good I came out of the bathroom and headed in the direction of our table but I was stopped by a waiter. "Miss Rogers," the waiter asked me with a small smile.

"Yes," I politely responded to him.

"This is for you," he said while handing me a piece of paper. Giving him a small smile I accepted it. Before I could ask him who it was he disappeared.

Who it must be from?

With that question in my mind, I unfolded the paper to read it. "I dare you to go out with him and if you dare, be ready to face the consequences because you know the ball is in my court now. You're running out of your time and when the time ends you will be at my mercy" those words made adrenaline rush in my veins. I immediately lifted my eyes to find him. I knew he was here.

I knew this feeling of uneasiness was because his dark brown eyes were watching me. I thought while crumbling that piece of paper in anger.

What does he think I will be scared of his threat? No, he is wrong because the ball will always be in my court. I will decide to keep it or throw it in his face because he is going to be at my mercy soon...With an angry face, I went back to my seat.

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