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When she met her ex-boyfriend and her superior stayed overnight, she was bound to be eaten by him a long time ago!


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  "Why did he buy so many pregnant women supplies?"

  Shen Zhiwei looked at her husband's online shopping order and frowned.

  She was not pregnant. This thing was definitely not bought for her!

  Then, he looked at the order recipient...


  Mei Qiao was her husband's subordinate. During her pregnancy, she was very close to her husband because of work.

  She had felt uncomfortable in her heart, but Zhao Mingyuan had explained it, so she did not care too much.

  But now...

  Shen Zhiwei's scalp tingled as she tried to calm down and turn over the order.

  The skin care products, cosmetics, famous brand bags...

  There were occasional changes in the addresses, but there was no exception that the recipient was all Meiqiao!

  Her husband had bought so many things for women, but none of them had fallen into her wife's hands!

  "Zhao Mingyuan... you said you would love me for the rest of your life."

  "Zhao Mingyuan, I've told you after you chased me that I don't want to have a baby..."

  "Zhao Mingyuan, you promised me, don't lie to me!"

  Shen Zhiwei's heart was so tight that she almost lifted up her breath, but she still had a trace of luck in her heart.

  What if... all this was just a coincidence?

  She kept it for two days until the dinner time of Zhao Mingyuan's department on Friday.

  "Mingyuan, I don't want to cook tonight. Can I go to the dinner with you?" Shen Zhiwei called Zhao Mingyuan.

  "The people in our department are very noisy. If you don't want to eat, you can order takeout." Zhao Mingyuan refused impatiently.

  And the excuse for refusing was that there was no such thing as making a big fuss.

  He seemed to have forgotten that she had participated in their dinner before!

  He didn't make much noise at all!

  And now thinking about it, Mei Qiao sat next to him and looked very intimate!

  Shen Zhiwei's attitude became aggressive. "Anyway, I'm not far from you. I'll leave after I finish eating!"

  "Well, if you want to come, then you can come."


  Zhao Mingyuan hung up the phone.

  Shen Zhiwei's heart sank, and a sense of uneasiness was building up in her heart!

  She had a cold these two days, and specially asked for leave at home for this reason.

  In order not to be affected by the disease, this time, he specially put on a full makeup and put on a self-confident dress to walk out of the door high in the sky!

  When she arrived at the hot pot restaurant for dinner, Zhao Mingyuan's department had already taken their seats.

  Without any surprise, Mei Qiao sat next to Zhao Mingyuan, and she was still very close!

  She caressed her pregnant belly and looked like a couple to Zhao Mingyuan!

  "Mingyuan!" With a smile on her face, Shen Zhiwei sat down on the other side of Zhao Mingyuan's seat and moved the chair closer to him.

  She naturally leaned against his shoulder, and then held his hand to put it on the table.

  However, Zhao Mingyuan almost subconsciously moved his shoulder to the opposite direction and withdrew his hand!

  "Shen Zhiwei, you really have a lot of people in front of you..."

  "We're just husband and wife. What are we afraid of?" Shen Zhiwei said frankly, but she glanced at Mei Qiao's face out of the corner of her eye.

  Mei Qiao grabbed the table cloth with both hands, and her face was pale as if she had lost blood!

  Shen Zhiwei's gaze sharpened as she caressed the wedding ring on Zhao Mingyuan's finger tip. She asked everyone, including Mei Qiao, "Do you mind if we show off our love in public?"

  "I don't mind!"

  In addition to Mei Qiao, everyone else spoke in unison!

  The smile on Shen Zhiwei's face was bright, but her heart was getting heavier and heavier!

  During the meal, Shen Zhiwei went to the bathroom halfway. When she came out, she happened to meet Mei Qiao, who was making up.

  There was a Chanel limited-edition handbag on the washstand in front of her, and an League Hurred lipstick in her hand.

  She had seen these two things in Zhao Mingyuan's order.

  She put her hand under the faucet and chatted with Xiang'er, saying, "Xiao Mei, is this the limited edition that Xiang'er just gave you? I also wanted to buy it before, but unfortunately, I didn't grab it."

  "Really?" Mei Qiao's face showed a proud look. "This bag was bought by my husband on the Internet, and it has been added a lot of money."

  "Then you're so happy." Shen Zhiwei paused her movement of washing her hands and observed Mei Qiao through the mirror. "Did you get married to your husband when you came to our house?"

  "Last year..."

  "Where are you from? Are you also working in our city?"

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