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  "Don't come over..."

  On the first day of Chu Meng's marriage, she was brutally pressed on the bed by her fiancé whom she had never met.

  It was thundering outside and the dark clouds were closed. There was no light on in the room. Deep Dream couldn't see the man's face at all, but she knew that he was her new husband, Mo Jingxiang, Third Master of the Mo family!

  The whole Imperial Capital's facial expression changed when they heard about this man.

  Not only because of his swiftness, but also because of the rumor that the Third Master looked ugly and had a mental illness. When he went crazy, he also killed several servants of the Mo family!

  He was an executioner!

  Sh hangar shivered with fear and fear, but she did not dare to resist. Who knew if Mo Jing had gone mad, or if he was hiding a knife in his hand and preparing to stab her to death with a knife?

  "Third Master, you..."

  Sh Dream trembled and wanted to beg the man to let go of her, but before she could finish her words, the man had already leaned down and covered her lips with his lips.

  Sh Dream's eyes widened all of a sudden. "What is Third Master Mo doing? Is he..."

  Just as she was about to make that guess, Mo Jingyu's hand had slipped under her clothes.

  "Third Master!"

  Although she was already an adult and had gotten the marriage certificate with this Third Master, it was not necessarily too fast!

  They didn't have any contact before tonight. If it weren't for Third Master Mo's serious illness, the Mo family wouldn't have sent someone to help him celebrate if they thought he was possessed.

  The Mo family controlled the entire Imperial Capital. Coincidentally, she became the unfortunate wedding bride!

  She didn't dare to escape. Once she escaped, the whole house would be ruined!

  But it didn't mean that she agreed to get married that night. It was true that they were husband and wife!

  She trembled with fear and tried her best to resist. However, under Mo Jing's control, she was like a nonentity who was at the mercy of others.

  Regardless of her panic and resistance, Mo Jing drove straight in, without giving her any time to react or prepare. The strange pain of tearing her body made her tears flow from the corners of her eyes.

  But she didn't dare to let Mo Jingcheng hear her crying, for she was afraid that it would stimulate him more.

  She bit her lips, endured her tears, and swallowed all the pain she had suffered from the humiliation. In the end, she couldn't bear it and fainted.

  Mo Jing didn't come back to his senses until he saw that there was no movement from the people under him.

  He had just fallen ill again and had done something like that to such a weak girl...

  He lowered his head to look at Sh hangar. Although he could not see his fingers in the room, his vision was no different from in the dark or in the light. He could clearly see the girl's white and clean face, and there were still tears on her face. Was she frightened by him just now or was she hurt by him?

  He looked down and found that the girl's body was covered with bruises. Probably because he had lost control of his strength just now.

  She was injured like this, but she didn't even say a word?

  His seemingly weak newly married wife was actually a bit strong-willed.

  Moreover, there seemed to be a cool and fragrant fragrance on her body. When he smelled the faint fragrance, his restless blood slowly calmed down.

  It was a little interesting.

  When Mo Jing was lost in thought, the eyelashes of the person who had fainted on the bed suddenly trembled. Then her eyes moved slightly, as if she was about to wake up.

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