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Harper Avery, have you seen Peyton? “I’m yelling from my offices since I hear Harper talking in the hall.” HARPER, I let out my Alpha aura because I don’t have time for her nor Peyton’s games today. “Damnit Dawson, I haven’t seen our little sister today, what is so fucking important that you have to scream my name and let your fucking aura out on me for you know that shit hurts right.” I am sorry I spat back her.

I am just a bit stressed our younger sister Peyton hasn’t found her mate and the Alpha from one of our neighboring packs has asked for her hand in mating and he is due to be here in a few hours for dinner and to go over the everything and she can’t be found anywhere, and she has blocked me from linking her. Why does she have to be the one that is disobedient and the one who runs away when she doesn’t want like something. I link my parents to see if they have seen her. “Linking Mom and Dad” Hey you two, have you seen or talk to Peyton today?

Mom, Answers first no Dawson, I haven’t seen or heard from her since she eat breakfast and left. Is everything okay my mother asks?

Yes and No, Alpha Karter and his Beta Anton will be here in a few hours to go over the agreed mating ceremony for him and Peyton and I had a few things to discuss with her I tell her. I hear a loud sigh and I wasn’t sure if it came from my mother or my father, but I asked them what is was about. My father finally chimes in and says Son, you know that she is not going to agree to marrying Alpha Karter for a few reasons.

The first reason is she hates him you know that the two of them have a past and she said when they ended their relationship that she will never go back to him again. Father I understand where you all are coming from but what am I supposed to do he wants to mate and marry her. “Let me handle Karter, Dawson, she might be at the waterfalls that’s where she likes to go when she has a lot on her mind. Let me tell you if you go there don’t go as her Alpha goes as her brother and talk to her understand me Dawson.” Yes, father I understand you clearly.


Damn, that stupid brother of mine trying to marry off to the cheating bastard of an Alpha from the Black Forest Pack. I know that Dawson doesn’t understand why I want nothing to do with Karter he wasn’t here during our relationship he was away at the Alpha Academy. It wasn’t enough that he slept around with all types of different she-wolves but he had the nerves to tell me that he would reject his fated mate so he could marry me and still cheat on me because I allowed him to do it while we were together. One thing that my parents do know either is that he is an alcoholic and he is abusive when he drinks, he has put his hands on me a few times in the past, but I was able to cover up the black eyes I know that my dad would probably kill him if he knew only person that knows is my best friend Layla and she about killed him when she seen my face. I hope that sitting here I will be able to calm down enough to go back the house and deal with this bullshit.

Peyton, sis are you out here? “Dawson what the fuck do you want for the last time I will not marry Karter, there are things that you don’t know, and I am afraid if I tell you go to war with his pack.” Look, sis I am here to talk to you as your brother not your Alpha, please give me a little more of an insight one your relationship and why you guys ended up breaking up if you want me to support you, I need to know. “Dawson, I need you to swear a blood oath that when I tell you that you will just leave it at that and not go to war with the Black Forest pack.”


I went to talk to Peyton she can be stubborn at time but she has her reason and she is very powerful in her way she has never learned how to fully control her magic, she has had some training with our Aunts, and I know that our cousin the Queen has offered to train her if she was willing to come to the states I might have to call Destiny after I talk with Peyton and see when is the earliest she can come because I will have to have a damn good excuse for her not to marry this fool and for him not to start a damn war over my sister. Peyton , if you ever tell anyone I swore a blood oath with you I’ll kill you myself I chuckled at her, we both cut the inside of our palms and held hands and I told her I will carry the secret she is about to tell me to my grave I will not cause harm to anyone involved in the conversation this I swear to you my life and my blood, fucking witches and their oaths.


I let out a loud sigh as my brother and I were sitting at the waterfalls this is a place where I come to find peace I found I am able to control my magic here a lot better my mother sucks as a witch and she doesn’t have many people she trusts so I have had to learn my magic almost on my own when I was younger, my mom would send my to my cousins Luna Angel and Luna Trinity in the states for me to learn a little over the summer but when I got back home I was on my own again so I wasn’t able to learn how to control it better, I know that my cousin the Queen and my other cousin Aspyn have offered for me to come stay with them in the states so I am able to harness and control it better I know that all of us were blessed very young with our familiars I have had mine since I was 2 weeks old she is a white 9 tail fox with pink eyes like me by the name of Harley and my wolf is a pure white wolf also with pinks eyes and her name is Quinn. So, a lot of people used to laugh and tell me that the reason I am so disobedient, and I don’t listen, and I am stubborn is because of the names of my animals Harley Quinn, they both giggle when I call their names like that Harley decides that she is going to go for a swim while I am sitting her talking to Dawson.

So, I take a deep breath in and say where do I start.

“Why don’t you start at the beginning Dawson says deadpan. So when you left to go the Alpha Academy, I went to the private school that we have for all the intelligent supernatural children and since it was a mixed school I was able to make friends easily even though they were not that great at helping witches because they were never able to get a witch on the staff, it was the second day of school and Layla and I were coming out of the locker room headed to cheerleading tryout when my attention was caught by this really cute boy and it turns out this cute guy happened to be the next Alpha to the Black Forest Pack Karter Finn.

He was on his way to the football field, so we went to practice and afterwards as we were headed to the car he stopped me and asked for my number I gave it to him, we started texting and calling everyday it took about 2 weeks and I finally decided to become his girlfriend, we started out great he was amazing sweet and we were the most popular couple in the school the Cheer captain and the football captain we were doing great until he didn’t not get accepted to the Alpha Academy even though I helped him for hour upon hour study for the entrance exam I even went as far as to apply for myself even though I knew that I would never be an alpha of my own pack well when I got my acceptance letter he was furious he started to through things at the wall and when I went towards him to calm him down he punched me in the face and pushed on the floor and told me to get out of his house and his face, so I grabbed my stuff and I left trying not to cry.

I went to see Layla and she seen the black eye and she thought I had gotten into a fight with a she-wolf and when I told it was Karter is was ready to kill him , a few hours later he called me and apologized for his behavior and said it will never happen again and that was a lie, well after that day we were never on the best terms, because I was taking college classes and all that and cheerleading and Volleyball and work he said that I was starting to neglected our relationship and since I told him that I was saving myself for my mate he decided to start sleeping with random she-wolves. When I found out about if I confronted him to be told that he wasn’t and if he was it was none of my business. So, I broke up with him for the first time we were separated for about a month when he begged me to take him back, I was dumb and naïve to take him back.

I didn’t know that while we were not together he started to drink, well he was still sleeping around with random she-wolves and one night we had went to a party that someone from school was throwing and I didn’t come with him I came with Layla and when we got there he was drunk as fuck and I was talking Emmanuel and Layla, while he was all over some slutty she-wolf, my wolf Quinn came forward because this a very traumatic for me. We were sitting there talking when Alpha Roman from the Silica blood pack had walked over to tell me had heard that I was accepted to the Academy and if I was going to accept the admission I had told him that I was thinking about it and had to talk to my parents about it and he gave me a congratulatory hug and sat there any talked with us for a few when all of a sudden Karter comes stomping towards us and grabs me by the arm and drags me outside Layla , Emmanuel and Roman follow and when we get outside where no one can see he starts to hit with his fist in the face and stomach and call me a whore and all types of name by the time.

Layla, and the boys caught up to us me ran off leaving me bloody on the ground crying thank the goddess that Harley and Quinn were around because I looked bad, they helped me up off the ground and into the backdoor of the house and into the bathroom to clean me up and I just spelled some new clothes. After that night I was done with him I didn’t want nothing to do with him. I keep my distance at school from him, I was either with Layla, Roman or Emmanuel. He would try to talk to me, and they told him that if he tried to say one word to my they would kill him “I looked up at my brother the look on his face the rage the hurt and the anguish.

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