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After my parents' tragic death, I was told that I had a billionaire husband...
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Erin has no plans to leave her room because she is losing her will to live due to the loss of her parents. It's been two months already, but for her, it's still fresh in her memory that they are still alive yet.

Today is the day that her family's lawyer will visit her, and the maids at home have knocked many times, and she still hasn't come out. She was bored and irritated by everyone's voices, then decided to face reality, and she was surprised to see her Aunt Isabel, the sister of her mother, and the other two cousins who were just her age.

The stout lawyer greeted her first and made her sit down to discuss her inheritances.

"Hi, I'm Mr.Jones, your family's lawyer. It's good to see you." He then turned his gaze to her Aunt Isabel and the companion.

"May I suggest you leave us first? because I believe this is a private matter between the heiress and me." He added.

"Oh?" said her Aunt Isabel and then stood up with a streaked annoyance on her face.

"Let's go, ladies." She called her two young daughters, who also had bad feelings about Erin.

Erin also raised an eyebrow at the three women who didn't like her, and she was relieved when the three bitches had already left the room.

From what the lawyer stated to her, nothing seemed to enter her mind because she was still upset about the loss of her parents, and she just nodded every time.

"Pardon me?" She stopped signing documents when she heard the name unfamiliar to her.

"You can only get all your inheritance by the guidance of your Husband." Mr. Jones repeats the sentence.

"You may be mistaken, Mr. Jones. I don't have a husband!" She insists.

"You've been married since you were 18 years of age. It states that you and your spouse must manage the Business left by your parents, and it is valid, Miss Rylee or Mrs. Velasco..."

She sighed because her parents couldn't have planned it. Why did they do this thing to her? For her better future or to protect the family's business, they came up with this idea.

"I can't believe this. how could they do this to me?"

Erin said sadly while reading her parents' agreement with Nathan Evans Velasco.

After the discussion with her Attorney, Mr. Jones, she was stunned when she saw her Aunt Isabel at the front door, She tried to ignore it, but it troubled her.

"I want you to know that while I am still alive, we will inherit from your parents because I am your Mother's only sister. Remember that, Erin." Isabel said to her while sipping her wine.

She bit her lower lip and continued walking, but it stopped her by the arm.

"Don't touch me!" She said and removed the hand that had clasped her arm.

"Learn to respect your elders." Her AuntAunt said sternly.

"And you must also learn to respect the heiress."

Her Auntie was stunned by the tone of her speech. Her two cousins ​​came to the scene, and their eyes were sharp looking at her, but she didn't move and raised her eyebrows in return.

"So what?" She asked her two cousins.

"The audacity!" Isabel exclaimed.

"Who do you think you are? You have no right to answer our Mother like that." One of her cousins ​​said Christina, a chubby woman with a cracked makeup face.

She rolled her eyes at them and then turned her back because she had no time for any argument for now. She's exhausted by everyone.

She heard many awful phrases from the three witches at her back, but she just ignored them and raised her middle finger.

It was late at night when she thought of researching the name Nathan Evans Velasco on the internet, and she almost broke her laptop because no Nathan Evans Velasco appeared on the internet.

Suddenly there was a knock in her room, and she just rolled her eyes because she knew it would be her AuntAunt or her two bitchy cousins.

"Erin, it's me. It's liv." Liv is short for Olivia, her pretty best friend.

She smiled when she heard her friend's voice and let her in right away.

"oh gosh! I have a lot to tell you! you'll be crazy at the thought of why suddenly I have a husband!" She said to Liv excitedly but in a sarcastic tone.

"What?!" Liv raises her voice surprisingly as an act of shock.

"Yes... I'm married to a man I didn't even know, A total Stranger..."

her voice was tinged with worry.

Liv walked over to her and frowned because she couldn't believe the news.

"Tell me you're just kidding, right?" She asked Erin with a smile.

"I hope so, but I'm not kidding, Liv." She said to her friend and took the agreement paper so Liv could read it.

"Wow, seriously?" Liv mumbled.

"looks familiar ... I think I heard his name somewhere; I just can't remember," Liv said while reading the documents and facing Erin with eyes that sparkled.

"If you know something about this man, just tell me asap," she said desperately.

"Your parents can't come up with this idea if a man is not worthy. Either he is rich or Filthy rich!" Liv said.

"I know, but I don't care if he's rich. All I want is his signature so I can get my inheritance." She replied with annoyance in her voice.

"Your parents may have a valid reason for doing this to you. You may even thank them in the future. They say that a better person will come for you." Liv explained to her softly because Liv knew her parents loved her dearly. So they will do everything for their child.

So that made Erin calm her mood, and then they hugged each other.

"I'm just here for you ... If this man is a bad person, then divorce him."

She laughed at Liv's suggestion and then took a tissue to wipe her tears.

"I don't want to think that maybe my husband is a grandfather or a rich old man; I'm dead! Like dead..."

She said irritatedly with the thought of having a grandpa husband while Liv giggled at what she said.

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