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"Wake up Trevor!" I heard my little brother waking me up, he was shaking me, "Lim what are you doing.." I push him away when he was laughing running outside my room, I slowly open my eyes then automatically a wind help me sit on the bed it's my little wind baby monster.

I saw him in the woods with a big wound on his stomach, I was concerned and grab him but when I grab him his wounds automatically heal I was shocked when he woke up like nothing happens weird right.

"Thanks, champ," I said and he flies on my left hand his so small, it's weird that I have this wind animal in me it's like he's an alien he can even camouflage and hide on my shoulders, he uses his wind magic to help me get up.

"Trevor better gets ready or your school bus will pass here without you!" My mom shouts in the living room I walk into the bathroom and slowly walk on the shower, the usual days of being a high school boy with a normal life I don't even know why champ that little wind animal got here, earth doesn't have powers or something it was freaking awesome I wish I have that power that little champ has.



I wear my school uniform and look at myself in the mirror, the usual teenage boy with black messy hair I like it messy actually and I have this gray and dark blue eyes, right was grey and left was dark blue they were bullying me for being abnormal with my eyes the boys bully me but girls flock onto me, cuz yeah girls said that my eyes are fascinating then I was so proud to say this but girls always say that I have this handsome innocent features I won't boost cause I don't even care.

"Goodmorning mom" when I walk into the kitchen I saw mom busy with our lunchbox, yes the typical Filipina Mom I have that and I'm proud of it she's caring and love her Filipina dishes but the features on my face was a carbon copy of my handsome dad who is a German so I'm half German half Pilipino.

"What's for breakfast mom?" I ask when I'm walking onto the dining table, "oh it's your favorite" she said and I smile when I was near the table I smell the fragrance of my favorite food adobo it's a Filipino dish that is so my favorite.

"Did you put it on my lunchbox to mom?" I excitedly ask, "Yes Trevor so go eat and you'll school bus will be here any minute now".

I grab the spoon and fork and taste my favorite adobo, I close my eyes in satisfaction because it's so delicious the sweet soy sauce and the meat combine taste so good, Mom even teaches me how to cook it cause mom said even if we are a man we need to cook so I learn how to cook some of her Filipino dishes.

*Beep* *beep*

When I finish my breakfast I heard the bus outside so I run and grab my lunchbox, "Bye mom" I said and kiss her cheeks.

"Bye take care Trevor and you to Lim" mom shouted and we run outside and entered the bus, my schoolmates don't even care about who enters they have their businesses.

"Yow Trevor here" my best friend Kennedy said and tap the chair next to him my little brother has his friends to so he was not with me anymore, I sat next to him and we fist bump.

"How was your vacation?" Kennedy asks I shrug nothing's even special when we go to my grandparent's ancestral house which is why I saw champ my little monster, oh I forgot he is with me right now he's on my shoulders like an invincible.

"How was your vacation?" I ask, "oh me typical online games you know me," he shrugs Kennedy is a gamer and a fat young teenager who always loves to be in his room and play video games,

"Damn so boring" I sigh, "boring? How can you be boring if girls always looking at you with flirty looks?" Kennedy said yeah, Girls always looking at me like they'll eat me anytime.

"I don't know it's like a typical boring normal life, I don't even want girls flocking me always," I said in a frustrating tone, "really? Damn envy you for that are you even a teenager? You know S*x or something" He explained I laugh,

"Do you have one?" I ask him he shook his head, "see? If you don't have then I don't have to it's fair enough" I told him and put my earphones on my ears.

I don't know why but this normal life is boring when we arrive at the school as usual boys bully me and I don't even care I would stare at them coldly they don't even frighten but when they knew I didn't care they stop.

"Hello Trevor I miss you.." then I felt a soft hand hug me when I'm walking onto my locker, then I put my headphone on my neck and look at the one hugging me and it's the cheerleader yes she is the leader of the cheerleading team that was so clingy that has a big crush on me.

"Why are you here? Hey, stop hugging me Claire," I was shaking her off she pouted, "what? You don't miss me?" She asks.

"Of course I don't miss, hey stop hugging me," I shake my body again and hold her hands that hugging me let loose, I know I would be the headline of the news this morning because of this scene but I don't even care.

"Are you gay? Trevor almost all the boys here want me and I was chasing you, are a gay or what?" She said in an exaggerating tone, I glare at her and said. "I'm not gay, I just don't-" I head to foot her. "Like you" I continue and walk out of the locker area.

I don't even like flirts and yes she's a beauty but I don't even care, she's a whore anyway.

"Your the headline later," my friend Kennedy said his on my side now, his in his locker that time when the scene with Claire.

"I don't even care" I shrug and sit on my chair this boring life makes me wonder, what can I do? Go to the gym? Apply for sports? I don't know the arrrrg.




When school is done I was just walking yes I like walking and I'm with Kennedy actually, and I'm so thankful that the other girls didn't approach me this day I won't even care about them they were always saying that I'm gay okay I'm just not interested in them what's the big deal about it?.

When I arrive at our house I saw my grandparents, I kiss their cheeks and sat next to them.

"Mom, dad what's happening?" I ask I saw my mother was worried looking at me even my dad, my grandma looks at me with worries as well.

"We can't send him there please Mom his normal," Mom said and look at me, my face was confused while looking at mom.

"You can't stop it his turning 18!" My grandma was angry but her voice was calm looking at me, "what's with my age? What is happening?" I ask again no one answered and I heard my mom crying and dad hugs her.

"Grandma, what is happening grandpa what is it?" I ask again my grandma signal me to sit next to her, so I did she holds my hand.

"Your not an ordinary child my dear Trevor," my grandma said, "Mom please don't.." father interrupt I was so confused when grandma said I'm not an ordinary child.

"Oh please don't be selfies Elemental Academy is the school he needs not this typical and normal school for kids" then my grandpa spoke, I'm so confused about what is happening what is the elemental academy? What is happening?

"Trevor.." my grandma slowly said it again I look at her and my parents were not saying anything right now, "You not normal oh erase that we are not normal except for your mom who is normal, your father and me, and your grandpa was a mage.." grandma said it and my eyes wide open in shock and can't even utter a single word, Mage? I do read some comic books about mages humans with magic what is happening?.

"Yo-you've got to be kidding me" I shook my head and didn't believe it at all, then suddenly grandma has a fire on her left hand my eyes wide open again, "Ho-holy Sh*t.." I softly mumble in shock, even grandpa lights his hand using fire.

I can't believe I would see this but the fire in their hands was awesome as hell, "Mom you know I'm not normal" my mother spoken and I look at her,

"What? Your normal now.. you wish that right?" grandma said and she role her eyes I look at grandma and mother with a question look, "You see your mother was the most powerful mage in history with your father, the two of them was the unstoppable couple in the history of Elemental Academy.." grandma spoke and look at mother who was slowly putting her head down, father hugs her.

"Your Mother has 2 powers in her body which are not normal because the human body can just handle one power or one element, but your mom can use 2 powers but it has so much damage on her body she can't handle the pain she can't take it her body was so weak at that time" grandma continue I was there listening to them,

"Your mother didn't want to be dead cause by her 2 powers, she loves your father so much that she wants to live and sacrifice her power just to live for a long time so she finds the powerful fairy Lynn who can give her a wish just one wish, then she wishes that her power would vanish for her to live longer and be just normal.." grandma cries, I hug her my mother even cry I was sad with that thought of how mother sacrifice her power just to live longer.

"Mom your so brave.." I spoke and look at my mom who looks at me with teary eyes, then she hugs me I hug grandma and mother at the same time I kiss both of their heads and hug them tightly.

"Thank you mom for the sacrifice that you do, if not I wouldn't be here, and Liam. I do much know that you are the best mother in the whole wide world" I spoke again I heard my mother chuckled and father taps my shoulders, I let them go and wipe my mom's tears then kiss her head again I love my mom so much for what she did.

"I do know your so smart to understand it but I'm so proud of you that you didn't even blame me thank you, my son.." my mother's tears didn't stop but I smile at her, she's that I always love.

"Why should I blame you? You need it mom and you made the right decision if not you didn't have a handsome son aha" I joke and they laugh mom laugh and hug me again,

"Mom whatever happens it's my destiny I'm not normal I can handle it please let me handle it you know I would love to be part of your world with mages, I always feel that normal school is Boring mom can you send me there please" I look at her with pleading eyes she shook her head with disbelief and smile.

"Okay fine whatever you do we will support you and protect you..".

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