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Character names, places,

events and other things contained in this story are only fictional. Any association with other stories is unintentional or coincidental

Jack Resgonio's house has just moved to a province in Batangas. He left the prosperous life in Manila with his parents because he was choked by their desire to become a doctor. After five years of studying medicine he worked in a public hospital in Manila. But he was forced to leave because of his repeated arguments with his parents that he should get a masteral and doctoral to become a great doctor like they wanted for him.

They could not understand that he was happy with the chosen profession. He knew that his brain was only up to this point and that being a doctor was another big responsibility.

With the help of a friend Jack was able to carry out his plan to move house so he could start all over again. He also applied to the hospital he pointed out which is currently hiring and looking for medics. After being interviewed that day he was declared accepted into the very position to which he applied. He felt so happy, he was so lucky. He had made the right decision to leave his parental control and venture elsewhere.

One morning Jack was getting dressed, he was getting ready for his first day at work. Then he went out of the room, he found Carlo serving his friend who was also with him in the rented house.

"Come on, Father, let's have breakfast before we go in." It's up to him. He immediately complied and sat down in front of the table.

"It looks delicious you cooked it, Father." Smiling she said.

"Of course Father, just like you, I live alone here in Batangas. I came from Zamboanga and then got into trouble in Manila until I ended up here."

"Yes, Father, I know everything you've been through. We've been friends for two years."

Jack and Carlo met in a group chat on Facebook. It is accompanied by people who are independent and resentful of the parent. That group was formed to be informed of grievances, problems and burdens brought to life. There they talked, teased and gave advice to each other. But it wasn’t just there that the chat they started their friendship ended. One day, the creator of the said group hosted an Eye Ball. Almost all of them have been able to go except for the remote members in the Visayas and Mindanao. Carlo was already in Manila and currently working as a fireman. The beginning of the eye ball was followed by their meeting as long as there was extra time and day.

Upon entering the hospital, he immediately greeted the guard who was there. She also smiles at the nurses she encounters. Entering the laboratory room he greeted the two busy people he saw sitting there. They looked up at him and smiled at him.

"Good morning to you!" She greeted him with a smile.

"Good morning too. Are you new here?" A woman wearing glasses asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am ..."

"It's just Leila. Don't be Ma'am." He replied while sticking a sweet smile on his lips.

"I'm Roy by the way." Introduce another man while peering through the microscope.

"I'm Jack." Kiming introduce him.

"Jack, sit here next to me. We have quite a lot to do today. Many have been admitted here from yesterday until now. There are running out of vacant rooms in other hospitals."

AFTER telling him what to do Jack started working. It was a busy whole day. Even though they were busy, the three of them were still talking. There was also laughter because the two with him were funny, especially Roy who was very okray. Leila didn't flinch even though the man was too ookray to her.

After nine hours of work, before going home, the two agreed to eat out first. She readily accepted their offer, along with other nurses who also worked at that hospital. Happy with everyone, Jack's smile and laughter never left his lips. He was happy because he got to know other people and made more friends. While eating their conversation turned scary.

Jack listens intently to their story. He has also experienced many miracles and scares in the former hospital where he worked. The majority believe that those who die in the hospital do not have peace of mind, they also do not accept their death so the souls of the dead patients are still in the hospital. There are various stories that some of them were just fabricated by others with him to intimidate.

"Then ... I thought I was the one who took his blood pressure because he said I was going back and forth. I was surprised because I was just on duty that night ... The exact time when I shot him bp is on the list of records . I asked the other nurse who was my duty then if they had already taken that bp but they said not yet .. Because we each have our own building and a toka room. "

"Leche! Don't continue your story, I'm scared! I'm going home!" Leila complains to Jay who is also a nurse.

"So my story is true! That happened just the other day when I was on night shift." even Jay.

After a while they agreed to go home. Jay still didn't stop threatening Leila, forcing her to explode to make her angry and scared even more.

A FEW weeks later, Jack's work in the hospital improved. It's just boring when it's night shift, there's not much to do so they just sleep and eat with their partner or she can talk to her fellow nurses at the nurse station. They only tell him scary stories

He's not scared so it's okay. It is not new for her to hear stories about ghosts because she has had experiences once but she does not tell them to her colleagues because they will be scared especially Leila.

One day the nurses and doctors who were inside the hospital beat them. They are sent to a place with burning. They responded immediately by ambulance. Three medics and four nurses boarded the two ambulances.

The driver of the ambulance was running fast, the said town where the fire was happening was quite far from them. Everyone was nervous while traveling.

When they arrived they quickly got out of the vehicle while firefighters were busy putting out the blaze. The fire was big, add that the burning house was far from the neighbors. Jack looked around, he saw Carlo holding a large hose.

Later, another firefighter came out from inside the burning house. The human body was lifted with wounds and burns on various parts of the body. They quickly lifted the wounded on stretchers and put them inside the ambulance.

While on the trip they were giving first aid to the two wounded. One struggled to get up because they had left a member inside the house. They are all three according to this. Everyone was shocked because they could not return because they had to take the two to the hospital immediately so that their condition would not worsen.

"I feel sorry for you to go back there ... My son was left inside ..." Crying, the elderly woman begged Jack.

"We'll be back there after we take you to the hospital." There was a hint of sincerity in Jack's voice.

"Promise me you'll be back there."

"I promise ..."

Jack turned to Leila when she shouted.

"Jack, this one doesn't have a wrist!" Leila exclaimed as she touched his wrists, moving her finger around her hand and neck.

"Huh ?! How?" He reacted in shock to his companion.

When Jack looked at the lady he was talking to earlier, his head was also shaking, his appearance was pale and he no longer had a wrist when he touched her hand and neck. They were startled by the speed of events, he had just talked to the lady. Jack noticed something as he touched its neck and hand, as if cold and hard.

A person who dies is still soft and warm. Slowly Jack brought his hand to the lady's arm. He pressed it with his index finger but his eye widened as he didn't even sink even a little finger into its arm. He looked down at the foot and was shocked to see its pale and seemingly blackened feet. Leila and the two nurses with them looked at each other.

Jack frowned when he saw that the three companions suddenly looked different. One nurse was covered in the mouth while the other was pointing. Jack slowly turned in the direction the companion was pointing. He was shocked as his eyes widened when he was suddenly strangled by the lady he had just talked to. It looked ugly, the skin was dark from the fire, the hand on his neck was one of cold and decaying. He tried to remove his hand from her neck but it was strong. The three with him inside shouted in fear and horror to witness.

"You're also like the one with you who won't keep his promise! We'll all die here together! We'll go to hell together!" It screamed as it strangled him.

Moments later it was their driver who was shouting. Another corpse also strangled their driver. Jack's eyes widened because he already knew what could possibly happen to them. Deafening screams could be heard inside that ambulance.

The ambulance kept plunging down. Jack woke up so he crawled out of the car. Even though it was very difficult to move because of the wounds and injuries, he forced himself to slide.

"You're lucky you still survived! The culprit of it I've already charged! We'll get the justice we've been hoping for as well!" said the lady in a decaying form. Jack could smell the foul and pungent odor, he gradually closed his eyes until he was no longer aware of what was happening around.

Jack woke up from a long sleep. In his dream he spoke to people who had died in the fire. He still feels numb so only his eyes can move. After examining the doctor he told his relatives that he was fine and needed more rest. He saw the parent and other cousins ​​standing by his side. He tried to smile at them.

"Son, rest so that you can be completely healed." Her mother said tearfully as she grabbed one of her hands.

He retaliated with the squeeze made by the mother. He saw the father smiling even though there was a trace of concern on his face. Her cousins ​​also say she will recover.

A week later he recovered from the accident. His friend Carlo has been by his side since he woke up. That same day, police arrived to investigate the incident.

He recounted everything from the time they were called that night until the terrible accident happened. After the statement was taken from him, a police officer told a story.

"Do you believe that the ones you saved from the fire are just ghosts?"

"Huh ?! How did it happen?" Patda he heard. The face of the policeman staring at him was serious.

"A year ago that very house burned down, as happened to you there were medics and nurses who were called to another hospital but they were not rescued. The firefighters who put out the fire were the same story, before that they went to that very house because they were also called because of the fire. They thought it was built and inhabited again but ghosts called them to ask for help. The night you were called was the same night last year. the fire broke out. "

"Aren't they quiet like that?"

"Yes ... We don't want to believe it but that's the truth. Everything is still under investigation. Until now we still don't know the real root and end of what happened why they are feeling, can't get stuck in the past and keep repeating tragedy. "

He took a long time to hear, his body hair stood on end and his head seemed to grow in horror. Even he didn't want to believe but something was pressing on his brain at that time ... In his dream he remembered what the lady who died in the fire said.

"We will be calm now because we have achieved the justice we have long hoped for."

Jack only returned to the present when the police tapped him, saying goodbye to leaving. He nodded slightly and followed it with his gaze until he came out.

"You know, Jack, you were lucky and you survived." said Carlo sitting in the chair next to his bed.

"I don't have time yet, Father ..."

"You don't have time yet because you're not to blame for what happened to them."

He frowned at what his friend had said. "What do you mean?"

"A year ago, one night we were called firefighters because a house was on fire. When we got there the fire was loud and big. We rescued those inside but they were already wounded and suffocated in the smoke. Quick call of the rescue from the hospital but a few minutes later until an hour or two had passed, the ambulance arrived. I've been left inside the house. "

"How did you find out all this, Carlo?" He asked in surprise.

It sighed before answering. "I was one of the firefighters then, we did everything but life didn't bring out what was left inside."

Jack was not silent on what he heard from the friend. He was wondering about something and that was what he needed to know.

"Do you know who is really to blame for what happened?" Jack asked again.

"Yes. The woman was angry because they were not rescued immediately because the medics and nurses ignored the call they received that night. I'm referring to Leila! I called her that night to rescue the wounded but I found out that they lasted so long because he went back to deep sleep. If they had gone right away that family would still be alive! "

"Oh my God!" He exclaimed while covering his mouth. Now he understands and analyzes every situation.

"When they were all in the ambulance, Leila promised the lady that her son who was left inside the burning house would return but she didn't do that so the lady was very angry. She was not stopped until justice was done for what happened to them."

Jack looked out the window of the room, thinking he was relieved by what had happened. The family that has been the victim of neglect is now at peace. The lady who is restless until the real culprit is paid for why they died.

~~~THE END ~~

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