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  Chapter One

  I counted down the seconds, I was on cloud nine, you know that moment you have been waiting for your entire life? That feels like the turning point of your entire existence? The one you just can't wait for but have no choice but to do so? Yeah, that was exactly how I was feeling, I was so happy, so excited, I felt about ready to explode.

  ".. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.." my best friends counted down aloud. They sat crossed legged in matching pyjamas on my bed. I giggled excitedly.

  ".. Four. Three. Two.. ONE!!!!"

  "Happy birthday!!!" They both squealed.

  I giggled happily. They hugged me tightly.

  The door to my room burst open, my mom and dad rushed in with a pink frosted ice cream cake. I beamed with happiness, they knew strawberries were my weakness. And pink too.

  "Happy birthday Carolyn!" Dad exclaimed.

  I pouted, he knew I didn't like to be called my full name. He chuckled, and rubbed on my head.

  "My baby is all grown up." Mom said teary eyed. I rolled my eyes, but the smile never left my face, I hugged her.

  "Oh for heaven's sake, it's just another birthday, can I have some sleep?" My baby sister said annoyed.

  I just smiled, I was used to her extremely rude ways, it was not new in any way.

  "Gabriella Jane Anderson!" Mom gasped dramatically. Gabby just rolled her eyes.

  "Can you at least wish your elder sister a happy birthday? She doesn't turn eighteen again after today." Dad tells her calmly.

  "Happy birthday, now can I rest?" She asked going back into her room.

  "Thirteen years old" Andrina said rolling her eyes.

  "Quick make a wish!" Mom urged.

  I giggled, closing my eyes, I wished I would get accepted into Yale.. or any prestigious college, but my preference was Yale. I blow out the candles. My two best friends, Andrina and Sophie clapped and giggled.

  "Welcome to adulthood kiddo." Dad said producing a small box. My heart melted at the sight of it.

  "Oh Dad, you didn't have to." I opened the box, to reveal a gold chain necklace, with a simple tear drop shaped pendant. It was beautiful. My friends gasped at the sight.

  "Thank you Dad, it's beautiful." I said sincerely, but not able to tear my gaze away from the necklace.

  "You are welcome honey, you deserve it and everything good in the world. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go to bed, I have to go to work in the morning." Dad said placing a kiss on my forehead. I smiled widely as he left.

  "Here you go honey." Mom said smiling widely. She placed a huge box on my bed. My smile grew.

  "Thank you so much Mom!" I exclaimed excitedly.

  "Not a problem honey, I have to go to bed now.. don't stay up too late kids, you have school tomorrow." Mom said leaving. I opened the box to reveal a shimmering pink gown, it sparkled everywhere. I loved it immediately.

  "Wow, this is beautiful." Sophie whispered.

  "You already have your prom dress ready." Andrina joked. I laughed.

  "But you might not have any date then." Sophie piped in. I rolled my eyes at the both of them, they were always so quick to talk about boys.

  "Seriously, you are eighteen years, and you have never fancied any guy in your entire life... That is not normal." Andrina tells me.

  My friends were very worried about completely unnecessary things, talking about my getting a love interest every chance they got.

  "Yeah, it is.. I have other goals in life to achieve.." I tell them.

  "Uh huh, like what?" Sophie asked crossing her arms on her chest.

  "Like getting into Yale." I tell them.

  I close the box that mom gave me, and carried it away from my bed and into my walk in closet.

  "Oh for heaven's sake do not tell me that was what you wished for!" Andrina groaned.

  "As a matter of fact, that was what I wished for." I said dusting my palms against each other.

  "You wasted that wish! You of all people know that you will surely get into Yale, the spot was yours from the beginning!" Sophie exclaimed.

  I shrugged, my friends and parents keep telling me not to bother that if anyone was getting into Yale, it would be me.. but I was not sure, I knew how difficult it is to get in there.

  "Yeah, what is the guarantee?" I asked them.

  My glasses were sliding off my nose, I pushed them back.

  "Because you are you! Straight A student for many years!" Andrina exclaimed.

  I tried not to let it get to my head.

  "We have school tomorrow, we have to sleep." I tell them.

  "You need to loosen up a little though." Sophie says pouting. I rolled my eyes at them.

  We all got under the duvet, getting ready for bed.

  "We forgot to give you your present!" Andrina exclaimed. They bolted up immediately, that got me excited. I was anticipating their gift but I didn't want to sound desperate.

  "Aw guys you didn't have to." I said smiling.

  "Oh shut up." Sophie said rolling her eyes.

  I giggle and stretch out my hands.

  "You know my mom's friend from college is the school's journalism head right?" Sophie says. I blink.

  "I didn't know that."

  She waved her hand in the air dismissively.

  "Yeah, whatever.. anyways, I managed to push your name forward.. I don't know if you will be picked, but your name is there." She tells me.

  I squeal excitedly.

  "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" I say hugging them.

  I had wanted to be on the school's journalism team, but each time I applied something went wrong, at least my name was there, all I had to do was hope that someone would pick me.

  "And we also got you free passes to the history museum." Sophie says.

  My heart literally turned to goo.

  My best friends knew me so well.

  After I was sure they had both gone to bed, I bring out Dawn. My diary, my friends always called me a child for keeping one, but I loved this pink book that held my deepest thoughts so dearly.

  "Dear Dawn," I started, I didn't like using dear diary, it was too cliche.

  "As you know, it's my birthday today.. and I got really awesome gifts from everyone, well except Gabby, you know how she can be. I'm so excited, I just turned eighteen! Can you believe that?! Anyway, Soph and Andrina talked about boys again, I know right.. I already told them no so many times, they won't listen.. I'm really sleepy right now, so I'll right more later. Good night Dawn."

  I close it and place it in my locker safely. I tucked myself in for the night, snoring away.

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