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**Beep** **Beep** I stretch my hand and hit the snooze button, I sit down in my bed, stretch my arms, my legs, rub my face, and finally drag myself to the bathroom.

Friday, today is Friday, not to mention that it is a holiday weekend, which means, that everybody is getting ready to spend the whole weekend in the beach, staying hotel with the whole family or just their partners, maybe some friends, drinking cocktails, margaritas, just getting drunk, in the mean time, I have to be one who cleans those rooms, delivers those drinks, and just watch everybody have fun...ARG! I hate my life so much.

**Stomach growls**

I better go and cook myself breakfast, I will have plenty of time to complain about my horrible holiday weekend at work.

"Hi Mom" **Snore** "Yeah, I am good how are you" **Snore** "Happy to hear so, I am making you want coffee, Mom?" **Snore** "I will take that as a yes" I say as I start to make coffee "I am in the mood for eggs and bacon, but I do not have time to cook the bacon, so it will bread and eggs, you want some?" **Snore** "Got it, scrambled eggs" I say and turn on the stove, **Sighs** I will say it again, I hate my life so much.

I look at my mother, who is sleeping the floor, again, and like every other night, she went to Jessie's, drank her whole paycheck, and suffered for the 1000th time my father's abandonment **Sighs** I seriously need to do something with her, what? I do not know, get her to rehab or something **They try to make go to rehab, but I say no, no, no** "Hello" I answer "Holiday weekend, people arriving, rooms not clean, where are you?" Sarah answers back "On my way" I say as stare at my mother on the ground "Hurry" she adds as I hang up "Mom, get up" **Snore** "Seriously Mom, I have to go to work, you have to go to work, and you are late" I say as I push her with my foot "Stop that" she answers back "You have to go to work, we can't afford you losing your job, and going in a drinking spree" I say as I grab my stuff "Go away, Danielle" she says "I left breakfast in the kitchen, also next to it there is a huge cup of coffee, now get up" I order, she sighs as sits down "I am up" she adds "Good, see you later" I say as I head to the door.

My father, Cornelius Woods, a successful business man, the man who divorced my mother to marry the love of his life. Obviously, this has affected my mother, and not in a positive way, I mean, when the divorce was official, my father re—married, and my mother found her love for the drinking. For the last 11 years, I have witnessed my mother get drunk in the same bar, she and my father met, and ask herself this question "What did I do wrong?".

I never knew the guy, I was 6 when he left us, my memory of him is really vague, so basically, the divorce, and everything else did not affected me at all, well not directly, but my mother's state, how she suffers for a man who never cared, cares, or will care about us, that has affected me, see her so destroyed, because of a man, because of the love of her life.

Miss Walters claps and we all look at her "We have a busy weekend in our hands, first, it is a holiday weekend, we are full, and like always, I expect you to deliver a service of excellence to all our guest, and make the Hale Hotel proud" she says and we nod "Second, Mr. Hale is coming to visit, as you know we are the first Hale hotel ever open, so Mr. Hale wants to see how is hotel running, not to mention that the hotel will be under examination, so he will be spending the weekend here, and I want you to give him the best service this hotel can offer, am I clear?" she says and we chant "Yes, Miss Walters" "Good, now your duties, Teresa, Mary, and Janet you will be on the restaurant" she orders and they nod as head out "Trent, Daniel, and Josh, you are on the casino and bar" she orders and they head out "The rest of you, you are on the rooms, I want those rooms to be spotless, also, nothing can go missing, understood" she orders "Yes, Miss Walters" we chant as we head out of the lockers.

"You do not know how much I envy every single one of the guest" Sarah says as we change the bed sheets "Actually, I do know, because I want to be them" I reply, Sarah sighs "I wish I could be in the beach, on a bikini, with a margarita on my hand, and a very rich guy on the other, a rich guy who would take me out of my misery" she says and I laugh "Yeah, keep dreaming" I add and she looks at me "I know, I can have a rich guy begging me to be his queen, but I am trapped here, making beds, how am I supposed to find him?" she complains "I am sure you will find him, eventually, now can we get back to work? I seriously want to be over with the rooms, this guests are nasty" I say as I pick up the dirty towels "I know, right? We should quit" she says "Can't, my mother drank her paycheck, again, and I am stuck with the bills, again" I say as I place the towels in the hamper and close the door.

>>"You could ask your father for money" Sarah says "I will not give that man the reason" I say "Come on, he is rich" she says "Sure, he is rich, and he also abandoned me and my mother for his ex, besides, I do not know the guy" I say "What do you mean?" Sarah asks "My sperm donor hates my guts, okay, so while he and Mom were together he stood as far as he could from me" I answer "You know what, pretend I didn't say anything, we better keep working, there lots of rooms which cleaning" she says "Agreed" I add as we move to the next room.

Sarah stops, I look at her "What's wrong?" I ask "What if I tell you that I just found the perfect way to get us some very rich and attractive men?" she asks in response to my question, I frown "That whatever your crazy idea is, I am not in for it" I answer "You haven't heard my idea, so you can't reject it so quickly" she says "But I know you, and I know that whatever is running through that small head of yours is not good, and will get us in trouble" I say "No, it won't" she says as she crosses her arms "Prove me wrong, let's hear your idea" I say "Hale Hotel Guests: I, Xavier Hale, owner of the Hale Hotels Chains, desire to invite you to an exclusive party to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Hale hotels. When? This Saturday, Time? 7:00 pm, Where? The Hale Hotel's pool" she says and I roll my eyes to the heavens.

"See, what did I told you" I say "Just hear me out" she says and I shake my head "Breaking into the Hale's Hotel Guest Party is not a way to get us out of misery, breaking into that party is getting our asses into more misery, because if Miss Walters finds out, both of our asses will be fired" I say "Oh come on, Danielle, I am giving you the opportunity to change your luck, to leave this hell of a job, and have the life you deserve" she says "All that sounds nice, Sarah, but it is time to wake up, time to be realistic, I know you believe you can find your prince charming in this party, but I believe those are things that happen in Hallmark movies and books, this is the real world, and I am not going to risk my neck to go on the hunt of prince charming" I say as I keep pushing the cart.

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