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  Am really tired from last night work ,I woke up prepare for school ..Too rude of me am Ellen ,19 years old,I live with my mom in a whore house she is a designer and an make up artist too ..this a little hide out for us cause my dad went gambling and used us alone with his properties as a colactral ,it was when he got shot infront of us that made us wanting to run for our lives we haven't encounter any issue since we moved here but my mom wants me to be educated in case I get a chance to live outside of this whole....

  I dress as a nerd whenever am going to the campus I don't need any attention from those kids but this Lisa bitch and her friends seems to be everywhere , today I have a tough schedule so am wearing a tight dress under my normal big dress ..I hopped out of the taxi to head to class when Lisa showed up

  Lisa's POV

  Guess who we got here girls ..? Ellen awww poor girl I planned on cutting her clothes off so I had everything planned out people were starting to pull out of their classes it's gonna be a smooth day as usual she just tried to walk out but I pushed her to sit on the floor my girls and I started cutting out her dress and this fool was laughing at us she stood up and threw those rags and us

  Ellen's POV

  I threw the rags to their face and straighted my dress I have a perfect body I mean one any women or man will kill for their faces looked stupid and hell what were they expecting from a black girl I just removed my hair from the pony tail and picked my bag up I should give them abit from me besides in less than a month we will be done with our studies I went straight to Lisa and asked... If she has had enough?? But she was quite I wish I can just rearrange her plastic face It sudden occurred to me that I was dressed up in a more teasing way ,I've got nothing to do about it I walked pass the windows down to class but I think all eyes were on me .... arriving to class we got the information that there was a special guest coming to the school premises so we should put up a good act and report to the main hall for a speech I doesn't should any special ,I walked down to the hall with other students following ,I actually had no friends at school but arriving there this guy offered me a seat, which I so wanted to reject but he looked at me from hair to toe and said"am a guy I just want us to be friends" I sat down on an instant and crossed my legs but I felt someone was watching me ,I shouldn't really think much I look all new in school today there were forms of programs and other boring kids stuff going I just wanted to get myself busy so I started a chat with my new friend his name is Jade he is quite handsome I wander why he had to be a gay ?? We talked for a while till we heard the principal mentioned us to welcome on stage Mr. Andrew De-Roses the name sounds nice but a middle-aged man walked to the stage with an iPad in his hands and started with his long talk I wish it's all over so I get the fuck out of here ...And less I forget I have a special program to host tonight at a business party I don't have the full information yet but I must get home fast and get prepared for it they will pay ten times the money I earn on normal days

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