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  "Kate, can you bring me those golden shoes?" I asked my assistant.

  "Yes, ma'am." She replied and stepped back, before stretching her hand to take the golden shoes. "Here, ma'am." She bought it to me.

  "Thanks, Kate. Nelly jewelries, did you guys receive the gold wristwatch from them?" I said, slipping my legs into the shoes. "I ordered that yesterday." I added.

  "Not yet. But I'd give them a call." Kate replied.

  "Why are they delaying? I thought I told them I will be needing it today. I don't wanna get late to this party." I sighed and grabbed my phone.

  I dialed a number and placed the phone on my ear. "Nelly? None of your staffs has send me the gold wristwatch I asked for. What's happened?" I arched a brow.

  "Cora, I'm sorry okay? Someone bought the wristwatch before you ordered for it. We have the black. You're going to like it." She answered and I scoffed.

  Really? Silver? She knows I don't like any other than color apart from gold and silver. But I really cherish gold so much.

  "Nelly, you disappointed me. I told you I need the gold wristwatch and you said 'okay, your delivering man is going to bring it.' Gosh!" I rolled my eyes and ended the call.

  "Why can't you order for anything else apart from gold? Why not silver?" Kate inquired.

  "That's because I love anything gold. It makes me look unique. And silver, I don't wanna make all my things gold so it won't be awkward to others, that's why I choose silver as my second color." I responded.

  Well, almost all my things are gold. You can see silver around the house though, they aren't that many. I forgot about the wristwatch and applied some makeup to my face. I grabbed my gold purse and marched out of my room.

  Kate took the car keys and gave it to the driver before sitting beside me in the car. "Mr Nathaniel is calling." My assistant gave me my phone.


  "Nathan!!" I giggled, immediately I heard his voice.

  "How are you? You're coming to the party already?" He asked.

  "Yes. I'm coming already. I thought you had an appointment to attend today."

  "Uhmm......not really. Director Walter canceled it. He had an urgent meeting with someone." He replied.

  "I can't wait to see you in the party."

  "Me too. I need to go now. Love you." He rushed his words and ended the call before I could say anything.

  Hmm. Soon, we got to the party and I was the first to come down from the car. Sarah sighted me. She ran to me and gave me a tight hug.

  "You're gonna squeeze me to death." Obviously, I was choking.

  "Oh my! I'm sorry." She quickly apologized and disengaged. "You look pretty today, Lady Gold." She winked, checking me out.

  "Thanks, Sarah. And, happy birthday."

  "Awwn! Thanks. Theo told you won't be coming cause you'd probably be in the industry with other actress or in your Gold shop. But he's wrong. And........"She drawled the last word.

  "We are going to spank his butt today!" We said in unison.

  I turned to kate who had been smiling. "Kate, stay around." I told her before following Sarah to meet others.

  My eyes searched everywhere for Nathaniel but I can't see him.

  "Have you seen Nathan?" I asked Sarah.

  "Nope. I haven't seen him. Maybe he's somewhere else. Probably, f*cking another bitch!" Sarah responded with a frown.

  "I don't know why you hate Nathan so much." I rolled my eyes at her as we walk.

  "You caught that idiot three times with a girl on his bed and all you do is forgive him and still continue with the relationship, saying you love him and he's going to change. Change my foot!" She scowled and we both kept quiet till we got to others.

  Nathan as always being a jerk, pervert but still i love him. And I know he's going to change.

  "Wow! See the Lady Gold. I love your gold necklace, Cora." Kandy cooed as she touched my neck lace.

  "Thank you. Yours is lovely too." I smiled.

  "Babe! Here you are." Nathaniel's voice made me turned back and I saw him smiling at me.

  "Nathaniel!!" I beamed amd ran to hug him. "Finally. I thought I'm going to go home without seeing you."

  "You and Gold again." He frowned but suddenly his eyes lightened. "You look lovely with it." He complimented and I felt high.

  "Thank you, love." I replied, sweetly.

  The celebrant was called forward to cut the cake while I just hold Nathaniel's hand and watch.

  Soon, the birthday party ended. "When will you be coming home to visit me?" Nathaniel questioned before placing a kiss on my lips.

  "I don't know yet. Maybe next week." I tilted my head.

  "Next week? Okay. I will be expecting you then. And i hope this time, you won't deny me of sex." He released a smirk.

  "I already told you this already. I'm not ready for that yet. We are yet to get married. Don't worry, my body will be all yours soon."

  "Yeah, I should wait then." He looked away and i knew something was wrong but I ignored that.

  Nathaniel left soon without me cause I will be staying with Sarah for a while. I also sent Kate home too.

  "You will take the gold one right?" Linda asked me and I reply with a nod.

  "The wedding is going to be a blast!" Sarah squeaked.

  "Like you're the bride." Tatiana rolled her eyes. She's actually the bride to be.

  "Don't worry. Soon, I will get married to my Theo! You all are going to envy me on my wedding day." Sarah squeaked again.

  I collected the gold dress and got ready to leave. It was night already. I removed my car keys from my purse and was about to open the door when someone stopped me.

  I raised my head up and saw the person in black cloak. One could tell he's a male cause of his well built body. But his face was down and almost covered.

  "Hey!" I creased, taking my gaze to his hand that had stopped me from opening the door. "Who are you?" I asked.

  "You don't have to know me." He stated and dipped his hand into the pocket and brought out a gold necklace out.

  My eyes glittered. "You like it? I know you do." I noticed a smirk on his lips. "I'll be at your house tomorrow." He said and walked away.

  I blinkled when I couldn't see him again. "Where the hell did he go?"

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