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About :: betrayal, killing , abusing , sci-fi romance , billionaire

Introduction :

Alejandro Mandera Motasio. A famous,feared and well known Mexican guy. Motasio is the high top bull dog mafia. Yes.! He is the king of mafias .

Black jet hair with ocean eyes, handsome face,cute lips and as well as the soft skin his body wears.

A gym type and of course boxing lover.

He is the best killer and boss in Tijuana, a very scary and dangerous place in Mexico.


Brave and bold with guts that can swallow a full Black Mamba. Melanie grew in the orphanage..she escaped from the same orphanage ten years back because the nannies where abusive and rude to kids.

That orphanage was the best in New York and still the best but what the government don't know won't kill them.

After that ten years the girl became a hustler and a parent of her own.

She now works in the club serving drinks at day light but strip for men at night.

Stripping is just her plan B option to buy things that she needs in her small apartment and pay rent on time .

She is just a 21 year beautiful girl with red lips, soft skin, cute face, natural long blonde hair and cute dark black eyes.

★ ★★

Silk and still

Melanie's pov.

Still today I still tolerate that stupid boss of mine at work. Everyday I have to wake up and get insulted for just a small thing. Am working day and night for Pete Sake.!


I get off my bed and drag my self to the bathroom. Am so freaking tired. After my bath i perfectly got prepared for the day. I went to my kitchen and took few apples before dashing out.





Ok so I know how to deal with this boss today. Being five minutes late won't hurt him and it's not like his club is filled up in the morning more than at night.

I rubbed my palms together before walking in the club. I started by scanning the place and saw other workers cleaning up . Damn am so late.!

I bite my lower lip when I saw my boss 'LARRY RODRIGUEZ' coming my way

" Morning sir "

I greet then he smiles. Guess I won't get fired cause he never smiles when speaking to me or approach me.

" Morning miss Melanie." He smiled

Miss Melanie.?? Is he high or what.? Larry would never call just anyone 'miss' without something good.

"Well your but is out of trouble today and all thanks to the money you made last night. Get back to work and practice more of those moves..the pole will be needing your service soon"

He giggles and leave me standing with my mouth hanging open. What just happened right infront of my eyes.?

A smile escape from my lips and I rushed to my locker and change into my working uniform. As I made money for him yesterday I think he should consider buying his workers clothes than going around and banging every slut he places his eyes on. I sure feel pity for his wife or maybe he doesn't even have a wife god knows what's his book story.

But come to think of it thou who would dream of dating Larry.? He is a player,stingy and worse part. Ugliness overload.

Ok just kidding but Larry is not attractive at all.

" Can I have a cocktail please"

A lady wearing a short blue dress and a white fury scarf hanging on her shoulders with heels that has a butterfly at the tip of her toes..looking to her face make up was the dead sentence of her face.

Beautiful and pretty.

"Coming right up"

I move back and make a cocktail for her within minutes then placed it infront of her.

She took a sip then placed it back at the counter then picked her ringing phone up.

I was busy cleaning glasses at that time but stealing glances at her. Just that her beauty got me thinking. I so wish I also hat luck to be that beautiful in expensive clothes and talking with my noes like a pig.

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