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Finally, I was able to relax after unboxing all the boxes I had. The only thing that got me through the whole strenuous process was the number of little chocolates that I knew my sister would have sneaked in there.

My ass barely felt the comfort of my big beanbag when the doorbell rang. I jumped up instantly when I remembered the Deliveroo I had ordered just 30 minutes ago.

I cleaned the table in my kitchen and opened up the pizza. I had ordered a pepperoni classic from dominos and honestly all that unpacking was worth it.

I knew I would have to go for a long swim tomorrow morning if I was going to burn all this off though. But being as though I am a swimming coach now it really doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I sat back and relaxed whilst eating, I already can't wait to start my brand—new job in the morning and to start this whole new life for myself.

Next morning

Jumping over all the crap on my bedroom floor I rushed to grab my gym back and car keys. It was my first day and I can't be late for work. I planned to get there early on just in case I can't find where I'm going.

I slammed my door behind me and rushed to the address which I was sent. I hadn't even had time to even look around the area. I had no idea where I was but I'm sure this evening I could the time to have a little tour.

I rushed into the nearest parking space to the entrance and raced inside like I had an attacker on my heels. from a stranger's perspective I probably looked like some crazy ass woman but in reality, I wasn't far from that at all.

walking into the reception area of the sports building I was met with a rather handsome man who was dressed in a smart suit. he had authority written all over him as he stood in front of me.

" Elle Williams, it's a pleasure to meet you" I glanced at his hand and shook it, just like my grandfather taught me. because he was a businessman, he advised me to always shake people's hands when meeting them.

" ah you must be Ryan, it's great to put a name to a face" I always assumed he was older with the number of times we spoke on the phone but I guess my predictions were all wrong.

I was glad that we weren't being too formal, as much as I love formal introductions that's a thing of the past, I accepted this job because it would be a relaxed exciting one.

Ryan guided me further inside the building and gave me a little tour of the place. the pictures I saw online did the place no justice. it really was an amazing building and I was bursting with excitement to the see the pool. since it's what I will be seeing every day.

" I'm sorry I have to cut this short Elle but I have some business to attend to. some incident regarding our football team" he rolls his eyes at this. clearly this isn't the first time has had to handle the football team.

"I have brought along a trusted student who will be happy to take you to the pool" Ryan rushed off leaving me in the hands of a student. she was tall, with dark black hair almost as dark as mine but she had brown eyes.

she wore a dark blue hoodie and athletic leggings, I wonder what she plays.

"Hi there, I'm Jennifer but you can call me jenny. Mr Ryan said I should show you around." I was impressed this girl didn't even wait for me to respond she walked through the double doors not even looking back.

she must be confident I wish I was as confident as that when I was her age.

when we stepped inside, she was talking to me about something, I noticed she was a rambler but my attention was no longer on her it was on the biggest swimming pool I have ever seen.

The one back home was the same size but the design of this pool was just something else. no wonder athletes like to train in this pool.

"its great isn't it" jenny was now closer to me.

I could only watch in awe as I took in every single little detail. I was honestly shaking.

After I had a good look, I only just realised that there was a group of students all messing around in the deep end of the pool. There was a variety of boys and girls which relieved me I did want to have a mixture.

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