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Archer PoV

"I am not going to marry anyone nor, any women I don't know or even exist. To hell with your stupid business." I told my father and my grandfather.

I thought my day will be perfect it turns out to be pretty hell. Who will be delighted if you got summon by your grand dad and your father just to demand to marry a stranger.

"Yes you will. And I will not repeat my reason why. I am determined to marry you off to a women that is meant and good for you." Said my grand dad who is seated across me.

I look at him and stared into his eyes if he is really serious. But all I can see determination which mean he is indeed serious.

"But how did you know she is the right one for me? Are you sure she is not after my money and power?" I told them.

"You don't have any say of this matter Archer Martin. I have enough of your playboy life style. Do you think I didn't know about your escapade every night with different whores? Are you intended to make yourself known as man whore and playboy?" My dad said like he spat venom on me. He look like he's about to kill me.

"Dad, I swear! I am not into relationship or anything. Those stolen shots are not what you think it is. " I said defensively to my dad.

But my dad grab a pile of papers in his drawer and throw in front of me. I wince and look to the papers now scattered but to my shock it is a different pictures of me with different women beside me or clung to me and more worse.

"Are you telling me that is a fake photos? Do you call me my investigator liar? If I may say, I can truly see clearly that this photos are not fake nor photo shop. It is you.. And you want me to watch it blindly while you slowly tent your reputation as a man whore jerk?" My dad said to me.

"Well son, whether you like it or not you are going to marry her. I will withdraw all my shares to the company and also I will kick you out as CEO. Since I have this very nice evidence that the current CEO is nothing but man whore" My grand dad said and slowly stand up like he wants to end this stupid meeting

"I will let you handle your son for now Lucas. Remember I will not hesitate to withdraw all including yours to if you know convince this son of yours to marry her. I want the final decision tomorrow morning." My grand dad continue

"But grand dad you can't do this to me? You will withdraw everything just foe this girl? Who is she?" I asked him.

"I will tell you if you agree to marry her. For now, I hope you will give me a nice morning tomorrow when I wake up. I am counting on you Lucas" grand dad said and he walk out the study room leaving me and my dad together.

"Now you are fully aware of the situation. Son, just trust your grand dad in this matter. I think he knows what he is doing. I never seen my own dad being persistent in this kind of matter. But I can't blame him to want you to marry off. Just look what you done to yourself? I think he is right. Just marry the girl and you will free from the problems." My dad said while walking to me and patted my back

"You are my son and I want you to be happy. I don't want to see you looking like you are sick maniac. Let's go and your mom is waiting for us in the living room. Give your dad and grand dad a nice decision this time." My dad said and he walked out to the door.

I held a big sigh and confuse to why my dad trusted my grandpa to marry me to his choose bride. What kind of women is she to make my grand dad smitten by her?

My phone rung and it makes me back from my realization. I grab my phone and look at the screen it show up my best friend name. Xavier Anderson.

"Hey! Are you up for bar tonight? Leslie and her bunch of friends wants to have some good time. Last time she said her friends kind of want more , so are you good tonight?" Xavier said.

"Leslie and friends?? What they want more huh? Sure! This is what I want from this moment. Same vip bar? "

"Yup! So are you in?" He asked

"Of course! I will be there! Fuck I want some good time with women tonight going to have some fun. Call you when I arrived" I told him and I hung up

After talking to my mom. I bid goodbye and drive my car to my house.

I went inside my shower room and clean myself. After that I grab a pair of button shirt and black faded jean and a sport shoes. Casual looks is me. And I look in the mirror spray my favorite perfume. And grab my wallet and keys. I hit my car to my destination.

When I arrived in bar the guard already know who I am. I am not just their regular customer. I am vip. I slowly walk to the side of the vip room. While walking I can see many women eyeing me like they want to eat me.

Women are easy. They are easy because they are only used for fun.

I open the vip room door. And I am greeted by my friends and I sat on the couch. The girls immediately sat on my lap. This is life and I intend to keep it this way.

Marriage is just a piece of shit to me. I don't want to be tied and bound to one women when I can get fuck any girls.

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