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  The Billioniare's Bride

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  Adebayo Rosheedat Abisola


  Mind blowing questions

  .. What happened when you find out that you are getting married to a hedonist billionaire????

  ..What will you do when you become bond to a popular guy who is as heartless as a rock????

  ..How will you feel when you are betrothed to a Playboy???

  ..What will you do when your secret is open???

  ...How will you feel???

  ..How will you defend yourself from your parents who are unaware of the pains you are going through???

  ....How will you feel when you are betrothed to your worst foe/enemy



  Alexander Hardin,a famous young billionaire who have everything that he want anytime.He is handsome and charming.

  His handsomnesss, wealth and glamorous dimple makes him the dreams of all ladies.Ladies drivel at him and even force themselves on him.He is the 3rd ranking Billioniare in America why his father is the 2nd ranking Billioniare in America.The best swimmer in American

  With all this exceptional qualities,he is a jerk.He treat everyone unfairly.He useless and play with the heart of lady that lurk around him.He is every lady taste,his popularity makes him get what he want from the bitches in the school.He fuck away their ass both he lecturers and the female students.

  He have no friends.....

  His mother,Mrs Hardin who have been disturbing Alexander to get a lady that deserve the golden ring from the famous Alex,she want to carry her grandchild.All her effort to make her wish comes true prove abortive.

  Linda,a beautiful and gorgeous lady who came from an influential family.Her father is the richest man in america,is badge the 1st ranking billionaire in America.With all this her family status, she hide her identity and mingle with low people as friends.

  She is gentle,calm and a benevolent to everyone,her parent wealth make her enjoyed what she want.She got latest car whenever it released from her parents but all kept in the garage.

  She kept her identity and still have a secret,despite all her expensive cars.She went to school by her pinky bicycle.

  Mr Hardin,Alexander's father who is also fed up of Alex arrogant and nonchalant behavior.He decided to betroth him to his friend's daughter.

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