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“All the reporters have assembled sir, its still eight past 12 minutes 36 seconds”

“ what about…….” informed assistant Henry.

“Well.. let them wait the meet was supposed at 8:30 PM right?”.

”Yes sir”, “But Mr.Smith has not yet arrived”.

“Call chairman and inform about irresponsibility of Smith”.

”Sir “sir what about your new project???.” “ Sir is the rumour about the collaboration with Jane group true????.” while the reporters were shouting and waiting the reply of the coldest CEO’s reply , but none were allowed to question him. But the handsome CEO was surrounded by his bodyguard . He entered the conference room.

“Today is the biggest day in Florida, Because the CEO of SAN group and industry is going to take a new step towards the new project THE APRON . The meeting will begin shortly

be connected with FLORIDA NEWS for new updates with news reporter Jack Wilson and cameraman William.”

“Hmm.. Ye…. haar…. “ gossips questions doubts were there in audience .

Henry cleared his throat “ h hmm.”

”Sir what about……”

“Wait miss let our CEO & COO start the conference”

“Sir but what about Mr.Smith, COO of SAN group?”

“I’m here” breathing heavily, voice came from the door of conference room.

“ Now there will be no delay in starting the….”

“Its already 2 minutes 16 seconds delayed because of you” replied the most handsome,eligible and richest businessman of Florida ALEX

”You're again late “

”Bro its because…”

“ I'm not brother here I'm you’re boss here”


“Enough lets start the meeting” they all sat Alex began speaking about the new project.

”Sir …. the project……announcement……”

“I’m not done yet” Alex spoke loudly

“ this meeting is all about the project THE APRON “

“Our company is going to launch a new hotel which is going to serve all varieties of cuisine and dishes it may be Italian, Mexican, Chinese ,Japanese and many more “

“It will be shortly opened” and Alex climbed down from Podium and stage followed by his assistant Henry and bodyguard.Lately followed by media.


“Ya if you have any questions you may clarify from Mr Smith”

“Meeting adjourned” He left the conference.Smith was left surrounded by media.Alex climbed the lavish car . The car started .

”thushhhhh…..” stopped the car .

”What happened Henry????”

“Young master Smith is here”

“Miro why did you do this to me”

“first you stop calling me Miro, what is it??”

“you suggested me instead of yourself”

“ driver you start the car “

“Bro look at yourself why don’t you marry yourself but you pushed me in marriage ditch”

“Smith you know about the past so please stop this nonsense”

“Mrs Jennie Medrina!!!..… don’t forget about it”

“she is still my wife we haven't yet divorced”

“Henry did you find her location???.”

“this time I will not spare her.”

Smith thought to himself “She is perfect to you who mended your ego and pride indeed she is perfect to bring back to line of course she is the most brilliant student of Florida University..”

“Maybe this contract is secret Smith but yet she is my wife let me call her”.

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