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"Please don't leave me" she cried out helplessly, feeling dejected as she continued to thrash in my arms. Her swollen eyes and hoarse voice broke what's left of my already broken heart knowing fully well that I was the cause of her plight.

Oh, how I wish things were different. That I wasn't a vampire and she the most beautiful human being I've had the privilege to lay my eyes on, that I wasn't the devil and she an angel.

"You can't stay", I said equally pained if not more.

"But I want to stay with you" she continued to lament.

"You can't okay it's not safe for you anymore" I replied getting kinda pissed. Did she think this was easy for me?

"You're going home Angel," I told her.

"What! No! I am home" she whimpered.

Someone suddenly cleared his throat behind silently telling me to hurry up. Noticing that we'd been going around in circles, I sighed deeply. I looked straight into her enchanting forest green eyes almost getting lost.

"I love you okay, always remember that. No matter what I've always loved you and I always will." I professed, no truer words had ever or would ever pass through my lips.

"I lo..." before she could finish, I put my index finger on her delicately plump lips. "Shh, don't say it. I don't deserve it, I don't deserve you. Say it to someone who wouldn't cause you so much pain and sadness."

I place a lingering kiss on her forehead then looked into her eyes once more and they were literally pleading to not send her away; to not destroy what we already have but I can't just ignore the danger.

She continued to squirm in my hold; her hand reaching out to me. My breath hitched the second her warm hands touched the light stubble on my jaw. This simple gesture made my heart thump hard against my rib cage. I guided her hand to my chest where she could feel my erratic heartbeat.

"This my love is what you do to me with just a mere touch." My body tingled from head to toe igniting a fire within me; a feral need to be with her; to comfort her; to love her.

But I can't put her life at risk for my selfish reasons. My father is too much of a threat to be ignored. With my mind completely made up, I nodded rather slowly and turned around unable to watch.

"Kayden, no!" she shouted, fighting back.

Sooner than later, I heard her gasp for air and knew the deed had been done. I turned around to find her limp body slumped in Jack's arms with a lone tear trailing down her once rosy cheeks. I sneered not liking the fact that she was in another man's arms right in front of me. He raised both hands as if to say 'I surrender."

I held my hands out for her to be given to me and in no time, I felt her warm skin touch mine.

"I'm so s- sorry my love but this is the only way. T-the only way to keep you s- safe. I'm sorry I made you cry so much." I somehow croaked out.

After making sure every inch of her perfectly rounded face was showered with kisses, I cradled her tiny frame in my arms, handling her delicate body gently afraid that I would break her with any more pressure.

I engulfed her in an embrace for the last time. I needed to memorize everything about her; the way her body fitted perfectly against mine, the way she nuzzled against me, her slightly labored breathing, her contented sigh when she was close enough to me. Everything.

My tears finally began to fall. The same ones I'd wanted to release the moment I realized I had to let her go. That she didn't belong here. She'd have to live every day in fear wondering if it were her last.

No! I couldn't do this to her.

Practically snatching myself from the embrace I gently placed her in the van. When I could no longer hear the sound of the tires on the ground or the engine, the realization hit me, Hard.

I would never see her perfect frame again.

I would never hear her angelic voice again.

I would never see that smile that seemed to lighten up the whole world.

I would never experience any of it EVER again. I'd lost her forever, my Angel, my queen, my life.

A muffled agony-filled scream tore through my lips as I held my chest area that felt as if my heart was being ripped out, stabbed by a thousand knives each plunged deep within with the intent to kill and then torched.

My lungs constricted painfully, refusing to take in oxygen. My fist connects with the hard times over and over again drawing blood.

Replaying the hurt and disappointed look on her face, I wanted to die a thousand painful deaths. I failed her; I failed us.

I know I had no choice but that didn't ease the pain even for a second.

Jack threw his arms around me engaging in a soothing hug. I clung unto him like my life depended on it. I cried for the second time in my life, the first being when my mother died at the hands of my father, and now this.

Why does he want to ruin me so much huh?

All my life, I did everything he wanted to please him but it would never be enough so he rewarded me with pain, excruciating pain.

What a fucked up family I have.

"You did the right thing. I hope you know that" Jack's comforting words didn't work this time. I did the right thing but why does it feel like I just made the biggest mistake of my life? Why does it feel like I just gave up my only chance at happiness?

"That's exactly what you just did you idiot" my subconsciousness mocked.

We disengaged after some time and I packed what was left of the sedative.

I quickly made my way into the confinement of my chamber. As soon as I shut the door, I pressed myself miserably against it, lowering myself to the ground slowly; my knees finally gave out, unable to hold me up.

I pulled the syringe from my pocket to make contact with my skin. As expected it couldn't penetrate because of my skin's rock-hard texture once again reminding me of what I was, a vampire, a monster.

I made my way to the drawers like a drunk person desperately searching for sleeping pills. I quickly took them once they were in my line of sight.

I wanted no...needed to numb this heart-wrenching pain even if it was just for a few hours of my eternal life.

Unbeknownst to them both, that dreadful day shattered not just two hearts but three...

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