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"Calista!Invicta! Wake up!Your father is waiting for you!You know very well what's going to happen if you'll be late!"

Both me an my sister jump off of bed.We race to the washing room while our mother prepare our uniforms.

"Ouch! You stupid little prick!You stepped on my wing!Again! "

"Your wings are way to big for your body, Calista!I'm wondering how you are able to balance yourself! "

We start laughing, but our mother serious voice made us stop in an instant. "Girls! What did i told you about insulting each other?"she asked with her hands on her hips.

"Please forgive us,mom!"we said in unison.

"Only this time!Now go change!"

Nodding our heads we walked to the bedroom.

I grab my black and white uniform and tied my hair up in a ponytail. I was still training to become a soldier.

My sister,Calista, was 5 years older. She was already a soldier. Her black and red uniform was all i dreamed about .I wondering if it will look as good on me as it does on her.Her red hair ,and black eyes made this uniform look like a part of her.Her wings are huge, so strong,black with few white feathers at the end.

Each one of us is born with wings in one colour. But when we reach our 18th birthday and choose what we'll be,the feathers at the end will change in colour. Many says that that is our true colour. The colour of our soul.

My mom have silver wings with white ends and my father have dark grey with white ends.So i'm sure mine will end up white as well.

We put on our boots and run to the training area.

"See you later Invicta! Make me proud! "

"See you later sis!You bet i will!"i said puffing my chest.

Calista chuckled then start running to her section.

The training area was divided in four sections.

The first was for young children, learning basics defence methods.

The second was for soon to be soldiers. This it was my section.We are learning atack and tracking.

The third was for actual soldiers. To keep them in good shape.

And the forth and last was for transporters.They learn to create and use portals.

We have wings but we can't just fly around through galaxy.

Our people lived in peace for the last five thousand years or so.But they were always prepared in case of an invasion. I never was to interested about our history,so i'm not sure if we ever been attacked. But i like knowing about other races. Even if we are quite advanced, we don't have to many information about what's out there. But i'm sure we are not alone.

I dream about being a soldier and gain one of the Nibira's Heart Pendant. It was the device that helped us create the portals.

"Invicta! You are late!You know what that means! "My trainer, Octava said.She was one of my favourite soldiers. Apart of my father and sister.

"Forgive me !It won't happen again! "

"I'm sure it won't! But now go take the 30 miles run rute,then help the healers pick up the herbs they needed. Your training for today is over!"


"Don't you dare continue that phrase, Invicta! I'll no longer tolerate your behaviour! "

"Please forgive me, Octava!I'll do as you say."

I bow my head in front of her, then stepped back and start running on the rocks path.

We have no trees here.No more.There was once a forest.One so big that was covering the whole Nibira. But then the air changed, the trees died, most rivers have dried up and the plants that the healers are using became harder to find.

Nibira is dying. We all know.We just don't talk about it.

The Elders are doing their best to save us.They are our leaders ,five in total.

"Pff!I wish i could use my wings and finish with this running. But she will know i've been cheating. She always do." I said loud to myself.

I was almost at the finish line when i heard a loud whooshing and a shadow pass over me.It was a pax soldier flying toward the south.

"Invicta go back!Now!"he said.

"What?!No she will punish me again. And you know how rough she can be,Zariel!"

He landed before me and grabbed my shoulders."Invicta listen to me!There's been a breach !The barier is broken! I don't know what or who did this!But you can be in danger!And we both know if something happens to you,Octava is nothing comparing with your sister! "

"A breach,you say?But who will do that?We've been living peacefully for thousands of years!Let me come with you!"

"WHAT?!No!Didn't you heard anything from what i said?Go!I need to check on this!Alone!"

He opened his yellow wings and flew.

I look after him till all i could see is a black spot in the sky.

'Should i really go back now?What if i check for myself? No one should know. Plus i'm about to finish my soon to be soldier training. I'm more than ready. 'i though.

I start running in the same way Zariel went.

After about twenty minutes i stop in my tracks when an intense smell of burning flesh invaded my nostrils making me feel nauseous.

Yelling soldiers pax-els made me turn my head in their direction. My eyes went wide,and it was the first time when i felt afraid. My heart was beating to fast making it hard to breathe.

The view before me was horrific. Like being ripped out from a nightmare. The one that you remember all your life.

Huge black monsters who looked like they were made from charcoals and lava were breaking the barrier. Their amber red eyes looked exactly like flames burning through your soul.

"Invicta! Whay the hell are you doing here?Go home!Warn the others! We are all in immediate danger! "My sister angry voice made me jump.

I was frozen on my spot. I couldn't move.

'Maybe i'm not exactly prepared to be a soldier of Nibira! '

"Go!Now!Let father and the other Elders know,so they could take measures! "

Without saying anything i open my wings and with a strong push i rise in the sky.

It will take me about six minutes to reach my home.

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