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The sky cries in pain  as the rain pours down heavyly as we stand watching them  lower my husband down into his grave.

I stand there watching, while hearing whispers and people crying like they have known Nicolas their whole life. I'm not even crying yet I knew nico for years, is it because it hasn't hit me as yet that his gone or is because I don't want people to know how I really felt.

I walk away like everyone else, while holding on tightly to my son, walking towards my vehicle. As a shadow overalls over me. I turn towards to the person.

" HI you may not know me, but I'm harry from the directors board from cassian Co. I just wanted to sincerely apologize for the death of Nicolas, he was a great man and I hope heavenly God protect you and your son, young child" he says, I haven't seen him before or even knew that Nicolas had know someone in his uncles business.

" Thank you so much, but how did you know Nicolas" I say back trying to buckle mason in his car seat.

" Nicolas used to intern at cassian Co. Before be took over his family business, I used to greet him everyday when he would come in" he says, I frown this doesn't sound right, I didn't know Nicolas had worked at cassian Co. All I remember, yet know is that Nicolas always forbid going into his uncle business, saying that his from old money and with old money you know things don't work out, people get killed, and he doesn't even talk about Cassian Co. So hearing that he has worked there is news to my ears.

" Thank you for coming and sending your prayers, but I have to go" I say in a rush turning towards mason.

" You welcome Mrs Mikhailov, hope to see you soon" he says walking away, well unlikely.

I turn to my right looking towards were the middle age man has went as I watch him walk towards Alexandre.

Someone I dislike alexandra has always been on Nicolas case, ever since his taken place as the irish mob boss. Alexandre has always wanted to rule, despite having a company, a well known company of his own. He was hungry for power and I have this itching feeling that he may- be behind Nicolas death, still staring as I turn back to mason. My sweet little boy he doesn't even know what has happen today, he doesn't even know that by tomorrow his father isn't gonna be around. I run my hands down his face, he looks so much like his father. As he looking up at me sucking onto his thumb. I make sure that his seat belts on his car seat are secured, giving mason a kiss on his head before closing the door and making my way towards the drivers seat. As I start my engine making my way out of the cemetery towards the Mikhailov mansion.

Why does life always fails us?

We all questions this right , is life supposed to be living to die, or die to be alive.

I guess it's just a way of figuring out is life actually worth living.

I sit amongst other people, wearing full black showing their remorse as they walk, talk and whisper to each other as they watch and stare at me . I clutch my son Mason towards me. Although mason is only a year old. He doesn't understand- yet know that his father is no longer around. And it pities me cause amongst all these people. One of them has betrayed their own.

Their family.

now I sit here Watching and observing, showing no weakness to them all.

I will not rest until I avenge my husband death and by the time I do they will all be sorry every last one of them.

Nicolas was everything I ever wanted, a loving and supportive husband and he was a great father to mason despite the short times they spent together.

All we ever wanted was to be a happy family. But they took him from us.

Nicolas is from the irish mafia, we were friends since a younger age but also arranged to get married at 16. We didn't hate the idea, it actually brought us closer. The fact that i have a soulmate a person who's just like me willing to fight and do anything, a person who I trained with and we brought into this world mason even though we knew how dangerous it was to bring him into a life with guns and drugs a life a child shouldn't grow up into. But this is mason birth right. He is gonna be a dom one day a person who's gonna rule the world.

Pulling mason closer as I get up from were I was sitting, noticing that mason has fallen asleep. I ignore everyone making my though the long hallways that lead to the east wing going up the the stair leading to Nicolas and i bedroom.Getting on the bed laying mason down on his father's side of the bed. I don’t know what's my plan, how am I going to get though raising mason by myself . My best plan of action is to get mason out of here and discover who is the killer, I'm not going to rest until I know my son is safe to come back home.

Just as I was falling asleep, I notice as shadow larking outside the bedroom door, in full panic that someone could open the door and come inside, I jump out of the bed pulling my bedside table draw open pulling out my dragger that I keep for safety right now this is my only option or attack since the guns are safety kept in the safe. I walk towards the door leaning against the wall on the right side waiting to attack as I turn towards mason sleeping form. As I wait with the dagger clutched into my hand ready to attack as I watch the shadow pulls away hearing mummering voices as I lock the door in a rush pulling away from the door walking backwards this is it the answers, I needed that someone was not only after my husband but also after my son and I and I know who I need to call to help me with this plan, in finding out who is the killer , and I won't stop until he or she is found.

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