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"Su Yunqin, my good sister, do you really think that you can become the crown princess as you wish? Stop dreaming!"

The woman's beautiful face was magnified in front of him. Her expression was almost ferocious, and her voice was sharp and harsh.

"Su Yunqin, do you think I really like you? Look at how disgusting you are! You make me sick!" The man in luxurious clothes beside the woman also mocked her.

Immediately after, streaks of pain entered her body from the sharp blade. Blood splattered everywhere, and her body was riddled with holes! The pain was so great that Su Yunqin suddenly sat up!

She opened her eyes and looked around coldly. She gasped heavily.

It turned out to be... a dream!

"Mom, did you have a nightmare again?" His son's soft voice came back to Su Yunqin's mind.

It was Su Little Mo, the great treasure. His little face was delicate and delicate. He was obviously a four-year-old boy, but his lips were red and his teeth were white. Although his face was a little chubby, it couldn't hide his deep and delicate facial features.

"Brother, you're stupid. Mom must have had a nightmare. Mom, I'll wipe your sweat." Another crisp and soft voice came over.

The next moment, the little girl reached out her pale hand to wipe the cold sweat on her forehead.

It was his daughter, Su Xiaoye, who was wiping his sweat. She had an oval face. Her facial features were already extremely beautiful at such a young age. Although she was about the same age as Su Xiaomo, her face was as pale as paper. Even her small mouth was full of empty white. Her sickly appearance made one's heart ache for her.

Su Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. How could he be called stupid by his sister? Hmph!

Su Yunqin came to her senses and looked at the pair of lovely children in front of her. She slowly hid her face and touched the head of a child with one hand.

"Baby, Little Treasure, you are so good." Su Yunqin smiled faintly. "It's just a nightmare. I'm fine."

Da Bao was her son, Su Xiaomo, and Little Treasure was her daughter, Su Xiaoye. This was her habit.

Su Xiaoxiao quickly leaned over and blinked her bright eyes. She asked curiously, "Mom, did you dream of those two bad guys again?"

Su Yunqin raised her eyebrows. After a long time, they all knew the content of their dreams. They were used to it.

"These two little babies are so big!"

"The next time I dream about it, I'll jump in and help you beat the bad guy away." Su Xiaoxiao clenched her fists and looked confident.

"Humph!" Su Xiaoye, who was standing beside him, rolled his eyes at his brother. "Brother, can we be more mature?"

Su Xiaoxiao's eyes were wide open and she was speechless.

They were four-year-old children. What did they mean by maturity? Looking at their younger sister's mature face, they thought that she was not a four-year-old girl!

Su Yunqin couldn't help but burst into laughter. She touched the face of a child with one hand.

"That's enough, Da Bao. You're my big brother. You should listen to your little sister. Xiaobao, you're my little sister. You should listen to my big brother."

It was rare for the two children to speak in unison at this moment. They asked in unison, "Then who exactly did we listen to?"

Su Yunqin couldn't help laughing and said, "I'll listen to you."

Su Xiaoxiao blinked her bright eyes and grinned, revealing a look of realization. "I'll listen to you, mom."

Su Xiaoye, on the other hand, had a pale face. He snorted, but still nodded slightly.

At this moment, the horse carriage was driving along a small path. The road to the imperial capital was not smooth, and even the horse carriage was a little bumpy and swaying.

She deliberately chose a path out of fear that someone would stop her on the official road, especially her good sister and the Crown Prince in the palace...

Su Yunqin gave the two children a reassuring smile.

Since she traveled to this world five years ago, she, a woman who had never been in love before, had jumped two levels in a row and became the mother of two babies.

He had just arrived here five years ago. At that time, he was not only covered with wounds, but also met a terrible man.

When she woke up, she ran away before she had time to look at the man's appearance.

Before her transmigration, she was a doctor of medicine with a promising future. She became a doctor at a young age of less than 24 years old, which made many people envious. However, she did not expect that in order to get an operation in a foreign country, she fell into such an ancient world that did not exist in history.

Coincidentally, the original owner's name was Su Yunqin, just like her.

She pulled back her thoughts and looked out through the door curtain.

The road, which was not very spacious, continued to stretch up. There were some mansions on both sides of the road, as well as lush trees and farmland.

She had been away from the Imperial Capital of the Ancient Yue Kingdom for five years. Today, she was finally going back!

It would only take him 15 minutes to reach the gate of the imperial capital.


"Ah!" Suddenly, the driver's scream came from outside the carriage. "Madam, run... Ah!"

The miserable cry of the coachman resounded in the sky on this deserted path.

At the same time, the curtain of the carriage was cut into pieces by a big knife, and pieces of cloth fell down. Outside the carriage, three strong men were staring fiercely at them.

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