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'King, how long will you and I remain like prisoners on this island?  Something has to be done, 'said a young man standing beside the throne.

 'I think I will make the palace a visiting spot.  People will come from abroad, then,' the person sitting on the throne, leaving his words incomplete, started laughing like the devil.

 'Got it, King  I am making all the arrangements, ' said the young man standing, bowing his head.

'I'll give you a job.  And that is, bring all the top students from home and abroad here.  Let's see how intelligent the they are. Who can survive with the strength of intellect! '  As he spoke, a young man came out of the dark throne into the light. Wearing a long black coat, a crown of red diamonds in the middle of the black color on the head.  The eyes are crimson red, where the impression of violence is clear. The brown hair is so silky that a few hairs come out repeatedly and cause annoyance. The only vampire in the Mariana Islands vampire dynasty is Ryan Adrin.  The whole palace is occupied by Ryan and his only commander, Steve. What is the plan of these two!

In a classroom at Saltwater Academy,

 'Dear students, I have good news for you,' said the principal, addressing everyone.

 'What's up, sir?'  Students become interested and ask questions.

 'But I am sorry to say that it is not for all of you, only for the toppers.  The toppers will travel to Mariana Castle. There will be some competition for them.  If anyone is a winner, he will be rewarded. Maya, I believe you will respect us and come back with more, 'said the principal, addressing a particular student.

'I will try my best, sir,' the girl replied with a smile.

'Nice to hear that.  You will leave tomorrow.  Stephen Sir will guide you, 'said the principal again.

'Yes, sir.'

 Maya Aster, one of the best and most attractive students in the college.  Always in the top position in all competitions. Seniors also envy Maya. The girl is quite talented.  There will always be a book in hand. Proficient in writing short stories. But Maya is more interested in unraveling the mystery.

Girls Hostel,

 'Hey, Dia.  Why are you so upset? '  Maya says to her roommate Dia.  Dia is Maya's only best friend.

 'Where?  Nothing, 'Dia replied.

 'Then why did you keep your face in like this?'  Maya puts her hands on her hips and asks.

 'Being scared,' she says, holding a pillow to her chest.

'Why?'  Maya is quite shocked.

'I heard the Mariana Islands weren't quite terrifying.  The existence of strange creatures has been found there, ' Dia says in a very frightened voice.

'Damn it.  I'm here. These things will not happen.  And although the mystery is good for me. You don't have to cut boring, 'Maya says happily.

'Huh!  You're a witch.  Some fears don't pass, ' Dia tells Maya with a frown.

 'No, I'm the vampire's wife,' said Maya, laughing.

'Isn't there an vampire on the island?'  Dia is quite scared this time.

'Hey, who told you these crazy things?  These vampires have nothing to say. And even better.  I will catch one and marry you, 'Maya said and started laughing.

 'Maya, why all the fuss?'  Dia gets a little angry.

 'Calm down. There is no benefit in tension.  Take care of all the useful things, don't forget anything, 'said Maya as she put on the luggage chain.

'Hmm.  It's over, 'said Dia, lying down completely.

'Hmm.  Good night, 'said the two together.

 Maya and Dia don't even know that their journey is about to start a new chapter in their lives.  They both fell asleep in peace.

 The next afternoon,

All the toppers leave the college together following all the instructions.  After a while they arrived at the airport. And after a while their flight.

 'Students, you haven't said a word,' said the teacher, drawing everyone's attention.

 'What are you talking about, sir?' A boy asked with great interest.

 'Wherever we going, the king has invited us.'

 'Is there a King-Queen in this modern age?'  Maya asks a little surprised.

'Yes, there is.  And he is the last king of his family.  I urge you to be very careful, 'said the teacher, looking hard.

 'Okay sir,' everyone says together.

 The next morning everyone arrives at Mariana Islands.  Everyone who came to the island was surprised; Lots of beautiful places.  There is an island in the middle of the sea and a big palace in the middle of it.  A lot scarier to look at; Like an abandoned palace. All in all, terribly beautiful environment.

 Everyone walks towards the palace.  On the way, Maya sees the whole island.  Suddenly, she bumped into someone, put her hand on her arm and looked ahead

 'I'm so sorry,' Maya says to the girl.

 'Okay, no problem  You must have come on a college trip too? '  The girl looks at Maya and asks.

 'Hmm,' Maya replied.

 'Since we're together, let's get acquainted!  I am Sara, from London. You? ' The girl smiled sweetly and raised one hand and asked.

 'I am Maya, from Jordan,' Maya replied, shaking hands

'And you?'  Sara looked at Dia and asked.

 'I am Dia,' Dia replied with a slight smile.

'Are you best friends?'  Sara asks the two of them.

'Yes, but how do you know?'  Maya asks.

 'Your name and dress are the same, you've come together,' said Sara with a laugh.

'Oh, well,' said Maya, looking at the girl carefully.  The girl has a book like Maya in her hand, her short hair swaying in the wind with her shoulders freely.  Wear jeans and shirts; The color of the eyes is a lot like the eyes of a cat. A man came out of the palace and drew everyone's attention and said,

 'Welcome to Mariana Islands.  I am Fred, I am your guide. Please follow me and get inside. '

Everyone follows the man named Fred and enters the palace.  Fred shows everyone their room one by one. With Maya and all over the room.  Sara says happily,

'Wow!  You see, it has been good to be introduced before.  We are roommates now. '


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