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  Georgia's POV

  It's been a year I've had feelings for this guy.Can you imagine that he's now at his second relationship ?It's obvious he doesn't like me but why can't I stop feeling this way .He tries to keep it formal but I try being informal , honestly I don't want anyone knowing my feelings for him. Well only Catty my best friend .She advised me to sort my feelings out .I did and I concluded I had a serious crush on him. It happens when I think of him ,he texts me. I mean does he read my mind.

  I only hope he can love me. Feel the same way even in years to come. I can wait and still change my mind.

  Today was my last day in school.i had to travel to Boston to further my dreams. It was sad saying goodbye to Catty and even more not saying so to him.

  I travelled and my life took a new turn out.


  Sunsit Enterprises.

  <<Hurry up boss lady's arriving>> Well the boss is me. I built my own company after my degree in software engineering and 4years of working at Southsblue enterprises. I'm accomplished.i keep in touch with Catty and a few others.

  Well I haven't gotten into. Any Relationship if you'll ask me and I'm definitely not getting into any.

  I'll be holding a press conference today.

  So I leave work early and begin my day.

  <<Miss Civil , you have one the most known enterprises in the the technology world could.you tell us how you feel towards being nominated for the award of the best gaming software>>

  <<Well it's an honor because we have been into software for 3years now and we have made a lot of progress and successes in the past few years due to the support of our clients so I profit of this occasion to give you all a big thanks and we promise to give you all the best of programs by the end of this year. And by the next years Sunsit may start with the production of virtual apps with your support so thanks again.>>

  <<Thank you very much miss civil>>

  I'm really proud of myself and so are my family and friends sometimes catty advice me to get married and settle but I have too many things on my mind so I decide to just forget about the whole thing.


  Georgia felt hungry then she went out for a snack on her way she received a phone call.

  <<Hey Tracy don't be mad okay I'm sorry I'll make it up to you>>.

  That voice, even grown up she could recognise it. The guy no the man who had been haunting her dreams...

  <<Tracy ...>>he insisted.

  <<H..huh...Sorry sir y...you got the wrong person>>.

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