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Revenge! Once I was a loser, but now I am the one with superpowers.
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It was a hot summer at the high-speed railway station in Danvis City.

A slender figure stood out among the bustling crowd, attracting people's attention.

The young man was wearing a washed-out military green T-shirt and peaked cap with an old-fashioned canvas slingbag.

He held an ID card in his hand, which showed his name, Jonathan Ye.

His dressing was really out of tune with the people around him.

Although Danvis City was not among the first rank, it was nevertheless at the head of the second-largest cities. Therefore, even a foreign worker who came here would care more about his image. But Jonathan's clothes were really shabby.

At this moment, a tall beauty passed by Jonathan. She glanced at his dressing and frowned.

But Jonathan had the premonition that a bloody disaster would fall on her, judging from her dark temples.

In other words, she was going to suffer a bloody accident today!

"Miss, something will happen to you today. Bleed, and you can save yourself!" Jonathan admonished kindly.

He didn't expect that the great beauty's face flushed at his words. She nervously opened her handbag, found her sanitary napkin, and took a deep breath.

Then the girl glared at Jonathan angrily, spat, and scolded, "H*oligan!"


Jonathan was a little confused.

'I kindly reminded her, but how could she call me a hooligan?'

What kind of a world was this? Did the girls become so unreasonable in five years when he was cloistered?

Jonathan shook his head helplessly and walked out of the high-speed railway station. But he suddenly stopped seeing the highest building in Danvis City.

He raised his head, his eyes were sharp as an eagle's, and he murmured,

"Danvis City! I am back at last! Five years ago, my family was killed at the banquet on Berly Hills, only I was left. If my mother had not pushed me into the Eastsea Lake with her last ounce of strength, there might not be a single member of the Ye Family left in Danvis City!"

Jonathan suddenly clenched his fists, and a strong evil spirit spread out in all directions. The surrounding tourists felt that an invisible hand seemed to be reaching for their throats!

In a blink eye, they were in hell!

"Timothy Zhao! Brandon Wan! Gerald Zhou! And those who stood by coldly as my parents were killed must not know that I am still alive!"

"Perhaps I must thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have been saved by my master, and wouldn't be with the supernatural power to rend spirits and gods!"

"This time I swear that I will make anyone who is connected with the killing pay a thousand times back."


A few seconds later, Jonathan finally released his hand. He hailed a cab and headed towards the center of town.

If he left a few seconds later, all the people behind him would suffer.

Along the way, the past kept cropping up, which made Jonathan so painful that he almost choked.

He was born in a large family and had nothing to fear. Although he was always called a good-for-nothing, he led a happy and harmonious life with his parents.

But the gathering at the Berly Hills five years ago totally changed his fate.

In order to save a little girl, his father offended a man from Vandeli City!

The man was so indignant that he slapped his father and even killed him in front of countless people!

During the whole process, no one stood out to stop him!

Including the families which flattered Ye Family!

And his father's old friends!

Even his uncle whom he had always trusted!

Jonathan was mad and struggling desperately. He picked up a knife and rushed toward the man!

But he was stopped by the man with one hand!

He clearly remembered that man's indifferent eyes and cold words.

"Ye Family in Danvis City? Who do you think you are? Even if you are from a great family in Vandeli City I can d*mn you with one hand! Do not bite off more than you can chew, I heard you are sc*m here? Haha, you still want to kill me? Even if I give you a hundred years, you can not change the fact that you are sc*m!"

To everyone's surprise, a woman suddenly rushed up at that moment and pushed him with all her might to Eastsea Lake!

The moment he fell into the lake, he saw his mother rushing towards the man!

She was determined to kill this man, even though she may risk her life.

Jonathan thought that his life would end, but didn't expect that an old man saved him in the lower part of Eastsea Lake.

He took Jonathan to a secluded place and taught him the art of refining potions, and practicing "Heaven Eclipse".

In the past five years, in that ethereal place, no one knew what had happened to Jonathan.

They only heard that a devil, whose nickname was Bloodthirsty Mad Dragon, suddenly appeared.


Gorgeous Group in Danvis City.

Jonathan looked at the paper in his hand and then at the sign on the door. When he was sure it was the right place he went in.

This time he wanted to go to Vandeli City directly for the man who killed his family in the Berly Hills. After all, this was the man he had most wanted to kill for the past five years. As for the clues, Jonathan only knew that he was called Lord Long and knew nothing more except he was from Vandeli City.

But before he left,  his Great Master asked him to go to Danvis City first and find a girl named Deborah Xia.

His master had traveled to Danvis City and had some love entanglement with Deborah's grandmother. Jonathan even wondered if Deborah was his master's granddaughter.

Three days ago, his Great Master prophesied that a calamity would befall Deborah in a hundred days, which would very likely kill her. And Jonathan was endowed with the fate of the hidden dragon, whom the god could not discern, so that he was undoubtedly the only man who could save her.

As for how to break the picture, his master never mentioned a word, but just let him go with the flow.



Suddenly a cold voice rang out. Two strong men, 6'9" tall, stood in front of Jonathan. Both wore security uniforms with dark skin and sharp eyes. Their muscles bulged out, giving people a thrill.

Jonathan raised his eyebrows. Of course, he could not mess with a guard. He explained, "Hello, I am looking for Deborah."

One of the security guards heard the name and grinned. "You are looking for Deborah? Do you have an appointment?"

"No." Jonathan told the truth.

"Then do you have the work card of Gorgeous Group?"

"No, I didn't."

The security guard's face became more arrogant. He looked down at Jonathan, stuck out his finger, pointed to the door, and said disdainfully, "Since you have nothing, that's the door. Please go out!"

As one of the top 500 in China, Gorgeous Group was one of the two largest companies in Danvis City. As a security guard of Gorgeous Group, he naturally had a sense of superiority.

They have the authority to banish irrelevant people out without getting approval from their superiors.

At this moment, several men in suits and leather shoes got out of a Mercedes-Benz E200 and went to the front desk to ask. It seemed that they were also looking for Deborah. The result was exactly the same as Jonathan's. They shook their heads, thought for a few seconds, and finally sat on sofa and waited.

Jonathan did not intend to mess with the two security guards. He pointed to the sofa in the hall and said, "Well, I'll wait there for a while."

Then he went straight to the sofa.

However, after a few steps, he was blocked again by the two security guards.

"Boy, are you f*cking deaf? Don't force me to say it three times. That's the door, get out!" A security guard pointed at the door and shouted angrily.

Jonathan frowned. He had just arrived in Danvis City and had not offended them. Why were they making things difficult for him all the time?

Then, he pointed to the men in suits and asked, "They sit and wait, but why can't I?"

One of the security guards glanced at Jonathan from head to toe and said sarcastically, "You, a country bumpkin, want to see Deborah? Why don't you have a proper appraisal of yourself? Go away. If you don't go away now, I'll throw you out."

Jonathan shook his head helplessly. He finally understood that these two security guards were like a rooster standing brazenly on their dung heap. Obviously, they thought that he was so poorly dressed that he did not deserve to get a seat!

He did not expect after five years, nothing changed in Danvis City!

"What if I don't want to go?" Jonathan's face darkened.

"You're not leaving? Are you looking for death!"

As soon as he finished speaking, one of the security guards put one hand on Jonathan's shoulder, and blue veins stood out on his arm!

A cruel smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. After all, as long as he used his strength gently, the skinny and weak Jonathan would definitely fly ten feet away!

A few days ago, there was also an ignorant yokel who challenged his authority. He threw the guy out with one hand in response, and the man was still in the hospital!

The security guard suddenly exerted force on his arm, but Jonathan did not move at all!

Gradually, the security guard's smile froze! He looked even more frightened!

Because he found that Jonathan was as strong as a mountain and could not be moved at all.

At the same time, a deadly threatening aura spread from his arm to his back!

He was wet all over.

Another guard noticed that something was wrong with his colleague. He smiled and said, "Bro, you scr*w. You are sweating so much during the day. Did your wife drain you on the bed last night? Let me handle him."

Then his other hand reached towards Jonathan.

"Get out! I don't want to kill anyone."

Suddenly, Jonathan roared like thunder!

At the same time, Jonathan trod lightly on the ground with his left foot, and a puff of air formed around him. He gave the two security guards a fatal shot!

They only felt a strong force struck against their chests. They could not help but spit out mouthfuls of blood and immediately flew away!

Then they slammed into the stalinite hall!


The whole piece of glass collapsed with a loud bang!

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