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My name is Star I’m 38 years old and I am here to tell you my story. I am they youngest and only daughter of 5 children. My mother and father were married for almost 25 years, when he lost his life in a tragic event, I will go into details later. My father was an alcoholic and very abusive, toward me and my two youngest brother and our mother worked and took care of us. My older two brothers were just as abusive as my father was to me. Them there were the crowd of kids my brothers keep around; they were more physical then verbal and mental like my brothers were.

Growing up had one best friend her name was Lorraine, and her life was just as bad as mine. I met Lorraine when we were in the 3rd grade and we were playing jump rope on the black top together, if you would of told me then that these two shy girls would have to grow up fast and if they would not start doing something different end up dead because of other people they were around, I would tell you that you are lying because both of us had big dreams growing up, but God had other plans that was for us to fight for our survival and if we made it would be able to stand tall and strong and make a difference in this world and peoples live.

Lorraine and I have been through a lot of things growing up a lot of things that happened to us. When things started finally got to the turning point for us, we knew that things would change and hopefully it will be for the better. But they didn’t they got a hell of a lot worse, and it did not get better for a few years. We did have a few years that were great, but they quickly turned bad again and when they turned bad, I mean bad because then we both realized that we enjoyed doing it we enjoyed making them suffer and do the sick things they did to us we would do to them before we would tie them up torture and start dismembering their bodies. When were done killing the and disposing of their bodies we felt normal at peace and that gave either one of some kind of hopefulness that our lives might start becoming better?

*Flashback 21 years ago”

I could smell the liquor on his breath as he walked into my room, I banged on the door and told me to wake my slutty ass up and make him so food he was hungry. Before I could properly wake up, I throw his shoe at me and screaming at me to get up and when I got up and looked at the clock it was 2 am he was getting home from the bar. I get up and put on my slipper before he can get out another word, I told him I was going to hold on. As, I walked past him while he is standing in the doorway his fist comes towards me and I move his fist barley misses my face. I finally make it to the kitchen, and I start making some steak and eggs, which is what I usually make him when he gets home and is drunk like he was. When I was done cooking his food, I brought it to him in the living room where he was sitting and watching to TV. I sat the food down and his drink and made my way back to my room. But before I could get away him, he grabs my arm jerking me bad looks me in the eye and tells me that I am disgrace to humans and that he still thinks that my mother should have aborted me when she was pregnant with me because he never wanted to have me around. This time he swings his hand and smacks my hard in the face and I finally break away from his strong grip on my arm and he smacks me again this time I fall backwards into the side table landing on the floor, I have to fight back the tears until I get to my room or he will hit me again, He then says that I will not leave his sight until he tells me to I say yes, sir trying to make sure that he stops hitting me. I stand up and I am standing there while he is eating his food smacking loud and chewing with his mouth open in was disgusting.

So, he finally finished eating his food he throws the plate on the floor and told me to get up now, so bent down to pick up the plate and the silverware that had fallen under the table when I did I turned around and he kicked me the face making my nose and mouth bleed, I knew I was bleeding because I could taste the metallic taste in my mouth. He tells me to hurry and get that shit cleaned up before I got blood all over the house, So I grab the plate cup and silverware walk in the kitchen hoping that I am not dripping blood anywhere as I go into the kitchen I put the stuff in the sink and I go run the water grab a paper towel and hope that I can get my nose and my lip to stop bleeding before he walks in her and hits me again. While I am stopping the bleeds and cleaning the dishes, I let out a soft cry making sure he does not hear me crying.

After I cleaned up the stuff from cooking him his meal and my face, I went to check on him because I haven’t heard anything out of his mouth I go into the living and I see him laying there and sleep, I porn on the TV and his pants down with his cock in this hand. Gross, I say as I quietly walk back to my room and try to go back to sleep. I am laying there unable to sleep, I decided to read a book while I was reading, I could hear my brother and his friends walking in they were not being quite when they come in hoping that they don’t wake him up because he will blame it on me because he always does.

I must of fallen asleep because I when I open my eyes I am met with my one of my brother’s friends laying on top of me with my shorts pulled down and his cock inside me and his hands over my mouth and he whispers if I scream I going to match a matching black eye to go with your busted lips, I start to silently cry while this man is top of my taking me forcefully, when he finally gets off of me I jump up and run into my bathroom crying harder and a little louder while I am scrubbing this smell and his sperm off of me I lay my back on the wall and slowly slide down the wall while I am crying I feel disgusting. I don’t know how long I had been in the shower , but when I hear my bathroom door open I shot my head up not knowing who has just came in her I am scared and I shaking and when I look up and I see Lorraine standing there she see me and grabs me and towel and turns off the shower and helps me get out of the shower I’m, crying we walked into my room she grabs some clothes for me and I get dressed and I sat on my bed and she asks me what is wrong, I quietly tell her the events of the night and when I am done she is hugging me and telling me that is will be ok and I asked her what she was doing her she had snuck into my house through my unlocked window that I keep unlocked for her because she could come over at any time you never knew . She tells me about her night and why she ended up coming over.


So, I left my house today after my uncle had come over and waited until my parents were asleep and snuck into my room and wake me up and raped me like he had on many occasions. Tonight he was more aggressive then he usually was and when he finally got done he took the towel that he had stuffed and taped to my mouth so I wouldn’t scream out and whispered to me that he enjoyed taking me again and that I was the best pussy he’s has ever had , with those words I got goosebumps and sick to my stomach and I walked to the bathroom showered and got dress while crying and wanted to get away before he would try it again. I creeped to out of my house and ran the 2 blocks to Star’s house, I get to her house, and I heard her brother Casper and his friend laughing and I could smell the blunt they had been smoking I crept quietly to Star’s window opened it and climbed into her room, her light on her nightstand was on and the shower was running, and I could her softy whimpering.

So I decided to go and check on her I opened the bathroom door and when I did her head jerked up and you could see her eyes all puffy and red and she had a busted lip and it looked like her nose was a bit swollen, I walked over and I could feel the shower was cold I wonder how long she has been in here, So I turned off the shower and grabbed her towel helped out of the shower and went into her room grabbed her some clothes. She got dressed and she sat back down, and I asked her what had happened, and she told me. My heart sank because she has endured this by several of Casper’s and Max’s friends. When she was done telling me what had happened to hurt tonight, I hugged her and told her as my blood was boiling that everything was going to be okay, we will be old enough to get away from our families soon enough we had about 6 months left until we both turned 18 and we could get away from the abuse and the sexual assaults for good. She asked me what happened to make me come over this later at night I told her that my parents had a few friends and family over for dinner and game night and their friends left around 2:30 and so did everyone but my uncle Antonio, I told her he waited until my parents went to bed and I was in the bed and gaged my mouth and raped me again, I she knows that between Antonio and my other uncle Marcel and my father I get sexual assault a lot. We laid there and fell asleep for a couple of hours we had to get up because we had a volleyball game we had to go to since we were both Captains. I woke her up and we got dressed and walked into her kitchen to get some breakfast when her mother walks into the kitchen with this look of disgust on her face and said to her you must really think it's normal to openly allow your father to molested you now don’t you, you little slut. She looked at her mother and spat back at her what in fuck are you talking about?

My father has never sexually come after me you see that he is alive and I’m not in prison don’t you. What in hell made you give such an openly and strong allegation Mother? Her mom tells her that she had came out to the living room this morning around 5 and see her dad on the couch with the porn on and his pants off and dick hard and he was mad because I walked in on him, I assumed that he had made you hide fast when he heard me come down the hall. Me and Star looked at each other started laughing and her mother’s face went to a confused look I finally spat out that he probably was fucking that cute big ass and titty young bartender he’s been fucking here this morning instead of going to the pool house or in the car that was brave of him and she probably was still her if his cock was hard he wasn’t done fucking her did you help with that issues she boldly ask my mom and she got red in the face and said no I left the room . We both had a look on our faces as we started walking to the door headed out to the car.

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