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October 15th 2006 life was given to a boy. His mother held him within her arms for the first time.

POV: I set my swollen eyes on a beautiful women whom was smiling down at me as I felt a gentle hand upon my cheek wiping my tears away.

Narrator: A joyful giggle came from both of them. A sweet relationship with mother and son formed.

Mother: My baby boy, you will be the most amazing person when you grow up and live a long life, my sweet Elijah.

POV: Everything was going so well for me and my mother. And it gets better when my mother brings home a new member of the family, my baby sister. Her name was Elizabeth, we had the greatest times together.

At night we would always sneak out to the beach to see my friend Ceil when mother was sleeping. Usually we wouldn't get caught but, not everything goes the way we want it.

Me and my sister were going to the beach but the keys weren't at the front door, we were searching to what felt like hours. We look everywhere but our mothers bag, which was in her bedroom.



: "This is a dangerous mission, so we gotta be very very quiet, okay?" I said in a loud whisper.



: "But Brother! We will get caught..." I could tell she was scared because her voice was shaking along with her whole body.

Elijah: "W-we won't if we ain't careful, 'ight? If you're too much of a baby, just go back to bed..." My voice was shaking. Not going to lie, I was scared out of my mind that time too, I didn't do well hiding that.

Elizabeth whimpered and quietly went back to bed. I hated being alone in the dark, at the time I was having second thoughts but I went on to complete the mission. I tiptoed over to mothers door. I put my ear to the door to hear snoring. I hovered my hand over the door handle. It wasn't to late to turn back but, I needed the keys. Cautiously I opened the door, SQUEAK. I stopped to the sound of silence. I cupped my hand over my mouth.

I waited awhile until I heard the sound of suffocated snoring, I got down to my hands and knees and crawled over to my mothers side table and next to it lie her purse. I opened it as quietly as I could.

Elijah: "Jackpot." I whispered to myself. I grabbed the keys and slowly lifted it out of the bag. Suddenly a shone of light blinded me, my eyes slowly adjusted I looked up to my mother looking over me in curiosity.

Mother: "Eli, what are you doing with my keys..?" she said in a serious tone. My eyes widened, my stomach doing a 360, I stuttered.

Elijah: "U-uhm, I-I.." She looked at me in disapproval.

Mother: "Go back to bed, we will talk in the morning." she hissed.

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