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Ava's P.O.V


My hand fell upon the alarm clock resting on the side table of my bed to stop it from ringing to the top of its cells in the early morning and snooze it for the fourth time . Why does this damn sun has to rise so freaking early every morning of the day?

In Seattle, the summers are mostly short, warm, dry. And then partly cloudy whenever I have to absolutely get out of the house since the clouds always manage to match the timing of my departure from home. I could not understand that if it was my super bad luck or if it was that the God planned new ways to irritate me every day, but I seriously wanted to look up to the sky one day, and scream to the top of my lungs that it is enough of the foul play with my short, sweet life.

But then again, they say that God always works in mysterious ways, so I guess this is probably one of his tricks to make me meet some prince charming of my life when the sun is shining bright, the clouds are covering the harsh rays partly and he would come riding on a fancy BMW to me.

Hope keeps people going, and me... well running.

I squinted my eyes and managed to open one eye enough to glance at the clock. Eight AM. Once again, the clock was right at time and I was obviously freaking late.

"Aagghhh!" I buried my face in the softness of my pillow and tried to stifle the loud groan that tried to escape my lips along with a very nasty curse.

After five minutes when I was sure that I was not going to explode in frustration of losing my precious sleep, I got up, threw the duvet aside and slipped out of the bed in my shorts and tank top.

Time to get ready for the first day of my college.

I grabbed my towel from the clothes filled chair sitting in the corner of my room right beside my dressing table, and made a dash towards the bathroom. I threw the towel in the dry sink while somehow managing to take my clothes off along the way, falling and stumbling, on the verge of my death but still going on, and turned the shower on.

The warm water hit my creamy white skin, shooting the shock of awakening immediately down to my veins and crashing my mind against the reality of today.

Seattle University was the biggest university in the matters of education, games and over all growth of a student in the whole city. I had to work my ass off to get admission in it since it accepted the students with high scores in the previous passed class. My parents were actually quite proud of me when we had received the acceptance letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

I was not born in a rich family, but my parents were doctors, and I was their only child, so our family was well settled financially without having to struggle for little things on day to day basis. I was actually very happy and content with what I had. The love and care of my family was enough for me to keep on going and doing my best in everything that they believed and expected of me to do.

I was not spoiled, as far as I could say, since I was a pretty laid back person when it came to wanting things or fighting about little things. I was determined for sure, but not spoiled. My biggest weakness was the lack of control over my emotions. If I am hurt, I can not hold back tears, if I am happy, I can not hold back the joy. I was too transparent when it came to me or my inner fights. I could cry in a second and then laugh in another if the situation were so. I did not hold grudges but things that I hated remained in my memory forever.

The only thing that I wanted today was for my day to be a perfect one without any emotional attack involved. I was afraid of making a fool of myself in front of the whole school on my first day only while I had not even gotten out of the damn shower.

"FUCK!" I shouted aloud, as my eyes snapped open despite of the heavy shower drops falling over my eyes and face, suddenly remembering why I had hopped under the shower in the first place.

"I am going to be late! I am going to be soooooo fucking lateee!" I chanted as I ran out, brushed my teeth quickly and rinsed my mouth before draping the dry towel over my wet body and running out of the bathroom.

I went straight to my closet and grabbed the first piece of clothing that I could find. A tight, black jeans, and crop t shirt day it was then.

Once I was dressed, I started to gather the things to take with me in my side bag. I did not have the time to blow dry my hair so I grabbed the wet towel and patted my hair dry as best and fast as I could without ripping them off from the roots of my head.

Grabbing the bag off the mahogany wooded dressing table, and wearing my sneakers, I ran down to the kitchen to have my breakfast. The amazing smell had already managed to pull me in to the depths of it. I knew that whatever my mom was cooking, was going to taste like something made out of the world.

I crossed the hall and reached near the open kitchen while barely skipping the death trap of the dining table about to rip my ribs to broken tiny bones when my mom shouted,


"Morning, mom." I grinned breathlessly while pushing the curtain of my waist length, wet, dark brown hair behind my ear.

My mom did not even hear me before she continued shouting her lungs off at me, "When will you grow up sweetie? You are nineteen years old now and you can not even get up on time?!"

"Sorry Mom, but my mind was so lost in the dream world that looking for it back took a little extra time." I giggled and dropped down in the warmth of a chair.

Mom just chuckled at my savage reply and started to serve me eggs and mushroom omelet.

It was another happy day and my mom knew I was not going to change.

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