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Alarm ringing


I stir awake suddenly realising it's morning and I have to get to work.

"Oh I feel so sleepy," I say out loud as I stretch my crammed muscles.

"Oh you are awake," Albert, my friend calls as he marches into my room casually, "we have to get to work.

I went into the bathroom to got a bath ,Henry Henry Albert calling my name so loud .I ran out of the bathroom with a towel "hey why did you call my name like that"? I think you forget you have a press conference today ,oh i don't know what's wrong with me these days I forget things easily . You have to dress up real quick and meet me outside says Albert.

Albert I think you should call the makeup team for me , do you need them today? Yeah I need them I need to look good as a public figure ," I will do that now he smile .

"Should i order for food so that we can eat before the makeup team is here " no let's do that when we are back Henry says ." A loud bang on the door " I think the makeup team is here Albert says . Okay you can just open the door for them . Good morning ,Henry greeting the makeup team"Good morning sir they replied".

I think we should get to work now

"He sit comfortably on a chair when the makeup team started dressing him that last for some minutes" .

He stand up and look into the mirror " we are out of time Albert says "

They drive for some minutes before reaching the radio station

Henry park his Black Toyota Avalon Car Outside The Radio Station

At the studio room

A lady in his early thirties approach them" hello sir are you mr Henry she asked ?

"Yes I'm looking for Mr Joshua the president of this radio station" henry replied

"Please follow me sir I will lead you to his office"

At the president office

"Good morning Mr Henry I'm happy you are here"

"why won't I come I receive your mail and I reply i think you didn't check it" .

"I actually check it,I can't just believe my eyes", Please call me miss precious referring to the lady that lead them to the president office

" okay sir she replied".

" You look good mr Henry the president say"

"oh really thank you".

Knock on the door

"A light complexion lady in his late twenties , twenty-seven to be precise,she came in smiling showing all his white teeth and her beautiful dimples , she is a totally turn on for me but thanks to some tutorial I try to compose myself well".

"This is miss precious she will be the one leading the program the president say "

" Oh Really Nice To Meet You Mrs Precious She Offer Me A Handshake, Point Of Correction Sir I'm Miss not Mrs . Oh my bad I'm Really Sorry, I put on a fake smile. Yeah it's alright I'm miss precious I will be the one leading the program. I just stand there mutely not knowing what to say again .

Phone ringing

" I quickly disengage my hand from her hand and pick up the call, I excuse myself from the office to catch some fresh air outside while receiving the call ".

We have to start the show now precious the president say , Mr Albert please can you call me Henry for us the show is about to start,sure Albert reply .

Hey buddy what are you doing here the show is about to start , yeah I know but let's go

Inside the studio room

Let's start the show now she says

I sit on a chair with head phones on my head the program lasted for forty-five minutes

all the staff in the studio room started clapping

I remove the headphone from my head and now to greet them I grab my phone from the table and head out of the studio room.

"hello hello please wait I heard Mr Joshua the president of the station Calling me to stop ." Did we offend you he.ask " no you didn't I just feel hot inside the studio room and I have to grasp some fresh air that's why ." I think we can talk it out in my office he say ,I hold his hand back sir I'm sorry but I feel hot inside your office too I need fresh air

he smile

okay okay the president manage to say I'm sure he is confuse I don't want to hurt their emotion but I don't have choice. "We have a little garden at the back of the building can we just discuss one or two things" you mean there is a garden here I says , yes he replied. Okay cool let's go but I can't spend more than thirty minutes there .

Phone ringing

Hello ,hello okay I'm coming right now I'm so sorry I will be on my way now .

"I'm so sorry sir I will have to be on my way right now ,we can chill out another time . "Yeah it's okay we just want to appreciate you for coming to the show , precious say ". It's okay you can do that another time actually you look great".

I compliment her and we drive out of the building.

"I think we are cool with him the president ask precious"

I think so she replied

In the car

"Why did you leave the studio room just like that Henry " Albert ask me

"How did I leave the studio room I ask Albert "

"You leave rudely"

"I don't know why but can I enjoy a silent ride please"

They drive for some minutes before reaching house ,he unbuttoned is shirt and sleep on his bed .

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