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Looking back, that day started just like any other birthday and even though it has only been 4 years it seems like a lifetime ago. It was definitely a different life and I am definitely a different person. I feel like I am a worse person, Goddess knows I have done some terrible things that would certainly be punishable by death in the human world. I don’t regret any of them. They were in the name of love… love of my mate, love of my friends, love of my family, and love of my pack. Given the chance, I would do all of them again. All of the death I have caused was worth it, but it didn’t seem like that at first. As I woke up today, I looked at the blood-red mark on my neck and I couldn’t help but reflect on how naïve I was. I always thought that people were mostly good and this world was made for humans. How wrong I had been... I shook my head remembering the naïve person with the kind heart that I used to be. I am not so naïve anymore and my heart is no longer as kind as it was. With each wolf I killed, with each loved one lost, my soft heart hardened ever so slightly, and now I have become emotionless and immune to the heartache of violence. None of it affects me as it used to, and there is a small part of me that almost enjoys it now, but I don’t care. I am the Luna of the Blood Moon Pack and that was the price I paid to become who I am now, a feared and respected Luna.

Alpha Travis POV

I walked in to find my mate looking at herself in the mirror lost in thought. It has been 4 years to the day and she is just as beautiful as when I first laid eyes on her. It was my fault that we did not start off on the right foot and I don’t know how she found the strength to forgive me. I have caused her so much pain. She has grown into such an incredible Luna but it has come at a cost, one I wish she never had to pay. She sees me looking at her and smiles through the mirror, “Are you ready my Love?” I asked.

4 Years Earlier

I moved back to the United States a month ago and I was still having trouble adjusting. I missed the peacefulness of rural Africa and the way the days casually slide by and how I often forgot which day of the week it was. It just didn’t matter there. I was snapped out of my daydream by Andi. She has been my best friend for nearly 20 years now and when I returned home, I moved in with her.

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