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  On the highway around the city of Zhonghai City, a shabby Santana was driving on the road slowly. It seemed that this kind of antique car was going to be scrapped.

  In the car sat a man wearing desert camouflage pants and a black T-shirt. Seeing that he was not well-dressed, he was even a little shy, but his face was still handsome, and there was a sense of simple and handsomeness between his eyebrows.

  His name was Wei Tianling, a special forces soldier who had just returned to China. He had once been the commander of Black Lightning, a special forces in the elite troops of China and had also served as a senior agent of the National Security Bureau. In recent years, he had been working in the world-famous Mercenary Groups, Tiger Group.

  But now, he was just a small driver and lived the working life from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Although there was no change, he occasionally flirted with the company's little girls, and he was also very comfortable with the rough meals.

  Just as he was stunned, a black shadow flashed past Wei Tianda's eight-handed Sartna, and a silver Rolls-Royce overtaken Wei Tianling's car.

  "Hum! Are you in such a hurry to reincarnate? Don't you want to kill me?" Wei Tianda naturally had no desire for a supercar because he was driving a Santana which was slower than a tractor.

  Zhonghai City was the capital of the entertainment industry of China. At night, the detour around the city became a paradise for rich people. Wei Tianling was not surprised, and as usual, he slowly drove on the highway.

  But he drove the car and found that his windshield was covered with a piece of gauze. Wei Weili took a lot of effort and took the gauze from the windshield.

  He vigilantly smelled the smell, and his face showed a deep expression.

  "D! This must be the car that was thrown out!"

  Wei Tianling stared at the Rolls-Royce in front carefully. It seemed that there was only one person sitting in the back row. It seemed that someone had already fainted in the car.

  Thinking of this, Wei Tianda stepped on the accelerator to the bottom. Stingham was like a scruffy old man, rushing to the front of the Rolls-Royce with his last strength in his life.

  In the end, Wei Tianling stopped the Rolls-Royce.

  Before Wei Tianling could get off the car, a middle-aged man in a suit got off from the Rolls-Royce. However, there was no sense of wealth on his face, so he should be the driver of this car.

  "Well, what about you? If you don't drive well, why don't you drive around? If you want to die, don't pull anyone else!" The driver scolded as soon as he got out of the car.

  Wei Tianling got out of the car lazily and knocked on the door twice with great effort. The door was not locked yet, so he gave up.

  He took out the gauze wrapped in plastic bag and said, "You still have the face to ask me, did the primary school teacher not tell you public etiquette? Who knows what you used to wipe with this cloth, whether it is dirty or not?"

  Seeing this piece of cloth, the driver looked a little flustered, but soon a young man came out from the Rolls-Royce. He was wearing a striped suit, unbuttoned, and tie was hung on his neck.

  "What's wrong? Mr. Zhang, what are you talking about? Drive quickly." The man seemed to be in a hurry and said angrily.

  The driver looked embarrassed and said, "Young master, this guy stopped our car. You just threw something from the car and hit it in his car."

  The man glanced at Wei Tianling and said scornfully, "Throw him some money and don't delay the time. It's a lot of trouble."

  After that, the man turned and was about to sit back in the car, but Wei Tianling rushed to the man with an arrow step and stopped him.

  "You've insulted my precious car. Just throw some money away and you want to end it? Dream on!" Wei Tianling pestered.

  The man glared at Wei Tianling and blocked the door. He asked arrogantly, "What else do you want? Your poor car can be called a treasure? Get out of here after getting the money. Don't make me uncomfortable!"

  Wei Tianling bent his waist and glanced at the Rolls-Royce. It seemed that there was a woman lying inside, who was fashionable and very beautiful.

  "Brother, don't think so highly of me. I'm not here to ask for money." The corners of Wei Tianling's mouth slightly raised, and he looked at the man with an evil look on his face.

  The man was a little curious, but still impatient. "What the hell are you going to do?"

  Wei Tianling pointed at the car with a wicked smile. "Brother? There's such a beautiful girl in the car. You can't hold it, can you? Why don't you take a rest and I'll help you for a while?"

  "... You..." The man was stunned. It was the first time that he had seen such a shameless person.

  The man was stunned for a few seconds, then turned to the driver and said, "Old Zhang! Get him!"

  It could be seen that the man had a bad temper. He couldn't bear Wei Tianling's rude request.

  Although Elderly Zhang was a driver, since he could drive such a luxurious car, it was not enough for him to only know how to drive.

  Mr. Zhang was also the bodyguard of the man, so it was no wonder that he was good at punching and kicking.

  Elderly Zhang threw his suit on the roof of the car and rolled up the sleeve pipe of his shirt. He rubbed his hands and walked towards Wei Tianling.

  "Stinky loser! You're tired of living, aren't you?"

  While speaking, Old Zhang stretched out his fist and came to Wei Tianling.

  Wei Tianling was not in a hurry. He seemed to reach out his right hand casually. Before Lao Zhang could make a move, Wei Tianling's right fist hit him in the face like a thunderbolt.

  Old Zhang only felt a little giddy. He thought, "This is a martial artist!"

  Before he could react, a big hand reached out to Mr. Zhang's neckline. Wei Tianling rushed to the Rolls-Royce with Mr. Zhang in his arms.

  "Bang! Bang! Bang!" After three dull bangs, the car fell to the ground. A big hole appeared on the Rolls-Royce's engine cover.

  "He is the professional bodyguard I spent a lot of money to hire from the United States!" Seeing this scene, the man was stunned on the spot.

  Wei Tianling clapped his hands easily and said, "Confucius said that you shouldn't touch others casually, or you'll be the one to suffer." After that, Wei Tianling looked at the man slyly.

  "Don't come over. I'm Lin Boyi, president of Dajiang Conglomerate. You'll be dead if you dare to touch me!"

  Dajiang Gang was a Fashion Duanfang in Zhonghai City, almost monopolized the clothing trade market in the south. As the young master of Dajiang Gang, Lin Boyi was well-known for being the boss of Dajiang Gang.

  Although Wei Tianling did not like to inquire about the happenings of society, Lin Boyi's name reverberated in his ears like thunder. Even if he did not want to know, he was very familiar with what others were talking about him.

  The words "Lin Boyi" were unbearable for ordinary people. He hoped that Wei Tianling would be frightened by his own name.

  "Really? So you're the First Young Master of the Middle Sea? Wow, I'm so scared!"

  As soon as he finished speaking, Wei Tianling reached out his hand and grabbed Lin Boyi's collar, and slammed it against the window.

  The windows of the car were bulletproof glass. The windows were not broken, but Lin Boyi's forehead immediately swelled up.

  "Humph, isn't he the First Young Master of the Middle Sea? I'm the protector of the Six Horses Stronghold!"

  "Eh? Liuertai?" Lin Boyi rubbed his forehead with a confused look on his face. There was no such a place in Zhonghai.

  "Outside of the Sixth Ring, Red Maed Village, and Taidong Village!"

  The so-called Six-horse Platform was a shanty residential area at the back of the most building in Zhonghai City. It was also the only slum area that hadn't been renovated by the old city.

  Lin Boyi didn't know why there was a need to be proud of the name, Shaobao of Six Horses-tai.

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