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  The sun was blazing, and the passengers sat in the shining silver bus as if they were buns in a steamer.

  "Hello, King Kong, don't f*cking keep calling me. Do you know that international travel is very expensive?"

  "Oh... you said something about the 30 million yuan. I don't want the money!"

  "How to deal with it? Free her anonymously and donate it to her child... Remember, if you dare to be greedy, I will cut off your round bald head!"

  In the back seat of the bus, a tall young man in a white shirt was yelling at an old-fashioned brick cellphone.


  After finishing his words in one breath, he hung up the phone with a satisfied smile on the corner of his mouth.

  "It's been seven years. I'm finally back!"

  It turned out that the young man was Xu Qing, who was 1.83 meters tall and quite handsome, but he exuded a sense of ruffian aggressiveness from head to toe!

  But from the appearance alone, no one would have thought that he was the most important person to be reckoned with by the countless forces and assassin organizations abroad— Skywalker Xu Tianxing!

  Xu Tianxing was Xu Qingxing's alias from abroad!

  The name of "Heavenly Path" was an affirmation of the strength of the major forces abroad!

  The purpose of Xu Qing's return to China this time was very clear. She wanted to know why her parents rushed to Beihai when she was young, and why they committed suicide in the end.

  The originally happy family was broken and people died, and he became an adopted child in the orphanage! After making clear of this matter, Xu Qing planned to cut off all ties with the past, and then find a beautiful wife to live a comfortable life.

  "Cough cough..."

  A long-haired beauty sitting on the left side of Xu Qing coughed twice and turned her head to look out of the window. She was dressed in a black business suit, sitting in Xu Qing's position, and she could vaguely see the pink lace.

  An Ya felt that she was out of luck today. She was going to visit Grandpa, who was seriously ill, in Beihai City, but the car was ruined on the side of the road. When she squeezed into the steam engine-like bus, a young man was sitting next to her.

  Not only did he sneak a glance at her, but he was also making a phone call in a pretentious manner.

  "You fucking donated 30 million yuan to my child. You should first exchange your washed white jeans for 300 yuan!"

  How old was he? How could he still be holding an old-fashioned brick cell phone?

  "Could it be to show me that I'm a new heretical person?"

  As the well-known CEO of Jiangchuan City, she had met countless men who talked to her or showed off, but she had never seen such a strange person.

  "Sigh, I should've called Xiaorou..." An Ya sighed lightly. However, she saw the fixed Xu Qing in the reflection of the glass.

  The beautiful woman's white cheeks turned red in an instant, and then she turned around and glared at the young man who was about to drool.

  Only then did Xu Qing come back to her senses. She licked her lips and took the initiative to say, "Beauty, you're going to Beihai City!"

  "Yes, I am."

  An Ya, after all, was a highly educated social elite, so she replied politely.

  However, she couldn't help despising him in her heart.

  This man had said so much to her on the phone before, but he didn't want to talk to her yet.

  "Coincidentally, I am also going to Beihai City." Xu Qing smiled and kept looking at the beauty next to her. The more she looked at her, the more she felt that it was very suitable for her to choose the partner!

  He just didn't know how his family was doing.

  Xu Qing thought for a moment. All of a sudden, she asked, "Beauty, judging from the way you're dressed, I'm guessing you're doing it for insurance!"


  An Ya's beautiful face twitched.

  She was a beautiful CEO of Yun'an Group. Many rich second generations were trying to please her. However, this man asked her if she was a safe person!

  "You're the one who sells insurance!"

  "Your whole family is on sale for insurance!"

  "I don't sell insurance..." An Ya suppressed her anger and replied.

  Xu Qing nodded with her face still full of unrestrainedness.

  If this woman told him that she was the CEO with a value of more than 100 million yuan, he would never believe her!

  "Are you kidding me? You're worth more than a hundred million yuan, but you have to take the bus?"

  When she was bored, Xu Qing laid her eyes on a young man on the upper left seat.

  The young man flipped his finger and put a chip-like thing into the mineral water in his hand. After the chip was melted, the man unscrewed the cap.

  "It's interesting."

  Xu Qing curled up the corners of her mouth and watched the man stand up and walk towards her.

  The young man was 1.8 meters tall, and his appearance was not much worse than those movie stars. His well-proportioned muscles propped up his white shirt.

  This was definitely the kind of woman whose face would flush and her heart would race at the sight of her!

  The man came to Xu Qing's side and smiled at An Ya. "Beauty, do you need some water?"

  Xu Qing raised her eyebrows. It turned out that this kid had his eyes on the man next to her.

  "Mineral water?"

  An Ya was stunned for a moment. She had wanted to reject him, but now she was really thirsty to death.

  Although it was obvious that this man was here to strike up a conversation with her, he was still much better than the pretentious man beside her.

  Under the contrast of Xu Qing's negative textbook, An Ya instantly had a good feeling about this young man. She hesitated for a moment, reached out and took the mineral water.

  "Thank you!"

  As he watched An Ya unscrew the lid of the bottle, a deep smile appeared in the young man's eyes.

  Xu Qing licked her lips, glanced at the beauty next to her, and sighed gently.

  "Since you've met me, I'll give you a hand!"

  While speaking, Xu Qing stopped the mineral water bottle that was about to be sent to An Ya's mouth.

  Then he smirked and took a bottle of water. "Beauty, lend me your water first. I'm a clean freak. I'll be disgusted if I drink your water after you drink it."

  "You..." An Ya frowned. No matter how well-bred she was, she could not help but swear at him now.

  "Who the hell is he?"

  He not only showed off, but also claimed that he was the one who bought the insurance, and now he even wanted to grab his own water!

  The handsome young man frowned and said, "Friend, I gave this water to this lady. If you want to drink it, I still have it in my bag."

  Xu Qing shook her head. "It's no trouble at all. This bottle of mineral water is fine!"

  "You're so rude!"

  An Ya turned her head away, feeling a little wronged.

  Ignoring the eyes of others, Xu Qing tilted the bottle and poured the mineral water directly on the man's trousers.

  "Oh, I'm sorry, buddy. I failed to control myself!"

  Xu Qing looked at him with a snickering smile.

  The young man suppressed his anger, turned around, and sat back.

  The bus slowly left the station, and Xu Qing continued to look at the beautiful woman next to her.

  "Hey, beautiful, I know you think I'm a special trash."

  "It's good that you know it!" An Ya said in a bad mood.

  Xu Qing curled her lips and said, "But I bet that you will thank me later."

  An Ya didn't say anything. She didn't believe the young man's nonsense at all.

  "Alas, when I was on the high seas, I overturned a small island by myself. The boss there arranged for more than a dozen beautiful women like you to hook up with me. However, I am upright and dignified. I don't want any of them..."

  "Now that I think about it... At that time, my head was squeezed by the door. It's really a pity that I chose to be a beast instead of a beast!"

  Xu Qing was talking to herself. An Ya could tell that she was no longer putting on airs.

  This man must be delusional!

  The young man on top of them made a phone call. Then he turned around and gave Xu Qing a big smile.

  "You're going to die today, kid."

  Xu Qing shrugged her shoulders. "I'll wait for you at any time. Don't keep me waiting too long."

  A few minutes later, the hum of a motorcycle came. Through the window, An Ya's expression changed.

  Outside, more than a dozen motorcycles had surrounded the bus.

  Clang! Clang! Clang!

  A man knocked on the door with the steel pipe in his hand.

  The door of the car opened, and the young man sitting diagonally above Xu Qing also stood up at once.

  Several people swaggered into the car.

  "Brother Hui, it's this boy who gets in the way!"

  The young man pointed at Xu Qing and said loudly.

  The burly man with tattoos all over his arm glanced at Xu Qing and An Ya. "Take the two of them down!"

  Zhao Hui had been on this road for four or five years. He not only had tough means, but also had the support of the big shots in Jiangchuan. All the drivers on this road had given this local tyrant tens of millions of filial respect.

  An Ya's face couldn't help but change color. "Why did you take me away..."

  "I'm happy to go down with you guys. I'm fine. If you don't listen to me, I'll cut a hole in your face on the spot."

  Zhao Hui said fiercely as he played with the shining military knife in his hand.

  Xu Qing stood up with an innocent face. "Don't move the knife. I'll go down with you."

  More than 20 punks surrounded them in the middle.

  "Ah Long, is this the guy who is causing trouble?"

  Zhao Hui asked the young man next to him.

  "Don't ask, it's me." Xu Qing tidied up her collar and said casually.

  "Very good."

  Zhao Hui clapped his hands with the steel pipe in his hand, with a trace of cruelty in his eyes.

  "This woman is a stunner. It's no wonder that Childe Chen spent so much effort to get her." Ah Long looked at An Ya behind Xu Qing and nodded slightly.

  "What do you mean?"

  Upon hearing this, An Ya was shocked.

  "Hey hey, someone asked us to take you down. From now on, you are Childe Chen's private plaything..." Along looked at An Ya with an obscene smile.

  "If it weren't for the bottle of mineral water with medicine being deliberately placed on my pants by this silly boy, I wouldn't have been in so much trouble."

  "What!" An Ya was shocked. Looking at Xu Qing, who was standing in front of her, she couldn't help but feel a tinge of regret.

  Now she did understand what had happened in the train, but what could she do? Now that they were outside the city, she couldn't see anyone.

  Xu Qing stretched her neck leisurely, and then said to Zhao Hui in front of her with a serious face, "I advise you to kneel down and apologize to me now, or you will be beaten to the ground looking for your teeth."

  Everyone was stunned for a second, and then burst into laughter.

  "Are you scared out of your wits? Do you know who I am?"

  "Brother Hui, don't talk nonsense with him. Today, we're going to cripple him!"

  As soon as the order was given, more than 20 punks rushed over at once.

  "We're doomed!" An Ya's face turned pale as she had never seen such a scene before.

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