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Reminder: The timeline takes place after Chapter 145 and simultaneously with Chapter 146 on Book 2, My Husband is a Mafia Boss. The night where Veronica was kidnapped by a mysterious man


. This isn't the beginning of the book but I've included this here for those who had forgotten. The side-chapters are essential to this book 3.

* * *

Remi paced back and forth in the living room. She constantly kept looking at the time on her mobile phone. Jonathan Wood watched over his now real lover with a frown; he finally sighed. He had been observing Remi for a long time now and believed the woman should stop. She would only make herself dizzy if she continued on this way.

"What are you so worried about? She was probably never going to come here." Jonathan Wood said, rolling his eyes knowing that his girlfriend was worried about Veronica Chime's late arrival. It had already been more than two hours since Remi and Veronica had spoken to each other and now, no matter how many times Remi called, the actress wouldn't pick up.

After learning a lot of things from his childhood friend, Mo Tian Zi, and from some of Remi's stories, Jonathan had developed a prejudice against the actress. He didn't really want his girlfriend to hang out with such an ill-natured woman.

Standing up from his sitting position, Jonathan snatched Remi up in his arms. "Come on, it's late. Let's just sleep. Besides, if she arrives later I'll ask Marie to let her in and then you two can just talk tomorrow." Jonathan cooed, kissing Remi's forehead. It may have been just a week since they met, and Jonathan may have been known to fall in love and fall out of love too easily, ...but right now, he feels like he could really be with her, ...with Remi. Remi doesn't know his real identity; it was a refreshing experience for him, and Jonathan couldn't help but fall.

"I'm really worried. I have a bad feeling about this whole situation Jonathan." Remi said worriedly. Jonathan may have been right about Veronica not coming. But, from the way Veronica sounded earlier, Remi truly believed that her friend needed a companion. Now that she's suddenly unable to be contacted, it seems so suspicious to her.

"I'm sure she's fine. Didn't you say she's tough? Then believe in her. Then tomorrow we can go ahead and look for her if you want to." Jonathan suggested, which Remi reluctantly accepted and nodded. They were about to go back to their room when one of the maids came to inform them that there was someone at the gate wanting to see Ms. Remi Long.

"Oh, is it Vicky?" Remi beamed, relieved. She was about to run towards the door when the maid said it was not Veronica Chime.

"The man said he was Ms. Long's younger brother." the maid said and Remi's eyes quickly went wide. Her younger brother? She only had one younger brother and she had heard from her parents five years ago that the young man disappeared and never came back. However, despite his disappearance, the young man still managed to send money to their parent's savings account and sometimes sent parcels, as if he had been looking after their family all this time. So in this way, even though he was not coming back home, they at least knew that he was fine.

"Fyre?" Remi mumbled still in disbelief. Seeing this, Jonathan ordered the maid to let the man in, but only after they checked whether or not he had something dangerous on him.

"We can look on the intercom and you can confirm if he is really your brother or not." Jonathan suggested, at which Remi nodded again. They quickly went to the intercom. It had a small screen on it, but Remi could clearly see the familiar face of her younger brother that she hadn't been able to see for 5 years.

"This brat!" Remi whispered.

"Is he really your younger brother?" Jonathan asked in disbelief. It had only been days since he had brought Remi to a private place and no one knew of his location, as he was hiding from certain people as well. Only Tian Zi knew he was at this house and he also didn't think Remi told this man, so he wondered how her younger brother even found out Remi was at this mansion!

"Yes. Can you let him in?" Remi said in defeat.

"Do you trust him? Are you sure he's not someone dangerous?" Jonathan asked suspiciously, hesitating on whether to let the man in or not. Remi sighed again. She instantly understood why Jonathan didn't trust her younger brother.

"Yeah, if you're worried about how he found us, then don't. He has always been good at technology and he has no trouble finding me within 5 minutes. If you compare him to someone, he's like your boss, Mo Tian Zi. They both have talent in hacking and programming and it's really difficult to find privacy with him following you." Remi explained frustratingly. Her younger brother has always been a computer addict. When he was 12, he played so much in computer cafés that they wondered where the young man got his money.

After the young man told them that he had been making assignments and projects for his classmates to earn money, it didn't bother Remi and their parents anymore and they just let Fyre do what he wanted to do.

But later when he was 18, their father needed money to save the little plot of land they had from being taken by the bank. Out of nowhere, her little brother suddenly gave her money. He then told her that he had hacked a bank and transferred the money to her account. Remi was so shocked back then but she chose to stay silent and used the money to save their little farm.

Remi hadn’t wanted to make Fyre feel bad at that time and it was already too late to give back the money as well. If she had returned the money to the bank, she would have either been accused of stealing the money or her younger brother would have been sent to prison, so she had lied and said that she borrowed the money from Veronica.

Coincidentally, that time was also the year when Remi decided to leave her hometown to come and be Veronica's manager. Although their parents didn't agree at first, they ended up agreeing because Veronica had helped them. A month after she had left, this little brother of hers also left, leaving a single letter that said that he wasn’t going to college and would just help the family through the way he could. And since then, he has indeed helped the family. Their mother and father were upset and reluctant to use the money he sent, but this little brother of hers truly helped their family. It made Remi feel bad sometimes because she was the older child and she couldn’t even send money on a regular basis.

"Oh, is that true?" Jonathan asked, amused because there were not many people that he knew that had the same talent as Tian Zi.

"Yeah. I'm really sorry. It has been 5 years since he went missing. I didn't know where he was up until now. He must have found out I was living with a man so he came to see me." Remi apologized.

"Okay, I'll let him in then." Jonathan smiled and then pressed on the intercom. He simply said "let him in," and the guards stopped checking the young man. A short while later, the maid was opening the door for the visitor.

The moment Remi's eyes landed on the young man who was the same height as her, she dashed towards him and struck a chop on his neck! The strike didn't hurt the young man too badly, but it was enough to make him yell in pain. It was a technique Jonathan had recently taught her for simple self-defense.

"You Brat! You went missing five years ago and now you just show your face to me like this?" Remi yelled before hugging her little brother, catching him off guard.

"Owww! When did you learn to hurt people, Remi? You’ve never hit me before!" The young man complained, pushing Remi away and massaged his neck, which was now slightly throbbing in pain.

"Call me “older sister” and you... you deserve that! Where have you been all this time?! Mom and Dad were so worried about you! They said you were sending a huge amount of money and worried whether you were involved in illegal things and would be killed or arrested one day! They were also worried about your recessive condition!" Remi continued to yell.

Fyre Long was born an Omega. He was classified as “Submissive” because he emitted very little to no pheromones. But sometimes on special occasions, and completely at random, his pheromones would surge up. There was one time, in high school, when his pheromones surged up and it was so strong that it caused a lot of trouble to all Alpha and Omega students, and even the teachers. From then on, he was in constant treatment. At that time, the local doctors only said that he was the kind of Omega that was dangerous, and would only be a problem to himself and others.

So when he left home only leaving a message that he wasn't going to college, they were all very worried but couldn't do anything, because he was already gone. They tried reporting him as a missing person to the police but even they couldn't find him. Then 5 months later, he suddenly transferred a huge amount of money to Dad's account and sent a letter. They had almost lost hope because the police said not to look for him anymore because he was someone who didn’t want to be found.

"I told you guys from the letters that I was fine! Jeez! Anyway, I came here to warn you about that guy over there!" Fyre said, directing his finger towards Jonathan. Remi looked at Fyre and then at Jonathan, confused.

"Don't you believe anything he says to you! He'll only hurt you as soon as he gets what he wants from you, Remi!" Fyre said, baffling Jonathan because the little man was actually pointing at him and accusing him of something he was never even planning to do.

"Fyre, what are you saying? J-Jonathan is a good man. Although he's younger than me, that doesn't mean he'll hurt me. Besides, what would he want from someone like me who doesn't have anything to give?" Remi tried pacifying her little brother.

"Duh! Stupid Remi! You're a virgin at 29, an Alpha like this bastard would die just to get a taste of you! Don't you dare let him touch you!" Fyre roared. As soon as Remi heard what her little brother said, her face suddenly turned red.

"Too late," Jonathan interrupted, chuckling as he walked towards his lover, who was currently bright red. "I’ve already had a taste for three straight days now!" Jonathan taunted, pulling Remi into his arms as he leaned down to peck at her lips. Seeing this, Fyre's eyes went wide and he quickly pulled Remi's arm and hid her behind him.

"You bastard! Remi is not someone you can play with! Go back to your palace and play with your whores, or play with that arrogant friend of yours!" Fyre shouted.

"Oh My God! That's enough from you two. Fyre, Jonathan and I never went far from kissing so calm your ass down! I told you he's a good man, even though he's full of shit sometimes, but I assure you he's good. Also Jonathan, can you stop teasing him. It's dangerous when his emotions aren't stable." Remi quickly said before something out of hand happened between the two.

"Tsk. He's that “Arrogant Prince's” friend! There's no way he's as good as you said he is. I say he's pretending, like he has been from the very beginning. Remi, you are so easy to deceive!" Fyre said, crossing his arms.

"What are you talking about? Who is this “Arrogant Prince”? And what “pretending” are you talking about?" Remi sighed and asked, frustrated.

"Mo Tian Zi! The arrogant and overbearing “Prince of the Mo Corporation” and that real prince, Alexander Jonathan Wood!" Fyre revealed, confusing Remi even more.

"You're confusing me Fyre," Remi admitted as she looked at Jonathan who seemed to have been shocked at hearing her younger brother as well.

"Remi, can I talk to your younger brother in private? I assure you I won't hurt him. I just have something I want to tell him and it will only take a few minutes." Jonathan suddenly said. Remi was stunned and was reluctant to agree but before she could say something, Fyre scuffed.

"Scared? Okay, I'll listen to what you have to say." Fyre said with a victorious smile. Jonathan nodded in gratitude. He walked towards Remi and kissed her on her lips again and whispered assurance. Remi then quickly understood and a moment later she saw the two walking through the door leading towards the library, soon disappearing behind it.

* * *

To be Continued…

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