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  “I'm sorry, don't leave me, I want you here with me,” I sing with full conviction. I don't know if it seems normal, but I'm playing this song for about 1 hour straight.

  “Aren't you tired listening to that song? Change it to something else, I'm pissed because of that you know.” I looked behind me and I saw my best friend, Tiana, she's broken-hearted, but she seems so fine outside.

  “Why? Give me a valid reason. This song is so good, and I love it,” I responded and play the video again. But she grabbed my phone, I was about to talk when I saw that she shut down my phone. “You're being unreasonable, I don't get your point, Tiana!” I shouted.

  She put my phone at the table and sits down on the chair. I instantly took my phone, thinking that if I will not grab it by now, she will grab it again, and she might throw it.

  “She needs to buy me a new phone if that's the case.”

  “What are you talking about?” I froze for a moment? Did I just say it? I thought I'm just stating it inside my brain.

  “Nothing,” I fake a laugh after I say it. She just gave me a weird face. “It's nothing.” She's not convinced, this is so confusing. “Promise.” Then she nodded.

  I was about to start my phone when she started talking.

  “I don't want to hear that song because we used to sing that together.” My conscience suddenly enveloped me, it's taking me. I should know that, because she's my best friend.

  “I'm sorry, Tiana. It's my fault.” She suddenly burst into tears, so I instantly go to her place and hug her, tight as I can, so she can feel my support. “I should've known earlier, I'm very sorry.”

  “It's okay,” she said while wiping her tears. I suddenly see the tissue and hurriedly gave it to her.

  “Here, you can use this. Wipe your tears and your mucus.” She gave me a threatening eye, but I burst into laughter.

  “Ema!” She shouted but I still continue laughing. “I don't have mucus on my face, you're just kidding me,” she grunted.

  “I just want to make you smile, Tiana.”

  “Oh, my dear friend, I am smiling,” she said sarcastically. “See?” She pointed to her fake smile.

  I just shake my head saying I'm not believing what she said.

  “I'm happy, Ema.” “No, you're not. It's been a month, Tiana, get over about that guy. He's not worth your tears.”

  “But.” She faced the floor before continuing what she's saying. “I love him so much.”

  “Don't you dare cry, Tiana. I will treat you something, so your attention will be converted to food.” She suddenly looks at me with a twinkling eye, this girl always love foods, indeed.

  “Are you sure about that? You'll treat me?” I nodded, she rushed standing up and hugged me so tight. “You're the best friend ever. I want all the menus in Jollibee, okay?” I froze. “Just kidding, a chicken and fries will do.”

  “A chicken and fries then.”

  “I want to go with you.”

  “No, you'll stay here. You might cry outside, it will be weird for the people.” She pouted. “Do you know that you look like a duck? An ugly duckling.” She picked up a pillow and throw it to me.

  “JC told me that I'm cute when I pout,” she insisted.

  “And you have the guts to believe that guy? I need to call a mental institution after this.”

  “You always bully me. Wait until you fall in love, and you'll be like me or worse than me,” she said.

  “I need to go to the nearest Jollibee before I get poisoned by your words.” She laughed.

  “Seriously, Ema, go and get yourself a boyfriend. Auntie won't mind it though, she's insisting you to have one.”

  “I don't need that now. Besides, I'm happy being single,” I said. “By the way, I should go now, I don't want to be stuck in a rush hour. See you later, Tiana, with your chicken and fries.”

  “See you, Ema. Take care, okay? Don't be clumsy like before.” I just wave my hand as a signal to say goodbye and walk out our house door.

  I can't believe that I promised her to buy her foods, she can walk and buy her own, though.

  “But you're a good friend, and you want your best friend, Tiana, to forget on her stupid ex. You need to do this, Ema,” I say to myself. People who will hear me will say that I'm kind of weird, maybe, I am.

  As I walk through the streets, I am thinking where is the nearest Jollibee store here, and I realize it would be far from I expected.

  Here in us, we usually don’t have Jollibee, they always love McDonalds but Tiana is an exception.

  “That girl, I’m going too far because of what she wants,” I hissed. “But you’re the one who recommended it, Ema.”

  As I walk through, I saw JC, the one and only ex boyfriend of my bestfriend, he’s busy flirting with another girl and he seems not bothered with my presence but his new fling notices me, I guess. JC doesn’t deserve Tiana, poor him.

  “Oh, hi, Ema.” Wow, his new fling know me. “How’s your ugly bestfriend? Please say to her that JC doesn’t want to comeback to her because she’s a loser.”

  Calm down, Ema, this is just a phase. A phase where you need to avoid killing a snake.

  “She doesn’t care about you, snake and JC, frog.” I saw how they jaw dropped. Serves you right.

  “You.” She pointed her dirty fingers to me. Disgusting.

  “I’m what?”

  “Argh,” she irritatedly said and supposedly slap me in my face but before she can do it, I slap her first.

  “That’s what you get from insulting my best friend.”

  JC hugged her, the guts of this guy. “I’m sorry, Ema,” he said before leaving me in my place.

  Because of irritation, I immediately cross to the pedestrian lane without looking in the both sides of the streets. In my shock, there is a vehicle rushing into my place and I can't do anything but to stand there and wait for it to hit me.

  “Please, help me." It is the last thing I said before I heard a noisy sound, it's very near, and I think I know what is it.

  I tried to open my eyes after a few seconds and to my shock, I am being pulled by the vehicle that hits me. Before I could speak a word, I lost my conscious, everything that I see turns into black.

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